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Australian Green Senator Bob Brown supports Presidentail Bid of Perlas

Senator Bob BrownMr. Perlas will provide people in the Philippines concerned about Climate Change and other environmental concerns with a voting choice at election time.”

This were the exact words of Senator Bob Brown, a highly acclaimed Senator of Australia in his letter to COMELEC Chairman Jose Melo asking that the commission reinstate Nicanor Perlas.

Supporters from the Philippines and from around the world who had seen the works of Nicanor Perlas are coming together to make Filipinos and the COMELEC realize that by not including Perlas as a legitimate presidential choice we are turning a blind eye on probably one of the best practical visionary and environmentalist of our time.

Below is the scanned copy of the letter of Australian Senator Bob Brown to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC):

Letter of Senator Bob Brown supporting Perlas

  1. January 9, 2010 at 9:50 am

    i doubt if this letter of endorsement on the candidacy of perlas will help perlas in getting the COMELEC to change its mind on perlas. it is even from a foreigner and that makes it even more suspect.

    the issue on the candidacy of perlas is one of nationwide organization and funds – “resources” as the COMELEC calls it and not one of character, intelligence or vision of the candidate. the latter is decided on by voters, the first one by the COMELEC.

    this letter from this foreigner and all other foreigners endorsing perlas is about the latter, not the issues that got perlas booted out of the list of official candidates.

    frankly, this foreigner and other foreigners would truly help perlas’ case if instead of sending letters of support and expression of good character on perlas they send money ($!!!) for perlas to be able to put a nationwide organization and for his national marketing and advertising efforts.

    it’s organization and funds, not character.

  2. January 9, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    It is also about character since if someone has influence worldwide it is therefore also true that he can also inspire volunteers to contribute to his cause. This shows that he is respected worldwide and the same way that there are also groups and individuals who respect him here as well.

    The decision on whether he can run a nationwide campaign depends on election day and on how he intends to do that and the COMELEC cannot determine that immediately. The issue they are deciding on is whether he is nuisance or not and that is the only text in the law which he should pass.

    Our election guarantees that anyone can be a candidate if he is not a nuisance and it does not say that he should have money or a political organization.

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