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abs-cbn : source of noynoy aquino psych report are 2 NP members

now that the psychiatric report on noynoy aquino has been established as a fake, the next question that need to be answered is who released the report to media?

in tonight’s abs-cbn tv patrol world news report, abs-cbn apparently got the reports first, then it was published in an  internet blogsite  (blog  has since been taken down).

abs-cbn said “they got the information from 2 independent sources from the NP” (nationalista party) of manny villar.  asked to reveal the names, abs-cbn refuses to do so because of  journalistic ethics where they protect the identity of their sources.

that confuses us.  what is the difference between revealing the names of the people who gave them the report versus identifying the political party, the NP, where the sources are members of ? we don’t think there is really much difference  from an ethics point of view.

revealing the political party to whom the sources belong to is as much a journalism ethics violation as revealing their specific names. the individuals may not be tainted but the political party is tainted.

the NP has denied it or it’s members have released the fake report but this adds to the sleaze factor that  the NP and in particular manny villar is being pulled in the polls. we think what is hurting villar in this election is the C-5 corruption controversy, then followed by the villarroyo charge. this sleaze factor will prevent others to consider villar and solidify the loyalty of aquino supporters.

the other part that we don’t understand is this – the NP actually identified the names of members of the NP who could have “possibly” been the source of the fake document.

He said that 6 officials that could possibly had been the source of the documents – Sen. Manuel Villar, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, Rimpy Bondoc, Adel Tamano, NP executive director Atty. Vicky Loanzon, and himself – have already denied that they were the source of the document.

what is the point of identifying them? so now, we have names in our minds who could have been sleazy enough to release the  fake report.  naming the possibilities even though they have denied it does not do anything good for any of them nor the party. what in fact it does as put question marks on the integrity of all the names mentioned.

this is a crazy world – that is one of our conclusions out of this one. things don’t match up and things don’t make sense. must be election fever.

MANILA, Philippines  – Nacionalista Party spokesperson and senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla on Friday challenged ABS-CBN News to reveal the source of the bogus psychological report of Liberal Party standard bearer Sen. Benigno Aquino III.

Remulla challenged the news organization to reveal the sources of the “document” that said Aquino suffered a psychiatric ailment.

ABS-CBN News said they got the information from 2 independent sources from the NP.

Remulla, however, denied that the document, which Aquino and the LP said was fake, came from within the NP.

He said that 6 officials that could possibly had been the source of the documents – Sen. Manuel Villar, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, Rimpy Bondoc, Adel Tamano, NP executive director Atty. Vicky Loanzon, and himself – have already denied that they were the source of the document.

Remulla said that if they were the source of the document, they would not have given those to ABS-CBN, which the party sees as “biased” for Aquino.

However, when he was asked what would happen if ABS-CBN News refused to give the names of their sources due to journalistic ethics, Remulla, a former journalist himself, said that the “credibility” of both NP and the news organization would be in jeopardy if the sources’ identities are not revealed.

Remulla said that if ABS-CBN News does not reveal its source, the organization should issue an apology.

NP vice presidential bet Loren Legarda, meanwhile, said she does not know about any psychological record of Aquino.

She also denied she is the source of the document, especially after she asked the LP on Thursday to stop their ‘below the belt’ accusations.

NP senatorial bet Ramon Mitra III said the document might have come from LP themselves.

Another member of NP’s senatorial slate, Liza Maza, meanwhile said that they should ask the reporter directly to reveal the source.

ABS-CBN’s reply

ABS-CBN News, however, stood its ground and said it won’t reveal its sources.

“We respect the confidentiality of our sources. While it’s tempting to take the Nacionalista Party’s challenge, it violates a sacred rule of journalism,” Maria Ressa, ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs head, said in a statement.

“Two sources from the Nacionalista Party – independently – gave ABS-CBN an alleged psychiatric analysis of Sen. Benigno Aquino III before it started to spread online and on text,” the statement said.

“Two weeks ago, we revealed that sources from the Liberal Party gave ABS-CBN documents questioning Sen. Manuel Villar’s ad before the information spread online and on text,” the statement also said.

“It’s our job to be transparent to the public we serve,” it added. With a report from Alvin Elchico, ABS-CBN News

source: http://abs-cbnnews.com/nation/04/09/10/np-abs-cbn-reveal-source-fake-noynoy-psych-report

  1. rolan
    April 11, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Why ABS CBN could not give the news that GIBO is winning the online polls…?

    Because ABS CBN is

  2. soljah
    April 13, 2010 at 11:57 am

    Is it also possible that it was the camp of the Aquinos themselves who planted this so called report knowing that it will be proved fake and Villar will be blamed? if that’s true, that’s the true black-op haha

  3. FLiTz
    April 26, 2010 at 8:24 am

    Hahaha! roflmao! angaling mo boss rolan! obviously they are delivering bias news to the pulic, tey’re in favor of ABNOY (Aquino Benigno NOYnoy).

  4. Lyka
    June 23, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    Sa totoo lang simula pa nung bata ako Kapamilya na kami kasi si mama ko sobrang solid na kapamilya pero nung nagsimula nang tumakbo si noynoy…Parang hindi naisip ko na hindi pala patas ang ABS-CBN kasi may pinapaboran sila…Kay Kris lang lagi na lang naka yellow sa Kung tayo’y magkakalayo.. Pati nga si kim chiu diba? Lagi naka yellow dun kahit yung relo man lang.. So feeling ko ay hindi patas ang 2, so ngayon kapuso na ako hehe

  5. Lyka
    June 23, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Nakakainis pa yang si NoyNoy ngayon pa lang parang alam ko na ang mangyayari sa pamamalakad niya.. Pinapaboran lang niya yung mga taong kampi sa kaniya.. Yung mga taong kadikit niya.. Hindi sya professional…Kahit hindi niya Kapartido si Binay sana itrato niya ng maayos… Hindi yung si Binay ang VP niya pero si Mar Ang lagi niyang kasama so anong gusto niyang palabasin? Kaya sya napapagkamalang kulang-kulang eh.. Dahil sa ugali niya parang isip bata na kung sino ang kakampi yun lang… Baka gawin lang siyang tuta ng LP

    • June 24, 2010 at 1:33 pm

      Hindi pa natin kailangang mainis kay Noynoy ngayon, may oras pa siya para patunayan ang sarili niya. Ni hindi pa nga siya sumasayad sa upuan. Sabi ko nga, walang isinilang na presidente, natututunan ito. At kung magsasatuta man siya, isipin na lang natin na tuta man ay pwede rin maturuan. =) Mas malakas tayo kaysa presidente o kahit sa mga partidong politikal. Mali-mali man siya sa umpisa, matutulungan natin siyang umayos. Alam kong may kamangmangan din si Noynoy tulad ng lahat, pero ang takot at respeto niya sa kanyang mga magulang ang magtutulak sa kanya para pakinggan at igalang ang boses ng mga mamamayan. Siya si Noynoy, hindi siya si Gloria; hindi tayo dapat mawalan ng pag-asa. We’ve only just began.

  1. April 12, 2010 at 3:57 pm

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