Villarroyo vs Aquinorroyo vs TOPAK : the lessons on words

as expected, new words and meanings have been introduced into our consciousness from this election. unfortunately, not all new words have the same impact as the others.

mar roxas’ “Villarroyo” had the most punch. that word actually stayed in our minds and is now hurting villar’s bid for the presidency.  the word that went first is “C-5”, we think that has become a ghost that haunts in villar’s campaign.

we had written previously that the word C-5  may have given villar an exit door at the senate hearings with  his success of non-appearance at the senate hearings. the issue may have been forgotten at the senate but the people did not forget it.

voters seem to know that once a politician avoids discussion, when one gets it out of the table on a technicality as villar did at the senate, there must be something wrong with it. they even think it must be true.

we have had a lot of examples in our political history on this matter.

the most popular is the little brown envelope that estrada successfully prevented from being opened during his trial at the senate. the brown envelope was supposed to contain documents that would or would not prove that he is jose velarde.  estrada may have been successful in preventing the opening of the brown envelope but he failed in keeping his office at malacanang. that incident sparked an outrage among  the people and through millions of SMS text messages sent through cellphones, the people converged at EDSA once again to oust estrada, EDSA DOS.

gloria macapagal arroyo have had numerous lessons learned on the same thing. the mother of all hide the truth was the “hello garci” controversy. arroyo was the denial queen of  the century when that first came out. with ever increasing pressure and a clamor for truth, arroyo finally gave in and admitted her mistake in national tv and gave her “i am sorry” speech.

that moment was the beginning of all the troubles that arroyo suffered throughout her presidency. survey after survey since that time, her performance ratings kept falling including her “trust” ratings.

unfortunately for the country and for arroyo, that was not the first time the truth was shielded through a technicality. arroyo is the poster woman for hiding the truth as others followed. to mention just a few – the zte-nbn corruption controversy where she successfully prevented neri from testifying in the senate hearings;  the almost yearly attempt to get congress to impeach arroyo, each one thwarted by the technicality of superior numbers in congress.

when roxas coined the word “villarroyo” in a press conference, aquino’s poll ratings were softening if not on an obvious declining trend. the word stuck, people remembered and while aquino’s ratings were not increasing, villar’s rating started to go down.

to get back at aquino,  senator alan peter cayetano, a villar defender (he was at front center defending villar at the senate on the C-5 controversy) coined the word TOPAK  for aquino.  i remember the word but i don’t remember the meaning. i had to do an internet search to know what it meant –Trapos O Pportunists And Kamag-Anak Inc.

the word did not stick on aquino. they even had a full press conference announcing the new word. but it didn’t bite and nobody remembered. we know the intent – it attempts to throw all the bad things into a word – trapo, a supposed deragotory word for politicians to mean traditional politics; opportunist to mean aquino joined the presidential race only because cory  died; and kamag-anak inc to mean cory’s administration was populated by relatives who were corrupt.

all those negatives plus the meaning of the word “topak” which is the slang to mean crazy. this is a reference to the psych report that was released by 2 NP members, cayetano and villar’s political party that was proven to be bogus and fake that they gave to abs-cbn.

why did the word “topak” not stick and fell down to forgettable?

applying advertising principles – 4-in-1 words are 3 words too many. too many meanings, too many words make for a boring word. it also suffers from being forced fit. it is a word that someone forced 4 meanings into one word.  the letters and meanings don’t even exactly match.  it is was just too complicated to understand, thus it became forgettable.

the word “villarroyo” is easy to understand, it’s meaning easy to understand, it is creative and we must say poetic.

the NP has not said the word, but villar and the NP  is trying to coin the word “aquinorroyo”. they are now saying contrary to the villarroyo allegations, it is aquino who has ties with arroyo.

the first time they bounced that off, they enumerated the number of relatives aquino has working for the arroyo administration. that didn’t stick. probably was too superficial a connection and at much lesser degree than the villarroyo charge.

now, as a reaction to recent developments, villar is saying the recent defection of joey salceda, the albay governor and known eco whiz kid economic  adviser of arroyo, to LP is proof of aquinorroyo.

we don’t think that will click either. villar’s NP has been joined by many more prominent officers and members of lakas-kampi than the LP.

there are great lessons to be learned here. one of which answers the question, “What is in a word?”


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  1. April 15, 2010 at 8:36 pm


  2. Kara
    April 15, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    As long as Noynoy does not win. He looks eerie and weird to me. No way is he ready for presidency looking, standing, acting and smiling like that. But if he wins, let’s change the name of our country to LOONEYLAND.

  3. Edward
    April 16, 2010 at 3:17 am

    TOPAK and Aquinorroyo/Gloriaquino sticks to me like glue. I think the Filipino people should keep in mind the facts and not the advertising especially if it has sufficient evidence to back it up. Just look at the special report made by GMA News on Hacienda Luisita history.

  4. Patrick Evonido
    April 16, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Papaano kapag nanalo si NOYNOY? nakakatakot! He is not ready, at immature pa siya. isip bata, ayaw ko sa YELLOW NA RIBBON NA MAY BAHID NG DUGO!, Dun nalang po tayo sa ORANGE NA CHECK!!

  5. Jill
    April 16, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    basta ako kay bro. eddie p rin ako..Go bro. eddie..God bless

  6. Toralba
    April 18, 2010 at 2:03 am

    Noynoy is no businessman. What does he know about making the Philippines rich. Reklamo lang ang alam niya at rally.

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