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our stand – POSTPONE THE ELECTION, fix all problems first



there is no reason why we cannot postpone the election! there are simply too many problems being encountered with the PCOS machine and the whole system of the automated election. we knew from the very start the COMELEC did not have enough time to fix everything, these new developments with the machine proves that one more time. 

let’s be honest with ourselves, there is just too many unknowns on this thing that we should postpone the election and fix everything first. postponing it will only bring inconvenience but it will ensure that when we actually conduct the election and everything has been tested and fixed, then it’s a credible election with no questions to cast doubt on it,

let us postpone the election! we think one week to two weeks at the most will do it. and during that time, everything should be tested and fixed.


  1. Estipona ng Davao
    May 5, 2010 at 11:58 am

    I totally agree with you.Postpone it for 2 more weeks.

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