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truth from villar’s ad agency on “scroll”, the plagiarized tv ad from an argentina tv ad

Ad agency defends Villar ‘Scroll’ ad

abs-cbnNEWS.com | 04/07/2010 10:55 AM

MANILA, Philippines – The ad agency of Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Sen. Manny Villar on Wednesday defended its “Scroll” TV ad, which has been widely compared to the “Truth (Upside Down)” political ad of Argentinian candidate Lopez Murphy in 2006. 

In a statement, TBWA\Philippines admitted that it adapted the Villar ad from the Argentinian politician’s ad. The agency said it belongs to a worldwide network of ad agencies and that many of its ideas for ads have been adapted in several countries. Among its ideas are ads for adidas, Pedigree, Absolut, Apple and Nivea.

“The fact is, many ideas of the local agency have been adapted in many countries in our network, the most recent of which is the work it had done for Absolut vodka. That’s how powerful ideas become even more powerful,” the agency said.

It added: “While the ad format was adapted from The Truth ad by TBWA\Argentina, the message is genuinely Manny Villar’s. And it hopes to inspire a country deeply steeped in hopelessness, negativity and cynicism.”

The agency said that while the local adaptation of the Murphy ad has generated positive feedback, other sectors have used the ad to attack the Villar campaign.

“From the outset, the adapted format was made known to our Client. The agency did not conceal the truth. That’s the truth. And nothing but the truth,” it said.

source: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/04/07/10/ad-agency-defends-villar-scroll-ad


there are few truths that came out from the above.


that is it. there are other things but not all of the truth came out.

  • we do not know if it was plagiarized or not. the ad agency did not confirm that they paid royalties or that they secured the permission of the argentina client to use the ad here in the philippines.
  • it’s not enough that the ad is within the network, they need to ask for and be given permission to use the ad in the country. it is not for  the ad agency to give permission for its use, it’s the client’s. in this case it is the presidential candidate in argentina.


on other matters:

  • the ad agency mentioned they have  ads they developed in the country has been used in other countries.  that is true BUT these are the same client in different countries.  for example, absolut argentina and TBWA argentina (or any other country) can use an ad developed by TBWA philippines for absulot philippines. it does not happen that another client of TBWA argentina, let us say adidas argentina will use an ad developed by TBWA philippines for absolut philippines.  ad agencies who will allow things like these will be fired by the clients.   

until the next villar tv ad, then.

  1. Jem
    April 14, 2010 at 10:56 am

    I think that a survey doesn’t mean a reliable source to testify that the candidates chosen are really the ones who will have the positions after the election.This is only a survey. Some change may really happen.

    Well, in my case, I chose ERAP because I know that he will still be able to preside as a president in the country. Of course, he will never give chance anymore those bad people to steal his power.

    There are reasons why people choose differently.The ideas and opinions really matter well. Some say bad against ERAP because they never felt before his help towards the country. But, to those who felt and enjoyed his projects, of course, they will gladly choose him again.

    We can’t please all people because we are so many in the Philippines. We can’t feel the blessings of having our president if we as people do not do what’s best for us.

    Erap did best to millions of people in the Philippines.However, some didn’t value the benefits. So, we should not be so judgmental to anyone who chose ERAP as their president again….

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