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rate president noynoy aquino’s 1st SONA here

we will be putting up a poll in this blog for readers to rate president noynoy aquino’s 1st SONA. come back here on monday.

  1. Ma. Lucia M. Magallona
    August 5, 2010 at 10:58 am

    The SONA of P-noy, the first SONA I heard which is based on truth and sincerity. For those who found it “without direction”, most likely, the only direction they know ay ang baluktot na papunta sa sarili o sa bulsa. The new direction which the SONA of P-Noy is an alien to those who find it otherwise. I think there has to be a campaign on how FILIPINOS can help to free us from graft and corruption- simple and concrete ways. Ex, by being very conscious on asking for receipts and see how the receipt is prepared. I have an experience of receiving a receipt with the carbon copy at the back of my receipt, meaning there was no copy left in the drug store. I walked back and called the attention of the salesperson. And I was told its ok, we have it in an order form. I gave them a word that I will report their practice. I came back to check after a week. It was rewarding to find out, that they are issuing their receipt the right way.In a hardware in Montalban, Rizal
    when I asked for a receipt, the owner took the receipt booklet inside a dark room and the sales lady gave me the prepared receipt. I really wondered why it was prepared in a dark room. Shouldn’t it be prepared in the presence of the consumer? I stayed a little longer to observe what will be done to the next costumer. True enough,I noticed the previous copy of the receipt which was supposed to a copy of my receipt, was blank. These are small incidences, but I think the wrong way of doing things has become a common practice, and comes out so naturally.

    Even in my experience with the senior citizen discounts, in a big and well known drug store, I was told that there were only 4 tablets left of the medicine I was buying (I was told about it while he was 4 counters away from me). I saw that the man who attended did not even look at their supply. He did not even ask me if I will buy the 4 tablets. Seeing how the man dealt with I kept my distance for awhile and when I saw that a lady was in the SC counter, I approached and asked for the same medicines and I ordered 14 tablets. The lady readily produced the 14 tablets. And I saw the man approached the lady when she was in the cashier. I called the attention of the manager and told her about the intention of one of her staff in depriving me to buy the medicine I needed. I asked for the name of the man. But, I do not know how to file my complaint.

    I think if every Filipino would only be vigilant and would know how to report the crooked ways, then we could be of help to P-Noy in his fight against graft and corruption. Thus making P-Noy’s fight the fight of every Filipino. Thank you.

    • August 5, 2010 at 11:27 am

      there really is a culture of corruption in the country and i think the president of the country leading by example is an excellent way to do change this culture of corruption.

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