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CBCP pushes for traditional methods of contraception in congress & aquino

the church can do whatever it wants on the pulpit, it can advocate for traditional methods of contraception but it should just let congress decide on its what is best for the country. the legislative and president aquino is responsible for all filipinos of all faiths, not just catholics and should do what it what is best for the many.

the church can also run its own lectures on morals if it wants to and it can be in tandem with the sex education that is being planned. there is no stopping the church to insert its own agenda and teachings in religion classes being taught in the schools. but they should just leave the sex education curriculum alone.

CBCP makes another push for natural family planning
By Dona Pazzibugan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:07:00 07/24/2010

MANILA, Philippines—Two days before the 15th Congress opens, the Catholic Church hierarchy flexed its political influence and asked President Benigno Aquino III to reject a revived reproductive health bill and to put a stop to sex education in schools beginning fifth grade.

In a lengthy pastoral statement issued Saturday, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines reminded Mr Aquino of his mother, the late president Corazon Aquino’s “moral legacy” as it called on him to reject any proposal promoting artificial contraceptives.

The Catholic Church advocates “natural family planning programs.”

Through its president, Bishop Nereo Odchimar of Tandag, Surigao del Sur, the CBCP invoked “moral and religious truths” and served notice that it would oppose the proposed “Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2010” that was re-filed by Rep. Edcel Lagman as House Bill 96.

The Catholic Church succeeded during the last Congress to block the passage of the bill, which proponents say would strengthen programs to promote maternal and child health and responsible parenthood.

“With the utmost concern and urgency we express our strong objection to the fundamental aspects of House Bill 96. The basis of our moral objection is once again the central religious truth of the divine origin and divine image of the human person, of one’s being and life,” said the CBCP.

“Science has proven that some contraceptives render the mother’s womb inhospitable, thereby causing abortion,” it added.

The CBCP, however, supported House Bill 13 or the proposed “Act Providing for the Safety and Protection of the Unborn Child and for Other Purposes” filed by Rep. Roilo Golez, saying the bill recognized that the government should protect the life of the unborn from conception, “and conception is the moment of fertilization.”

“If its ambiguous stand on contraceptives that are not abortifacients is corrected in favor of moral truth, a house bill such as the new House Bill No. 13 is laudable,” said the CBCP.

“The constitutional protection of the unborn child from the first instant of conception is a legacy given to us some 20 years ago during the presidency of President Corazon Aquino. In spite of all the foreseeable opposition of politicians and powerful lobby groups, we pray that (her) moral legacy could be finally and fully realized during the term of her son, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III,” it said.

The CBCP also continued to lobby against the Deparment of Education’s sex education program, which was piloted this school year, supposedly because it “further highlights and fortifies the concept that contraceptives provide safe and satisfying sex. ”

The CBCP insisted that the promotion of the use of contraceptives has not prevented the high incidence of teen pregnancy in the United States, nor has it brought down the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. It also suspected contraceptive pills to be carcinogenic.

“We reiterate that the Church is not against sex education. But for reasons of morality and religious faith, we strongly object to the proposed sex education program. The program is devoid of any substantive moral and religious value formation,” the CBCP said.

It insisted that sex education should not take place in school but at home by parents.

“In matters of character formation and nurturance in moral values, it is the parents who possess the fundamental and natural right and duty, a right acknowledged in the Constitution, a right which government may not take away and arrogate unto itself,” it said.

The CBCP also rejected any “population control program” as a way to address poverty because such program is biased against poor families.

“It is social injustice that is at the root of poverty. And social injustice is simply another name for moral and spiritual corruption, the jettisoning of moral and spiritual values from private and public life…. These are the causes of poverty, the removal of which would comprehensively transform our social order and establish social justice,” said the CBCP.

  1. July 26, 2010 at 8:38 am

    Population explosion is an continuing problem of the Philippines, the culprit could be the Philippines is suffocated with Catholic no contraceptive belief. Unwanted pregnancy and irresponsible parenthood resulted small children working in the garbage dump site. I would like to see Congress flex their muscle to allow free consultation for willing male patient to have “Vasectomy” and free clinics to have a “Free Vasectomy” and programs for females with the use of IUD implants. This effort could help prevent the country’s population from reaching 100 million.

  2. July 26, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    First of all, the Catholic Church does not promote any kind of contraception. The title and the introduction of the article misrepresent the stand of the Church.

    “…it should just let congress decide on its [?] what is best for the country.”
    The Congress will not be the one who will decide what is best for the country, they will just represent what the citizens think is the best for the country. Now, who are the citizens? Are they the majority? Not really. As long as you are a Filipino, you are a citizen of this country, and you have the right to be represented and to be heard. The Congress is not the brain of the nation. On the other hand, the Church is the conscience of the nation. It is not surprising though that this conscience is being ignored, if not being attacked, by almost the whole society, just like almost everybody violates their own individual conscience.

    “…the legislative and president aquino is responsible for all filipinos of all faiths, not just catholics…”
    President Aquino and the legislators are responsible for all Filipinos including Catholics. I think that is a better way of saying it. We, Catholics, do not propose any bill that violates Muslims, Protestants, or any faith, but a contraceptive legislation is directly anti-Catholic. Now, will you say that civil law should be indifferent to religion? No. That is not how it is.

    What you are really suggesting is that the government should go ahead with its sex education program, convincing the young students that this and that are right and good, while the Church teaches the same young students that those things that are being taught in the schools are evil.

  3. Ionnes C. Llego
    October 4, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    Probably the author of the Bill must revive some of its provisions. If this bill will be approved, it would be a gate to the destruction of Morality and balance of Civilization. The bill is good at first place, BUT, years years from now, Our Population will be abnormal.Some of its provision would decrease morality; Free na po ang vasectomy, easy access of contraception,sex would solely become a source of pleasure not anymore for procreation. Family will be demoralized, children will now say; “Oki na pala makipag sex…easy access to contraception na kasi, tinuro pa sa school”. Mas mabuti gumawa ng law to STRENTHEN MORAL VALUES and FAMILY LIFE para corruption din ay mawala…Gumawa ng batas to stop phornography, yun dapat, Its one of the root of early pragnancy and destroy morality, marami narrape because of that, they become sexually preoccupied dahil addict na sila dyan.RH would not be the answer but a GOOD FAMILY with GOOD MORALITY and with GOD….. “let it all start in a good family and will end in a good country!”: No COrruption, Responsible Leaders, Healthy Population,walang rape, walang abortion………

  1. September 7, 2010 at 8:28 am

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