why the loren legarda campaign collapsed – the drama queen factor

loren legarda’s ratings in the poll to begin with was bad,, mar roxas dominating the polls for vice-presidentiables from the very beginning, with mar enjoying double the ratings that legarda was getting.

recent movements in the polls for the vice-presidential race show dramatic changes – with jejomar binay resurgent, roxas softening while legarda collapsing badly. 

what? jejomar binay?  

that is the question most have been asking, binay has not done anything spectacularly different and attention calling in the recent weeks., how did binay manage to now be in the running in the election?

first, it’s the halo effect from a resurgent erap estrada. estrada and binays poll results rose at about the same time. estrada gaining in the polls had a positive effect on binay.

more than that, binay’s poll ratings went up as he gained supporters from the collapse of legarda in the polls. it appears a large part of those who abandoned legarda went to binay and much less to roxas. binay was the biggest beneficiary of the collapse of the legarda campaign.

we think advertising has a lot to do with it as well. from what we have seen, legarda have had a lot more tv ads aired over binay. but a look at the ads of legarda tells us these were ads that she should have not aired at all.

the ads of legarda depicted her as the essential drama queen  with her melodramatic, pa-drama effect delivery of her lines, the slow motion camera movements (or at least that is how it seems) and the ho-hum messages.  the legarda tv ads was just too personal and intimate  – the idea of  loren legarda taking care of everyone, the mother hen who will fix everything.

what makes these ads worst is the way she delivered her lines. she delivered all of them in a hushed, slow paced, tear jerky type of delivery that it makes the whole ad insincere, fake  and we are sure to many very funny. it was just too much on the emotions. or at least a trying hard effect on tugging at the hearts of voters.

we have written about legarda here before the election and we called her the drama queen for keeping us in so much in suspense if first will she run for president, then next as vice-president, then with what political party. in every interview during that time, she kept on the drama of suspending for all of us to watch the number of times she changed her mind and the length of time she needed to decide what to do with here political career.

we think in theses ads legarda simply  carried true what she really is – a drama queen.

  1. kler
    May 9, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    TSONG WAWAM, seguro ung obserbasyon mo ay half-truth lang, dahil dito sa amin karamihan ay buboto sila kay binay hindi dahil kay erap, kundi alam sa karamihan dito kung gaano ka progresibo, gaano kalinis at kapayapa ang makati. dito may isasng grupo ng masa na maka-erap noon at ngayon ay hindi na. tinanong ako nila kung sino ang pangulo ko at sabi ko naman, si Bro.vEddie ang Pangulo ko. ang sagot naman nilang lahat ay okey, iboboto nila si bro. eddie basta daw si binay ang iboboto sa pagkabise-presidente. ang sagot ko naman okey…good deal



  2. pulangtopak
    May 9, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    “aalaga-an ko kayong LAHAT “!! ibig sabihin, aalaga-an ni loren ang pamilya ni bro eddie villanueva? pamilya ni sharon? pamilya ni noynoy? pamilya ni gibo ? pamilya ni gordon? pamilya ng mga ampatu-an? pamilya ni zubiri ? Pamilya ni duterte ? ni nograles? NAKAKA-INSULTO ‘YAN sa mga magagaling na mga magulang..did she forgot what happenned to her OWN family.. my God, this woman..
    loren. she’s not only a political prostitute mother hen. sya pala yong may problema sa pag-iisip. when asked by karen davila (abs) if what is her preference of lossing.she asked karen to look her straight to the eyes and said she will win.this is not even a positive thinking. thi is something ……..
    the person to watch among the lossers of this election is loren.. sasabihin na naman niya dinaya siya at pe-petition na naman yan (remember her petition against noli).parang hindi marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo. ANONG KLASENG PAG-IISIP YAN?
    kala siguro ni loren click pa yong padrama-drama. anong tingin niya sa mga botante,isip bata. kahit si willie may palaro at papremyo, hindi click. SIYA PA..

  3. juicy
    May 9, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    i dont understand why people will vote for nonoy or villar, did you ever understand what they really want for for the sake of our sinking econmy and poverty of the country…this 2 are just so popular coz they have money to promote themselves…. why not just chose GORDON which i really believe in his leadership and govenance of his city… how succesfull the economy of his own town… that shows a good leader… he dont have to prove himself coz i believe that he can do the same thing for the whole country…. if we vote for GORDON AND BINAY dont you think phillipines will be a better country… im sure they both have the capabilty and intelligence how to improve employment and economy wise….
    if they will be both our leaders im so possitive that our country will be competive with the other country…. please think twice dont just vote because their popular like nonoy and villar, vote for the future for the benifit of our country…

  4. irecoholic
    May 10, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    Si Binay ang Bise-presidente ko! Naging progressive ang Makati sa kanya and given a chance, pti ang buong Pilipinas. He is the 4th world best Mayor nung 2006 and the only Asian na nkapasok dun out of 677 mayors across the globe. I never doubt on his capacity to lead. Nabasa ko din na may libreng hospital sa Makati kapag may yellowcard ka at Blu card naman for senior citizens. Npaka realistic nang goals nya and natutupad naman. He is really competitive and humble. I’ve met him already sa Iloilo and Boracay, he is really so simple pero matapang. My prayers Bro. Binay!

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