noynoy aquino’s “kayo ang aking lakas” tv ad – arguing with success or with boredom?

who can argue with success? these are all very familiar images for most we have seen them on tv and for some we were there when these things happened but for all we re-experienced it all of it again recently when cory aquino died and we were all out on the streets saying good-bye to cory.

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these images did something to us and we can;t escape the fact that noynoy aquino and his presidential bid sprang it. to a few they were not conscious of it but for most we asked noynoy to run for president.

seeing these images and hearing these words are difficult to argue with. they are already embedded in our hearts and minds and this ad serves to remind us that they exist there.

we have a nasty suspicion that this ad was developed as a direct answer to manny villar’s emotional ads of his brother dieing because they had no money to buy medicine for him. that villar ad in the minds of the admen in the aquino camp must have thought villar’s tv ad was soliciting empathy with the voters. their answer is to “out-empathize” villar by reminding people about two, not one emotional event in noynoy’s life – noynoy’s dad was assassinated and his mom got sick and died in front of us.

that thought this ad being a direct answer to villar’s emotional tv ad  immeditaely came to us after hearing the first sentence noynoy said in this ad –  “Kami rin inapi nang walang kalaban-laban.”. a few bells rang in our mind when he started the sentence with “kami rin”. question – sino yung ibang inapi? answer – villar when his brother died without the benefit of medicines.

that thinking must have brought goose bumps to the creative team who thought about it but we think it’s really amateurish thinking on their part. it is also quite a cheap trick to do. they will not win any award soon on strategic thinking on this one.  we do not think it will even be nominated for “The Strategic Thinking Award Of The Year”.

will it be effective? that is the question that is even more difficult to answer. from the point of view of getting more votes for noynoy, i think it will to some degree but i do not think it will be of much significance.

whether the aquino campaign knows it or not, noynoy’s campaign has moved away from these messages and strategy. if it was not conscious of the move, his competitors, most specially manny villar who is co-front runner made sure of that.

this we think is a very good tactical ad but we do not think this has legs to be the main brandsell advertising for the aquino campaign. putting this as the main brandsell tv ad we think is a major strategic blunder by the aquino campaign.

weak, poor and failed strategic thinking is what we think is the greatest weakness of the aquino presidential campaign. that is most obvious in the waste they allowed to be made when from a high of 60% in preference to the 47% in presidential choice, aquino’s ratings had consistently gone down seeing it now on a statistical tie with manny villar.

that alone tells the weakness in strategic planning for the campaign for squandering such a huge lead over his rivals. the aquino campaign group was given on a silver platter a brilliant and superior product to sell but they did not know what to do with it and lost the leadership.

the ads are creative and well done. the writing is close to crisp and almost memorable and the production values are excellent but the strategic thinking is where they fail. the strategy laid down seems to look at just ads, almost as stand alone ads when they are supposed to be running a campaign with a beginning, a middle and an end. there is no continuity in strategic thinking nor is there any worth in it.

they fall in love with creative executions and get stuck there, completely forgetting that ads and most specially campaigns that succeed are those that begin with a brilliant strategy and heads up thinking.

we do not know what is next to this ad but we hope there will be more . we hope this is just a tactical ad and that we will see the main thematic or brandsell very soon. running tv ads will not make them win, it is running an ad campaign that will.

the key questi0n – who can argue with success or are we arguing with boredom? 

~~  a mindscape landmark – carlo arvisu ~~


ps: a note on production values : the director should have seen that noynoy’s brows are forming at the center of his forehead making it look like noynoy is angry while the emotion in this ad should have been serenity,  sincerity and concern.

  1. March 14, 2010 at 12:30 am

    Umpisa pa lang, badshot na sa kin tong si Noynoy e. Mag-fill up ba naman ng certificate of candidacy na sina Dingdong at Marian ang kasama?.. Waw, men! Kung seryoso kang pulitiko, di mo kailangang gawin yan.

  2. reina alegria
    March 15, 2010 at 10:00 am

    i don’t see anything wrong kung kasama nya sina dingdong at marian… eh kung gusto nilang sumama??? noynoy was just as happy to accomodate them.. they are supporters anyway…if that is one of the ways they think they can contribute to noynoy’s campaign, why not??? nag-iisip din naman seguro ang mga yan.. both are graduates naman from exclusive schools… who are we to judge their acts and motives… for those who are not yet convinced of noynoy’s presidential bid… wala tayong magagawa dyan…kahit anong ad..may makikitang butas… ganun din kasi sa mga supporters.. kahit anong ad ni noynoy..kahit nga wala… noynoy pa rin!!!! let’s be kind to one another…

  3. Santos Assod
    May 21, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Dear Mr. President,

    Please help prosecute Mt. Province Gov. Maximo Dalog for massive vote buying and use of gov’t resources and UNICEF donations as campaign materials during the recent May 10, 2010 elections. His sons and nephews were apprehended with illegal possession of firearms and COMELEC gun ban (6 high powered firearms loaded in 3 vehilces owned by Clarence Dalog, Eduard Chaokas and Mario Yawan) at paracelis, Mt. Province. They were out of prisons because the army personnel of the 54th IB did not sign the complaint which the PNP Mt. Province staff prepared. We long for justice your Excellency.

    Gov. Dalog won the congressional race but with great opposition for him to sit because of the foregoing issues.

    Very respectfully yours,

    Santos Assod

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