erap no-show at PDI forum – hiding from the truth?

Estrada a no-show; handlers say PDI ‘biased’

‘Biased against Erap’

Margaux Salcedo, Estrada’s spokesperson, said in a statement: “The executive committee of the campaign felt that Inquirer is always biased against Erap, that it would work more harm than good to attend, and advised President Erap not to go.”

Salcedo, who is also an Inquirer contributor, said her boss did not attend upon the advice of his campaign managers.

Former Sen. Ernesto Maceda, Estrada’s chief campaigner, complained that media outlets, like the Inquirer and ANC, highlighted only the absence of the ex-president in debates.

“Forums only upset the campaign schedule,” Maceda said on Sunday.

i don’t know how not attending this forum this will help erap’s presidential bid, but for sure this is a huge loss of opportunity for estrada.  PDI is the largest selling national broadsheet and undeniably one of the more influential press in the country.

we have seen erap in other forums and he has done alright in them. he was not able to break barriers but he has not failed in them. PDI being biased is beside the point. PDI as far as we can read is biased against stupidity, but they will write things the way they are. they have a tabloid mentality in the way they write their headlines, but they put things out there for us to read as they happen.

a presidency will always get critics. that is something erap, of all the presidentiables should know. he has been there. not wanting to deal with adversity does not speak very well of a presidency. come on, if estrada gets elected president, he will never talk to PDI, the largest circulating broadsheet in the country?

wrong move, erap.

  1. February 9, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    if he is serious about this, i think its just proper to attend get together like this especially that election is already fast approaching..

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