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pulse asia survey January 2010 – president arroyo distrust continue to be high at 68%

just a few weeks to the election and the end of the term of president arroyo, her trust ratings are as bad as the previous period. a high 68% distrust arroyo and a meager 11% trust arroyo.

this is very telling – only 1 out 10 filipinos trust the president of this country while close to 7 out of 10 do not trust arroyo. we think trust in the leader is an essential element in any governance of a country. how can the country improve itself and move forward if it does not trust it;s most important leader, the president?

this is also important in the coming election. lakas-kampi-cmd supposedly the largest political party in the country to which arroyo belongs is in danger of  losing its clout and power. the most obvious would be victim is the party’s presidential standard bearer who seem to be hurting the most from the high unpopularity of arroyo.  teodoro is very much associated with arroyo.

he has been denying it, but based on the polls, teodoro has been given the kiss of death by arroyo.

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