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how a small Yellow Army helped aquino gain a landslide win


there is a popular bulletin board for pinoys in the internet with a lot members very much involved in the may 2010 elections. in that bulletin board is a small Yellow Army who mounted efforts to help noynoy aquino win this election. they were a very small group, no more than 20 members compared to their “opponents” in that bulletin board who supported other presidentiables.

the bulletin board had very active and very noisy supporters of gilbert teodoro, manny villar and richard gordon. easily, the small band of yellow army was outnumbered at least 4 to 1. with each presidentiable opponent having at least 50 to 60 members, multiply that by 4 presidentiables  and we have 200 to 240 individual posters outnumbering the no more than 20 members of the yellow army.

we have started in this blog a chronicle of the exploits of that small yellow army and how they were able to stand their ground and in the end win in their efforts.

here is one juicy part —  with just a few days before election day, the small group of individuals decided to organize themselves. more on this later.

click to read more: http://wp.me/Pnw03-1gA

  1. kler
    May 15, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    the expedition of wawam and his yellow army in the 20th century..tama na yan wawam. panalo na si noy. ang gawin mo na lang eh magpost ka sa blog mo kung ano ang mga gagawin ni noy doon habang wala pa siya sa malakanyang…na gagawin nya ung mga sinabi nya sa kasagsagan ng kanyang pangangampanya…at hindi lalabas na isa rin syang babbler…

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