why will gilbert teodoro lose this election?

a lot has been written in this blog on why gilbert teodoro will lose this election. across the time frame of the campaign period factors that will make teodoro lose the election has been identified in this blog.

this will provide the key points:

  • arroyo’s kiss of death on teodoro we think is the biggest factor for teodoro’s loss. everyone knew and that included teodoro himself , his political party lakas-kampi-cmd and arroyo herself knew that. we saw arroyo’s kiss of death in action during the last senatorial election where most of the admin senatorial candidates lost and almost all the opposition candidates won. the sentiments and scenario that was operating then is still present in this election and in fact even more intense than before – based on polls, the people failed arroyo on her performance as president,  trust rating have been negative and people see arroyo as most corrupt next to ferdinand marcos. romulo neri called arroyo “evil”, the people agrees with that sentiment. they all knew arroyo is a problem so much so that arroyo has distanced herself from teodoro, hardly saying anything about teodoro, did not campaign for him and did not even have a picture taken with teodoro.
  • teodoro is an unknown. before his proclamation as standard bearer of the admin party, people hardly knew teodoro. he was a congressman in his hometown for some time but he had no national constituency to speak of. all he had was two years of chief of the defense portfolio which was not at all enough for him to gain national prominence or even some  name identification.
  • although he had spent a lot of money on his ads, at some point second highest spender, that did not help him as we think his ads were ill-conceived, was fatally flawed on the ad strategy and the execution faulty.  teodoro spent most of his advertising money on his “resume tv ads” which was too basic and had no power to persuade.
  • we think the teodoro campaign knew teodoro had no national standing that is why they launched those ads. that was fine but they stayed on it too long. all the ads did was create brand awareness while they should have moved to a more persuasive and meaty ads.
  • teodoro’s “ego trip” tv ads, telling the voters he has “galing at talino” were not at all persuasive to the voters. people wanted to know what he will do for the country, not his resume, harvard education and being pilot included. these things simply did not ring a bell among the voters.
  • the executions of his ads were also flawed as they appeared to be too elitist while  most of the voters come from the poor. would the poor who comprise most of the voters be able to relate to teodoro for being a pilot? will they be able to appreciate he knows how to fly a plane? we did not think so.  the teodoro campaign was thinking and doing these ads for themselves, not for the voters. we suspect the ads were feel good ads but feel good for themselves and not the voters or target audience.
  • the teodoro campaign and that includes teodoro himself were perpetually in denial in this campaign from start to finish. we think they knew things were not going right in their campaign even from the very start but they did not seem to want to accept the problems and even much less did not want to do something about it. all they did was they kept telling themselves everything was doing well, nothing was wrong and nothing can go wrong even though they knew what was actually happening was the exact opposite. sadly, we think this is the exact same attitude and problem of the arroyo and her administration for themselves and specially in the way they governed the country.
  • teodoro even failed in showing his “galing at talino” during the onody and pepeng floods and the maguindanao massacre. the ondoy and pepeng floods was a dream come true for any presidential candidate. teodoro was handed in a large silver platter the opportunity to perform and demonstrate to the people he had what it takes to be president. he among everyone else had the best opportunity to make something out of it – he was the admin, a cabinet secretary and the DND to which he was chief was actually in charge of disaster coordination’s. he failed in hos duties, his mandate and as a candidate. had he performed well during the floods, he would have won the election by a landslide.
  • teodoro’s campaign never really took off.  the campaign had failings from the very beginning and almost in every step of the way as the it progressed. we will remember teodoro’s  campaign on the basis of the failings of the campaign that occurred from time to time rather than success points.   
  • lakas-kampi-cmd, teodoro’s political party is a failed political party.  we do not think lakas-kampi-cmd was any help to teodoro. we are not even sure if the party wanted to help him at all.  we think the rumor that the party lost interest on teodoro was not a rumor but the truth.

looking at teodoro’s results and what he had done during the campaign and if you were an alien looking in, you would have not guessed that teodoro belonged to the dominant political party in the country.

teodoro lost this election from day 1.  

~~~~ mindscape landmark ~~~~
carlo arvisu

  1. May 11, 2010 at 10:17 am

    can you site any good effect of aquino when he will be the president? do you have any idea on the things his done? or the tract record. people only vote for noynoy because of the dynasty that left by his mother which is actually we can argue that there is a lot of flaws. filipinos had never thought of it but we the ones who reads more not just on the media but history on itself knows that the cory admin has never gave good benefits for the filipinos. but i doubt noynoy can do something more than a miracle becuase he doesnt even have community service and no records that can probe that he alleviate the standards of the common filipino. all i can say majority of the voters only knows the hype of the media and the death of cory aquino. wow they never knew whats going on. noynoy doesnt even have a platform yet, being a president needs to be well planned but i thought filipinos are already wise voters.

  2. enzho
    May 11, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    this only means that Filipinos are not more “mitikoloso” in choosing a leader..they only vote for those who had made their names FRAGRANT..what did they see in noynoy?..

    being in the administration’s party doesn’t mean that Teodoro is like what PGMA is, every individual is created differently with each other.

    If we would like to be in progress why can’t we think of the future?..why are we only looking for the present situations?..

    That is the reason why our country is being LEFT BEHIND by our neighbors..once a tiger cub is now a stray car in the streets..

    we should bear in mind that PROGRESS cannot be attained through PITY, this country supposedly need a leader of Knowledge and Expertise..a leader who can be able to handle his people..

    Good luck to the next adminitration!..

  3. May 11, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    why gilbert lose im so sad that situation.. i knw gibo is smart than noynoy… so embarrasing

  4. May 11, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    the philippines will suffer in the hand of noynoy. and the poverty will back again noynoy not good he is autistic…

    • roland
      May 12, 2010 at 2:49 am

      dont say that bro. no one can asked something bad to others kasi nag kakasala ka lang sa diyos nyan. kung ikaw walang walang kapintasan pwede kang magbitaw ng masamang salita sa kapwa mo kc bk mamaya sayo bumalik lahat ng sama ng salitang sinabi mo sa ibang tao. ung lang bro godbless

  5. May 11, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    im all with you kabayan, i just can’t bear in mind what will happen to our country for the next couple of years…. and you really hit the point mate, thats why we are left behind by our neighboring countries because of our fellow filipino’s. kung saan ang uso doon then pupunta. its really hard for me to take this me and my fellow doctors were rooting for a leader that knows how to handle situations. by the way about the disaster on ondoy, pls watch youtube with gibo being interviewed by the cnn reporter about what is the real situation on ondoy. and you will know how gibo managed the situation with a LIMITED fund. but to settle this down and i cant do anything and atleast i had practiced my right and fight for my mere count of my 1 vote. Im frustrated of this situation but as a newly graduate doctor i will just help my kababayan in the ways that i can. Lets just work hand in hand and hope that noynoy can give our kababayan a better future and a food to eat on every table of the family.

  6. the.truth
    May 11, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    I cried.. I really did. I don’t trust the way people think anymore. We have a president who has done nothing for this country, and a bunch of senators that might as well audition for the next Filipino Action Star. I thought we want change, now that dream sank already. I do hope Noynoy will prove us wrong, that he really is a competent leader. As for myself, I’d go on just like Gibo did. I’ll never forget Gibo Teodoro. Like they said, he gave us hope but we missed the flight. T.T sad sad day..tsk.

    • May 11, 2010 at 4:16 pm

      Don’t cry, my friend. It just means that the hope of this country is not in its leaders but in its people. It’s in you and me, my friend. Why not make him a great leader ourselves by being good, obedient and disciplined citizens? Lets just give him our full moral and vigilant support. Its a new day dawning. Like what the presidential candidates said who already conceded defeat, lets just rally behind Noynoy.

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