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copy of official first report of de lima committee on rizal park hostage taking posted here

First Report of the INCIDENT INVESTIGATION and REVIEW COMMITTEE on the August, 23, 2010 Rizal Park Hostage-taking Incident: SEQUENCE OF EVENTS, EVALUATION and RECOMMENDATIONS IIRC,

September 16, 2010

“Is that the bus going to the Heroes’ Graveyard?” -PSInsp Rolando Del Rosario Mendoza, to Ruth Del Castillo, Fort Santiago, August 23, 2010.

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  1. baycas
    September 21, 2010 at 2:35 am

    Three points so far I need to raise:

    1. Was Gregorio an accomplice? Gregorio’s motives are suspect the first time he appeared on the scene…walking towards the bus with a concealed gun…even in extending 30 minutes to the 3pm deadline, he was heard saying to Rolando, “Before doing any harsh moves, let me talk and explain first to the authorities about OUR gripes.” Something to that effect. Lastly, he bargained for the return of his gun at a very crucial time.

    2. What really transpired in the “kitchen” meeting of the higher-ups including Yebra? I asked this because at “quarter to 7” (as announced by Rogas) Rolando already saw SWAT teams deploying. That was also the time (or thereabouts) when Lim and Magtibay left for Emerald.
    Moreno also recounted: “By that time Mayor Lim has already left the PCP for Emerald Restaurant. Isko Moreno saw Special Forces with sniper rifles come out behind Manila Hotel and decided to leave believing the crisis has now become a police matter.”
    There are two things authorities can do: (a) Negotiate, or (b) Assault. Considering that the negotiation bogged down, were they already gearing up for an assault even before Rolando started his killing spree?

    3. There is presumption that the gunman has access to TV and radio broadcast (media internal guideline). Way before Gregorio made a scene, video footage already showed a shot being fired from the bus as Yebra, Salvador and Gregorio (the “negotiating” team) are walking away. Was it accidental fire or a deliberate one? Regardless, gunshot most likely coming from the perpetrator still connotes danger in such crisis. It leaves no doubt that the threat (arrest and manhandling) to the gunman’s brother will make a huge negative impact on the gunman’s frame of mind if this was broadcast live. There goes the “self-restraint” the network bosses should have practiced in that critical time.

  2. September 21, 2010 at 9:55 am

    it appears gregorio was on it or he was intending to. why carry a gun to the hostage crisis? he concealed the gun too. does not matter that he is a policeman. he was a brother of the hostage taker and carrying a concealed gun to the hostage scene is clearly suspect.

  3. marvin santos
    September 22, 2010 at 9:20 am

    why is the borther of the hostage taker not acountable for his actions?

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