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views from a fil-am living in NY on choice of presidentiable

posting here a comment by Frank from NY, Wall Street posted here: https://2010presidentiables.wordpress.com/2009/12/19/presidentiables-as-of-mid-november-2008/#comment-4175


You know, I have been living in the US for over 30 years and I am still waiting until the Philippines becomes a “First World” country. I have been to Europe like Spain-Italy, Africa, and China.

I cannot believe how they perceive and think of Filipinos. I almost got involve with a physical fight when they said Filipinos are DUMB and STUPID! Yes, they said Filipinos are stupid and dumb! This one hurts me because it reflects on every Filipino people who are living outside of the Philippines. “I’ve been to your country; your country is full of thieves and corruption in your government! Too many beggars, street people living in shanties along the river and using the river as their own bathroom”. I rather go to Thailand or Malaysia than go to your dirty country”.

I can go on and on… I cannot believe that this is how the world perceives us. I told my wife, this one starts from the top. If the Philippines have good leaders in the past and our country is prosperous, we will not hear this kind of comments.

Now, I do not know every presidential candidate, all I know on what I heard in the news. Going through and reading all the blogs, I became curious and did my research on every candidates and what they represents.

In the US, initially, I was going to vote for John McCain over Barack Obama as the president; however, when he picked Sarah Palin as his Vice-President, I quickly changed my mind so as the other voters at my work.

One research  has shown, even though Palin was a former Mayor and Governor of Alaska, she is deficient and lacks qualification. Can you imagine if McCain dies, Sarah Palin becomes the president right away? If you watch her interview with Katie Couric, it was a disaster.

Anyway, I think people in our present society are more intelligent than ever due to the availability of information is just right on our fingertips and that is exactly what I did.

In the previous blog by “Mark” with his video regarding Dick Gordon, I began to research other candidates. The one I am specifically looking for is any accomplishment of every candidate did for their fellow citizens.

I came to realize that in comparison, Dick Gordon is on top of my list. Since I work for a huge investment firm based in New York in which my company does many business in Thailand and Singapore, I got the first hand knowledge on how our top executives in my firm thinks on where to allocate investment as they considered “a safe haven”. It sad to think that the Philippines are also on that list; however, due to the political instability in the Philippines we have been overlooked numerous times.

One executive said, “The Philippines would have been good because most people speak English”. It makes me so mad because its 100,000 jobs that went to Thailand and Singapore.

One of the executives said they are familiar with Dick Gordon when he was the SBMA Chairman at Subic because our firm works with FEDEX at Subic.

In conclusion, I think if Dick Gordon becomes the next president of the Philippines, he has a huge potential of bringing in new investors to the country and therefore creating more jobs for many Filipinos.

I watched his interview on TV; he stated he would travel to other countries and use his experience and diplomacy to sell his country to bring in more investors to the Philippines. I think he is the only one who has a clear map and clear vision of the future of the country. Just like Barack Obama, when he became the US president, there are signs that the US are getting out of recession. I wish him well of creating the Philippines as the “First World”.

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