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media man’s stupid question to aquino – housing for media practitioners

during press conferences, i have heard some really stupid questions from media practitioners. but because it is a press conference, those in the panel need to answer them.

for PR consultants, we teach clients how to conduct press conferences and also how to answer questions. specially if the client is not used to press conferences and how to handle media, we even prepare a list of questions that might be asked and draw out some kind o a prepared answer.

but stupid questions is one you really can’t prepare for. when that happens, it is really up to the client’s smarts on how to handle the question.

here is one which we think is a stupid question from media:

“Madalas nating marinig sa mga presidential candidates ngayon na laging nangangako ng pabahay para sa mahirap (We always hear the presidential candidates promising to provide shelter for the poor). How about the media? Hindi naman lahat ng taga-media mayaman. Wala ba kayong plano o programa para sa taga-media? (Not all media people are rich. Don’t you have plans or programs for the media?)” asked a reporter, who was applauded by his colleagues present in the room.

read in full here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100304-256581/No-housing-program-for-mediaAquino

we would love to know the name of the media practitioner who asked that question so that we can make sure that person is never invited to any of the press conferences we will hold in the area.

it is not only the stupid question that surprises us, it is also the fact that PDI even glorified it by publishing it the net and we assume in tomorrow’s edition.

media is a private business and media practitioners are employees of these media companies. the president of the country has nothing to do with media practitioners salaries or benefits, the company they work for does. to ask noynoy aquino, a presidentiable about housing specifically for media practitioners is really stupid. it will not be stupid if they elect aquino to be the president of the media company the media practitioner works for but that will never be the case.

the government has housing programs which are open to everyone, including media practitioners. this reporter does not know that?

what did this reporter expect aquino to answer with a question like that?

what is equally disturbing is the attitude of this reporter towards his job and media’s relationship with the government and in particular the president of the country.

this reporter thinks media works for the president of the country, like it is the responsibility of the president to give him benefits like housing. 

if not that, this reporter thinks media has a special relationship with the president of the country where it is the duty of the president to cater to them. there is also some kind of a feeling of entitlement being a member of media. just because they are from media, this reporter thinks they deserve special treatment over and above ordinary citizens get.

this reporter needs to be told – he is just in a job, just like most other people in other private companies. no special treatment is due them.

please let us know if you know the name of this reporter.

ps : aquino answered the question very well.

  1. Estipona ng Davao
    March 4, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Baka gusto lang sigurong mapansin at wala ng ibang tanong na maisip . Wawam , pasensiyahan mo na lang.

  2. March 4, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Estipona ng Davao :

    Baka gusto lang sigurong mapansin at wala ng ibang tanong na maisip . Wawam , pasensiyahan mo na lang.

    if that is the case, this reporter does not deserve to be a reporter. he does not know how to do his job aside from he is not at all smart.

  3. March 4, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    It gives a bad name to all journalist. Why do you think Gordon’s perception to the media is so true. There you have it not all media are rich…kaya madali silang mabili na mayaman na kandidato. This is a true fact. I have a friend who is now living in NY used to work for Mar Roxas. He campaigned for him in the past. The interesting fact that he told me. There was a moment Mar Roxas is scheduled to campaign in a small town in Luzon, however there is only 1 to 2 media man that showed up. Mar asked my friend “Where is the media?”. My friend responded because “yung mga media na nakaschedule na dumalo ay hindi dumalo dahil hindi nabayaran”. That statement alone tells me that media people only reports to people to gives under the table hand outs. My friend got fed up thats why he left and migrated to NY. Gordon refused to give “lagay” to anyone that is why he is being ditch by the media not because they are afraid of him. “No lagay” No show. Now…I am not saying all journalist accepts bribes, but that is how they are being perceived. They are willing to sell there soul to the devil just to get paid. It sounds harsh, but the is a fact…

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