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Muslim Leaders Support Presidential Candidate Nicanor Perlas and joins Coalition for New Politics

Pictured Front from left to right: Datu Macabagul “Bobby” Paudac, MILF Returnist Group; Sultan Manking M.Liawao, Sultanate of Lanao Sur; Sultan Hadji Basher M. Alingan, Chairman - Lanao del Norte Sultanate Group Movement; Nicanor Perlas, Independent Presidential Candidate; Sultan Osop Guinto, MNLF Group of Lanao del Norte; Iman Faisal Baulo, Iman of the Manila Golden Mosque in Quiapo; (Pictured Back from left to right) Laut D. Batugan, Hadji Abdullah G. Bangkula, Magrara L. Maute, Sultan Jamael A. Ampaso

Independent Presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas, President of Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) announced today that Muslim leaders from five major organizations officially joined the PANGMASA initiated coalition for new politics.  A diverse and large sector of the Muslim world is endorsing the presidential candidacy of Nicanor Perlas.  Counted among the new members of the fast growing nationwide coalition for new politics are:

  • Iman Faisal Baulo – Iman of the Manila Golden Mosque in Quiapo
  • Sultan Hadji Basher M. Alingan – Chairman,Lanao del Norte Sultanate Group Movement
    Sultan Manking M.Liawao – Sultanate of Lanao Sur
  • Sultan Osop Guinto – MNLF Group of Lanao del Norte
  • Datu Macabagul “Bobby” Paudac- MILF Returnist Group
  • Sultan Jamael A. Ampaso

“The support of these Muslim leaders and their constituents is the basis for the possibility of a lasting peace in Mindanao.  These leaders are supporting my candidacy and new politics because of the credibility of my Peace Platform.”, stated Perlas.

Peace, according to Perlas, is situated in the larger context of integral sustainable development that recognizes the primacy of social justice, broad-based and equitable economic development, and respect for the diverse identities of the Filipino people.  There will be meaningful and principled dialog with the Muslim groups in Mindanao and consultation with the general public and appropriate civil society groups.

The structural roots of conflict and the pursuit of social justice, including the equitable delivery of government social services, infrastructure, and economic opportunity will be addressed.

Perlas’s peace platform will demonstrate the government’s will for genuine peace by ensuring that the appropriate government services are delivered to the poorest provinces of the country, even before and while peace negotiations are going on.

The Muslim leaders join the growing ranks of Perlas supporters that include Partido Kalikasan (PK), an emerging national Green political Party operating in 15 bioregions nationwide  represented by  Cagayan de Oro environmental lawyer Maning Ravanera, PK Chairperson and National Leader ; Roy Cabonegro,  Secretary General of PK and Jules Penales, spokesperson of PK Metro Manila that formally  endorsed  “Green Candidate” Nicanor Perlas.

Part of the ongrowing process of people getting excited about the coalition for new politics is the large number of independent candidates for mayor, councilor, congressman and governor who have been approaching Nicanor Perlas and PANGMASA to join the coalition.

Among the first to join the Perlas New Politcs bandwagon is Ka Leon Estrella Peralta, Founding Chairman of the Anti-Trapo Movement of the Philippines, a political and human rights activist and official candidate for Congressman of the 2nd District of Quezon City of the Buklod Political Party.

The coalition for new politics members agree to advance the six pillars of Integral Sustainable Development that form the core of Nicanor Perlas’ presidential agenda as articulated in the PANGMASA platform that include the following policies:

A. Eradicate poverty and enhance the quality of life for all, through, among others, a vibrant broad-based economy, sufficient roads, reasonably-priced electric power, social justice and peace, and adequate social services (health, housing, education, and others).

B. Advance moral and effective governance, including the eradication of corruption, in all institutions of society and all situations in life.

C. Uphold the Integrity of Creation and respectfully partner with Nature as the source of life including the protection, regeneration and sustainable use of natural resources and long-term preparation for climate-related environmental disasters.

D. Build partnerships for social justice as a new approach to real participatory governance and authentic democracy. The Party will advance societal threefolding partnerships (between government, civil society, and business) at all levels of governance where appropriate.

E.   Promote holistic education and inner change by instituting better schools, colleges and universities as well as drawing out the many talents, intelligences, and potentials of students. Equally important is self-directed education and transformation where Filipinos take responsibility for changing their own hearts and minds. Individual change and cultural transformation are the foundations of integral sustainable development.

F.   Mainstream visionary initiatives. There are thousands of promising initiatives throughout the country in a wide variety of fields that already point the way forward to another, much better Philippines.

New Politics relies on 8 key principles:Living Vision and Platform; Society-centered Governance; Qualified and Dynamic Leadership; Volunteer Force; Authentic, Participatory, Public-Interest Party Organization; Principled Access to Resources; New Concept of Winnability and Real Authentic Choice.

These principles of new politics contrast starkly with approaches of traditional politics that  are mired in : Shallow and/or inherited popularity & Political Dynasties; Ill-gotten wealth, tainted money, and finances in exchange for favors; Power and influence obtained through reliance on corrupt political godfathers; Old political parties infected with political patronage; Paid-Operators who make a business out of elections and corrupt practices; Vote Buying/CheatingSelf-Interest and greed; “Turncoatism”, “Balingbings”, Opportunism, and Party-Hopping.

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    kami mga lumolupyo sa olango lapu-lapu city andam moalagad para sa kahapsay,sa kanako og uban pa namo diri magtuman sa balaod sa alimaong….,

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