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catholic church bullies noynoy aquino on birth control

the catholic church through the CBCP has started to bully president noynoy aquino on the use of birth control. aquino has announced he supports free and open choice of contraceptive method by couples with the government providing information on both modern or artificial method of contraception and traditional or natural method of contraception. the catholic church favors only the use of natural methods and prohibits the use of modern methods.

the catholic church first started to bully aquino with it’s threat to excommunicate aquino if he continues on his stand on also promoting modern methods of contraception as stated by bishop odchimar, president of the CBCP.

a day after he announced the threat to excommunicate aquino, the same bishop took back his words saying no threat of excommunication was made and that  media has made a mistake about it. it did not help the bishop at all that the Philippine Daily Inquirer published the transcript of the interview where the bishop said aquino might be excommunicated.  radio veritas, a catholic radio station had distributed the transcript of an interview of bishop odchimar to media outlets which was the basis for the excommunication threat on aquino.

the bully tactic of an excommunication threat has been used before by bishops, priests and catholic lay leaders on a local level against local leaders when the leaders declare support on the reproductive health bill which is still pending in congress. this is not the first time it has been used. and just like in the case of aquino, it is usually withdrawn within a few days it is said.

the next and latest  bully tactic the catholic church is using is the threat of  civil disobedience which was announced yesterday. this is a not so subtle attempt to remind people the last time civil disobedience was used on issues which was the successful people power revolution that removed ferdinand marcos from power.

it will be hard for the catholic church to pull through its threat of civil disobedience as a high 71% of catholics themselves support the RH Bill. any civil disobedience effort to tek effect need to be in high numbers. at the moment the catholic church does not have the numbers.

with bully tactic #1 taken back and bully tactic #2 potentially weak, we await bully tactic #3.

  1. agila ng davao
    October 5, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    As per written word of God,the catholic have it right.But to threaten anybody ,especially he is an elected president to be excommunicated is not right(if the report is true-i doubt). In position of most Christians(born-again) congregation(i don’t speak in behalf of them but from God’s point of view-as it is written)is to follow natural method and self-control among couples(remember self-control is one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit).
    In the point of view of the government,not all are Christians and catholics,it is an options made available for those who can’t control and donot believe. from that point of view ,the government’s decision is practical and valid.
    In threatening ex-communication on leaders is no longer viable nor effective measure.first the form of government is no longer monarchy but republic.second majority of filipinos no longer give much value on spiritual authority of the catholic church that they will overthrow a government on the basis on family planning issues. The idea that CBCP will sway the population on that basis is no longer viable,maybe during the medieval times ,it was effective.The ex-communication by Hilberand against king Charles was not very effective then,but manipulated by King Charles to his advantage.
    My suggestion is to teach wholly and properly the catholic on the whole biblical truth of God’s plan and blueprint of our lives.Only then this problem of poverty and overpopulation will be address to the root cause.but to explain it well,we need another topic and lenght to discuss it properly.God bless to all.

    as a parting word,the salvation of each man and woman ,his redemption or condemnation cannot be enforce by CBCP or not even by the pope.Only God,the Lord of heaven and earth,the Creator of everything have the authority and power to judge and enforce that.

  2. marvin santos
    October 8, 2010 at 8:46 am

    i agree, the church is bullying noynoy aquino on this one. the church is being literal about using the bully pulpit that they control. this is not the first time the church has done the same tactics to proponents of the RH Bill. the church should not involve itself on matters of the the state.

  3. jane lee
    November 27, 2010 at 10:48 am

    if you don’t mind,i agree to the president cause if we don’t know how to control our selves by controlling growth population,we will all experience economic crisis.

  4. Teod Gayo
    November 10, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    agila ng Davao AND Marvi Santos:

    You might have forgotten the HISTORICAL patriotic EDSA revolution initiated by the CARDINAL SIN and the CATHOLIC CHURCH AND COMMUNITY. We were set free from the dictatorship of the MARCOS Regime and been able to embrace freedom. I think all of us including you and the whole Born Again congregation benefit such. Where are you when our country need people who are willing to stand and die for her? God cannot personally come to say no to the ungodly and immoral ways and customs of the world, but He empower us to do His will, He gave us His Holy Spirit to spread His message. He said in Romans 12:2 that ” Do not allow your minds to be conformed to the ways of the world but let your minds be renewed by the Holy Spirit so that you will know the perfect will of God”. The church cannot be silent when she saws her flock going astray. I commend the people including all the church leaders who do not only profess their faith in an altar but also on the street; willing to give their lives for the sake of Christ and our country.

  5. Teod Gayo
    November 10, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    I think it is not a Bully nor a threat. It is just normal for a certain community in the sense of excommunication when her member does not to her beliefs and life. For example, a certain church group without mentioning a name, will excommunicate its member in the grounds of 1. failure to give a 10% of income to the church 2. when proven to be drunken or womanizer etc. The same is also true with the catholic church.

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