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on Reproductive Health Bill 5043 and the youth- a view from a priest

i am posting here a comment made by a Fr. Wilbert S. Dianon, SDB on a post in this blog (read here:  Ateneo Professor’s Position Paper RH Bill 5043)

(comment posted here: https://2010presidentiables.wordpress.com/reproductive-health-bill-5043/text-of-ateneo-professors-position-paper-on-rh-bill-5043/#comments)


The arguments of this faculty are based on data and statistics. This sounds very convincing, as it would reflect the sentiments of the filipino families and the youth in particular.

I am concerned of the youth. By trying your best to promote that RH Bill 5043 is good for them because it prevents them from those dangers of unwanted pregnancies and early death, you do not address the issue why youth are increasingly into pre-marital sex. Thus the issue of unwanted pregnancy and early death cannot just be solved through RH5043.

The supporters of the bill think naively. They only suppose skin-deep solutions to the problem which is deeper – moral decadence in the life of youth today.
By promoting the bill 5043, you are, as if, condoning this moral problem of promiscuity in the youth, as long as they are safe.

And to mention that informed choice is the key to these arguments! Well, a grade five student does not have the informed choice yet, nor do 4th year high school students. What is the point in setting the age 18 and below as minors, if parents would have to respect the decision of their children to engage in sex as long as they are ‘informed’. It seems that this individual faculty in Ateneo forgot their basic catechism on the sacredness of sex and marriage.

The problem of ‘informed-choice’ in youth is that, it would be more abused than properly used. To be informed is one, to be educated in our Christian faith is another. Informed choice becomes problematic when Christian moral principles are not founded well. Pre-marital sex and sound Christian morality run opposite to each other.

For those who lobby for the approval of this bill, teach your grade five kids the basic Christian faith and morals first, as you are called to do by virtue of your baptism. By doing this, you do not need to support this bill 5043, which is politically laden and ill-motivated. Thereby, your kids will never or will try their best by conscience not to engage in teen sex even if you assure them it’s safe.

  1. Joyce del Rosario
    February 21, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    May I know the stand of Sen. Mar Roxas re Reproductive Health Bills

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