richard gordon picks a fight with media, did he set himself up for a knockdown by media?

Gordon, the presidential candidate of the Bagumbayan party, likewise observed that his statements distributed to reporters were not being published or broadcast, and said it seemed that Villar had bought the media.

“It’s like there is a wall. I might as well say this on national radio. There’s a wall that blocks the things we want to say. There are those who are protecting Villar … in the media,” Gordon said in “Ikaw Na Ba: The Presidential Interview” with Mike Enriquez.

read in full here:

not only did richard godron pick a fight with manny villar in his latest  front page grabbing statement on villar’s attempted bribery with him, he also intentionally or unintentionally picked a fight with media. (read here:  gordon accuses villar of bribery – to be desperate is good but this is the bad desperation)

in this one, gordon accused villar of  buying off media that his statements are not being published. let’s forget for the moment that this latest statement did get published,  is accusing media of taking a bribe a good thing to do when now more than ever, he needs to be on the good side of media?

any PR or communication practitioner will tell you that media people can be bribed but only a very few of them can and these are the types who do not have a lot of clout. the major writers with a good following, the editors of the biggest newspapers, radio and tv outlets are extremely difficult to bribe if not impossible.

issuing a blanket accusation of this sort will get media practitioners who cannot be bribed and there are a lot of them, and those with clout,  those who matter  may result to exactly what gordon is accusing them of  – his statements will not be published.

for anyone who  needs to use media, good media relations is a must. statements like this will not get him that. this is totally bad media relations. his media bureau people must be going crazy now because of this and damage control being done.

the other part of it is this – why will villar a front runner in this election bother with gordon who is just an asterisk in this election? there is no benefit for villar to ask media to stop gordon’s statements from getting published.  villar being a front runner will just worry about his own campaign and then noynoy aquino next, the other front runner in the election.

villar is also the biggest spender in advertising  which is the key driver for villar’s success in this election , press statements will not  hurt him.  we don’t even think it will help gordon as well.

rather than issue sweeping statements like these, getting media practitioners in a tizzy, he should instead re-assess the performanc of his own media bureau or his communication team and look at the quality of the press releases they have been giving to the media.

perhaps the quality of the press releases are bad that media do  not find them good enough to publish. or maybe the topics are anemic. or maybe they are irrelevant. (we think it is the latter.)

as all our mothers tell us- when you pick a fight, choose wisely. gordon chose badly.

  1. O_O
    March 3, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    There’s two sides of the coin.

    There were journalists butthurt by this accusations, but if the journalists were true to their profession of being objective or professional, this will only count as another opinion from a candidate. It’s another story when journalists start taking opinions personally.

  2. March 3, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    any PR practitioner will tell you and even your own mother that it is best to have good relations with people you need. gordon who does not have a lot of money to buy advertising time need media much more than the top 3 spenders in advertising (villar, teodoro and aquino). villar with his billions to spend on ads will get the votes just on that. gordon to get the vote will need to ask media to publish many more of his activities and statements for free. picking a fight with media will not give gordon that. what gordon saw as a weakness in his campaign, with this statement will only make it worst for him.

    and i thought gordon is a smart guy!

    • O_O
      March 3, 2010 at 9:02 pm

      Gordon is frank and will not sweettalk to people when he clearly sees something wrong. I know you are against it as a marketing guy, but the elections is more than just marketing.

      • March 3, 2010 at 9:43 pm

        the election is all about marketing. be bad at it and you lose the election. be good at it and you will win it. look at villar – villar is now front-runner and its all about marketing, advertising in particular.

        if gordon said what he did because he is frank, then gordon does not deserve to be president of this country. to means it means he is someone who does not have a long view. it was not at all presidential. imagine if he was president and he says that to foreign leaders or in a cabinet meeting planning for the country, it will be a disaster!

        gordon needs to answer one question – does he want to win this election or does he want to be irresponsibly frank?

        if i was a supporter of gordon, i would be disappointed. here i am working hard to get him elected and he sabotages his own campaign by opening his mouth irresponsibly.

        • O_O
          March 4, 2010 at 12:26 am

          Of course you know Gordon knows his limits, but the media does have its glaringly absurd moments and you know he speaks the truth in it.

          Had the media possessed more tact and professionalism it would’ve prevented humiliation on their part. If it resulted negatively, we’d be hearing commentaries left and right against Gordon, but there are more who concur with him than those who disagree with him.

          It also seemed to have barely (if any were seen at all) dented against his efforts.

  3. melissa de los reyes
    March 4, 2010 at 7:55 am

    gordon is sour graping. he should not blame media, he should blame himself. he is so far not a factor in this election. ganon taalaga buhay and specially for media – if you do not matter, you do not get press.

    • O_O
      March 4, 2010 at 8:20 am

      Being not a factor? Sorry, but even before this scuffle, that was not true. You want proof Gordon wasn’t lying? Go see ABIAS-CBN and how their news always make sure something in Noynoy was in their daily fare, even the silliest ones.

  4. melissa de los reyes
    March 4, 2010 at 7:57 am

    O_O :There’s two sides of the coin.
    There were journalists butthurt by this accusations, but if the journalists were true to their profession of being objective or professional, this will only count as another opinion from a candidate. It’s another story when journalists start taking opinions personally.

    the fact that gordon charges media takes a bribe already tells you they are not objective nor professional. what you said is a contradiction.

    • O_O
      March 4, 2010 at 8:22 am


  5. xyz123
    March 12, 2010 at 8:44 am

    nothing has been gained by gordon on this one. the news has died and discarded by media and gordon’s has not improved his image or likeability. it was a waste of time.

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