gilbert teodoro’s new tv ad “lipad” does not fly

there is something wrong with this tv ad of gilbert teodoro. it’s that part from the start of the ad to the end of the ad.

gilbert teodoro has positioned himself in this election as the “galing at talino” presidentiable but in this ad, tedooro chooses his hobby, being a pilot as the over-all theme of the ad. of all things about teodoro, he chose the one credential that seem to be the least among his many credentials that are much more substantial.

we have nothing against pilots but we are not sure people know pilots can be good at running a country. we also doubt that his intended audience know a lot about being a pilot nor is it a career that is aspirational to them and enough for them to be convinced to vote for teodoro.

the ad actually talks about the economy. as a tie-in to the pilot concept. the ad talks about teodoro’s promise to push the country into an economic take-off.

and that exposes more problems in this ad, in fact we think it is a much more major error in this ad. people definitely will not associate pilots with the economy of a country much more the idea that we need a good pilot to push the country into an eco take-off.

it is bad enough that most people know little about economics, this ad added another ambiguity into it by saying someone who is a good pilot will be able to push the economy into a take-off. the ad may have attempted to explain, but we don’t get it.

what burdens this ad is the topic they chose. the economy is an invisible idea to most, but to choose economic take-off as the specific discourse is like drinking a glass of water knowing there is poison at the bottom of the glass.

teodoro towards the end of the ad says we are ready for a take-off but in reality we are not. in fact the philippines is far from even being ready for a take-off and many steps removed at an actual economic take-off.

we think what happened here is the ad agency and/or the teodoro campaign wanted the economy as the topic. then they probably said they should not just talk of the economy in general as it might be a boring tv ad and does not offer very much differentiation versus the other presidentiables. so they decided to use ‘economic take-off” as the topic, a sexy topic in economics.

then the creatives probably complained. eco take-off is a very complex topic to explain in a 30 second tv ad and a boring one. they needed some creative handle to make the ad more interesting to the audience. and that is how they found teodoro’s hobby of being a pilot as the creative handle.

they must have said – voila! we found the magic potion. in their minds, it really was perfect – being a pilot is unique to teodoro among his rivals, its kinda sexy, he flies planes, planes do a take off and the topic is eco take-off! what a great find!

imagine that, all the words and concepts match perfectly. it will also allow the creatives shots of huge plane, controls and a literal take-off of the plane. just perfect.

yes, it is perfect in their world. but we think not in the real world of advertising where it needs to be aired to a general audience.

in their excitement and unending celebration of finding the right formula with a perfect fit, they forgot they pushed their candidate’s image from lofty and aspirational to mediocre and hohum that most of the people will not find fascinating.

this is the formula they used, but forgot it is something that will not take-off in the minds of voters : good pilot = good president.

this ad is a WAWAM!

  1. gerry labiano
    January 27, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    ang kailangan ng bayang pilipinas na dapat maglingkod na pangulo ay yung may angking talino at integridad,tama po DAPAT GIBO… halimbawa sa canada bakit ka pa lalabas ng bansa kung ang trabaho mo ay tama at tamang sahod na kayang bumuhay ng pamilya?isa pa peacefull para sa mga investor dahil d sila papasok sa bansa kung magullo ang bansa, dagdagan ang AFP, sapat na kumunikasyon at transportasyon sa bawat sulok ng bansa.pagbabago ang kailangan,… kailangan lumipad na tayo para d tayo mahuli sa mga kalapit bansa na mayaman na. saludo ang mga OFW sa inyo sir.. DAPAT GIBO… ikaw ang dapat maging pangulo ng ating bansa…for the children in the new next generation…. more power to you.. GOD bless you sir…

  2. dante
    January 27, 2010 at 10:34 pm

    ang corny naman ng tv ad na to

  3. Mel
    January 28, 2010 at 5:41 am

    Your ad does not reflex with your action. As the head of NDCC during the Ondoy disaster, you failed miserably. As the former defense secretary, you also failed miserably. There are more private armies ruled the Philippines like the Maguindanao massacre. How do you expect to lead and take off if you yourself have failed miserably.

  4. Rommel
    January 28, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    ang pagiging pangulo ng bansa ay hindi nakukuha sa paramihan ng fans sa facebook o paramihan ng kakilalang artista. dapat ang ginagawang labanan eh paramihan ng napatunayan ng resulta, paramihan ng mga taong natulongan, at paramihan ng achievements na talagang nagdala ng positibong pagbabago sa ating lipunan. dapat yung ibang mga kandidato eh bago… Lees verder pangarapin angpagkapresidente eh tignan muna ang sarili nilang bayan na pinanggalingan kung ito ay nai-ayos na nila.

    Kung track record at proven results ang pagbabasehan, kitang kita na walang pinanama ang mga pinagsama samang achievements ni noynoy, villar at gibo sa mga NAGAWA NA ni Gordon. lahat naman sila, matatamis magsalita. ang sasarap pakinggan ng mga pangako. kesyo di magnanakaw, para sa mahirap, at matalino. pero tignan natin kung sino sa kanila ang NAKAPAGDELIVER NA talaga ng mga sinabi nila. Aim High Olongapo. Prosperous Subic. WOW Philippines Tourism. 143 Red Cross, Most Exemplary Senator of the Philippines. Automation Law, Veteran’s Bill at marami pang iba. Ano pa ba ang hinahanap ba natin para masabing hindi si GORDON ang pinakaqualified na candidate?

    Malubha na ang sakit ng Pilipinas. Wag nating gawing parang showbizz ang kapakanan ng ating bayan. Panahon na para magumpisa muna satin ang pagbabago. Isang boto, buong Pilipinas ang panalo. Kay GORDON na tayo!!!

  5. February 1, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    I want to hear these from those gunning for highest post.
    Never hear any of the presidentiable discussing a solid platform in addressing poverty.
    Never hear any of them a plan on how to industrialize the agriculture, in order for us not to import products from other countries.
    Never hear any of them discussing about promoting and reviving the PNR. This will surely reduce the cost of transporting good to metro- will also avoid kotong from the road
    Never hear from any body to tackle the modernization of Airforce – Guys lets buy a new plane to protect the china sea which we claim as ours.

    Any of your guys who tries to address these topic, we will go for you on May election.

  6. Rommel
    February 7, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Gibo- fueled by power, Noynoy – fueled by oligarchs and star power, Villar – fueled by money… GORDON/BAYANI-FUELED BY VOLUNTEERS! We may lose the battle(surveys) but we’re gonna win this war(election), In times like this we see ourselves stepping forward for a great cause. Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer.

    Saksi: Volunteers begin campaign for Gordon, Bayani

    kung papanoorin nyo ang video. si GORDON at BAYANI lang ang mga candidates na mismong tao ang nangangampanya para sa kanila. tao ang may kagustohan na sila ang manalo. hindi tulad ng iba na dinadaan sa makukulay na sasakyan at pasasayaw sayaw ang kanilang qualification para maging presidente.

  7. February 9, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    tama nga naman…

  8. cholo jopson
    March 25, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    your guy hasn’t gone that far than the MMDA. management of an autonomous urban development office isn’t a ticket to a tougher role. wish he had bid only as a senator before he could be judged as being afflicted with the disease called power-thirst syndrome like that olongapo guy! enough! transformers? u only succeeded in making edsa as an eyesore and a breeding ground of the MMDA kotong boys in blue uniforms.

  1. February 11, 2010 at 9:02 am

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