view from a fil-am on the 2010 presidential election – i hope filipinos will start to think before they vote

this is comment posted by jon from texas in this blog, (read here:

we think it’s a good read for all.


I am a Filipino-American living in the US for over 20 years.

I left the Philippines in my teens when Corazon Aquino became the president after Marcos. I was elated to see how the Philippines would progress economically and the possibility of replacing those dirty politicians in Malacanang.

The turmoil and hardship in the Philippines had progressively worse with the exception under the leadership of Fidel Ramos during his tenure as our president, the country became somewhat better and the country was in the verge and footstep of an economic recovery. There was a time where I could not wait to read the business section from Time Magazine on how progressive the Philippine economy under the Ramos administration. At last, the Philippine brand “The Old Sick Man of Asia” will finally get the cure.

Then comes Joseph Estrada who is clueless, stupid, and very naïve on how to run a country. If Filipinos has any sense they should vote to somebody who has a legitimate education that will help him interpret and execute the constitution. Estrada has no formal education, he is a dropped out of high school and college. Maybe he did not pass his classes…

When he won the presidency, Filipinos had put themselves again in-lined with Bangladesh as the poorest and pitiful country politically and economically. Not to mention the most corrupt country in the world led by Joseph Estrada who plans to run for president again.

I hope Filipinos will start to think before they vote. They should vote on who is qualified, has proven record of accomplishment, and with great vision of the future, and a concrete map to the country’s economic future not by popularity because they have money or their running mate is a celebrity.

When Joseph Estrada won the presidency, the country deteriorated. The people’s living condition became indescribable. As a Filipino, it hurts me to see this.

In my research, I think Dick Gordon by far is the most obvious qualified candidate that can make every Filipino proud. He has proven himself numerous occasions in desperate times. I hope the INC Church Leader will choose him as their prime candidate. Let us examine each candidate….

Regarding Manny Villar failed to attend the Halalan 2010 debate. He cancelled the last minute because he said he had an important business meeting. The question remains, what is more important he is business meeting or becoming the president of the country. It just shows his priority! His personal business meeting.

Regarding Teodoro Gilberto, he represents the Arroyo Administration who has a legitimate relationship and linked with the Ambatuan Clan in Maguindanao….do I need to say more. Look at his running mate, Edu Manzano (the actor and TV personalities) what is he going to do?….Oh I know, let us do the “Papaya Dance”!

Regarding Noynoy Aquino, he represents a body of TV personalities. No proven track record besides inheriting his name.

Technically, the country remains the same when Cory Aquino was president. It did not get any better. Maraming mahirap pa rin na tao sa Pilipinas.

Regarding Villanueva and Perlas, what do you think they are capable of?

To all the presidential candidates, the only logical choice who has the proven track record is the Gordon/Fernando Team. See what he has done to Olongapo and as a Senator. See what Fernando has done as a former Marikina Mayor and MMDA Chairman.

Do your research….see for yourself….try search for Gordon and MMDA Fernando Bayani.

  1. alyssa
    December 11, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    SPREAD THE LINK: ( support for Indigenous People. If you can reach out to our Presidentiables tell them about it because we need answers from them.. Follow us people and speak out! 🙂

  2. December 12, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    We cannot afford to have 36 HongKongs in the Philippines. What we need is sustainable development. I go for Nicanor Perlas because he is progressive, non-trapo, alternative and visionary.

    Here is his platform regarding IP’s:

    # Ensure the meaningful and organized participation of indigenous peoples and communities in all matters of governance affecting their interest and future.

    # Strengthen the capacity and resources of the council for indigenous people and neutralize the heavy interference of traditional politicians in this council.

  3. O_O
    December 13, 2009 at 4:36 am

    The real obvious choice is the one who has already proven their mettle.

  4. gary
    December 24, 2009 at 3:56 am

    well para skin lng,ayoko kay NOYNOY! bakla yan…khit kelan hindi ko narinig o nakita bumatikos sa gobyerno ni gloria,katulad ng nanay at tatay niya!malayong-malayo sya sa mga magulang niya kung prinsipyo ang titignan at pagbabasehan!naudyukan lng yan kc ng mga nkapaligid sa kanya.malamang na magiging puppet lang yan! ang kailangan ng mamamayan ay un may takot sa dios,hindi sangkot sa anomalya o corrupt.may paninindigan!mkaMASA at hindi nagkukunwaring makamasa!sana lng ung piliin nyo iboto ay ung kaya ibaba ang bilihin at gasolina sa halagang 14-16 pesos/liter gaya nung panahon ni erap! hindi tulad ngayon!wala ng mabili ang pera ni juan!napaka baba ng sweldo ng manggagawa.puro kc corrupt nka upo sa gobyerno!kaya # 1 na pilipinas sa asia na pinaka CORRUPT! at yan ay tingin ko hindi kayang solusyunan ni NOYNOY! NAG KATAON LANG NA NAMATAY ANG INA NYA NA SI CORY…NA KILALA SA PAKIKIPAGLABAN SA GOBYERNO NI GLORIA,PERO KAHIT KELAN HINDI SINAMAHAN NI NOYNOU ANG KANYANG INA SA PAKIKIBAKA! DUWAG KC!

  5. oh_please
    December 26, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    oh puhleeeeeze. ang comment mo, gary, is so typical. corny and completely unresearched. nde nga ako pro noy2x, pero i cringed at your comment.

  6. January 14, 2010 at 11:53 am

    The most important element of government, therefore, is the method of choosing leaders.I definitely agree with you that we should think first before we vote.We are all hoping for CHANGE and I think the change is in our hand and our decision/vote is really a big contribution.So,this forthcoming election we should not waste our vote…Vote wisely!

  7. O_O
    January 17, 2010 at 3:45 am

    Nope, still pales in comparison to what Gordon has. The Fil-Am guy hit it in the nail.

  8. Jill
    April 16, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    well dick gordon is also a trapo…their family are into politics already…I’ll go for Bro. Eddie…

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