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the good news: noynoy aquino is human; the bad news: it scares the hell out of me

President Benigno Aquino III invites a high five from little Lucy, who giggles as her mother Sophie, daughter of Trade Secretary Gregory Domingo, prods her to oblige. Mother and daughter were in Malacañang for Domingo’s oath-taking. LYN RILLON - from PDI

the above PDI photo of president noynoy aquino is a thing of beauty. it gives you an excellent portrait of the person named noynoy aquino, human being , who takes time not to be president of the philippines to enjoy one of the simple things in life, like engaging a beautiful baby to a great game of “high five”.

the mother, with her face lit up by a huge smiles does not let go of the child’s hand to get the little girl not to run away and encourage her to the game of high five. the little girl’s body language is totally precious – her whole body is intent on not doing what her mom and what noynoy wants her to do., her feet firmly on the ground, holding her ground but she has beautiful smile on her face telling us this is not a traumatic experience but a beautiful one as she herself is enjoying the moment. she is just taken by this natural reaction to strangers, a man she has not met before now wanting all of a sudden to play this game of high five.

it’s a very human picture. this picture is something we see almost everyday when you have a child that age. but the ordinariness of  the picture disappears when we click  into our minds that the man on the left is the president of the country.

this picture one of the our most favorite pictures of the aquino presidency. while we celebrate of the beautiful person that is noynoy aquino in being very human, like all of us, it also worries the hell out of me.

that is next here…..

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