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aquino’s “zero casualty” storm goal, aquino set himself up for failure

“zero casualty” –  that was often repeated in the news as president aquino’s goal during the onslaught of super typhoon juan across northern luzon. nice words to hear but these are words doomed for failure. president aquino had set himself for failure.

and fail president aquino did – at least 12 died at the wake of the storm. in fact, on the day he announced this goal, one already died – this farmer who went after his carabao who slipped and was taken away by strong water current.

we think it was a foolish goal to set up to begin with. we do not know why president aquino even said it. you set goals like that when you know it is at least an achievable goal.  aquino was dealing with mother nature and no one can control mother nature. you set goals based on what you can achieve and most of that is dependent on the amount of control you have on the variables that determine the outcome.

there is no way president aquino can  nor his entire government can control mother nature. super typhoon juan had a mind of its own. it will do what it pleases regardless of what you do or do not do.  as far as the storm is concerned, it can pretty much do what it wants at whatever time it wants to. all that the government and the people can do is wait until the storm finish its thing. we are literally at the mercy of the storm.

the main variable here is the storm. it is the one that will cause casualties. if it decides to go to highly populated areas, many will suffer.  but no one can dictate to the storm where it is supposed to go to. we just have to wait and track its path after the fact.

the other variable but in a much less prominence are the people. if the people stay indoors, the less likely will there be casualties. we are talking of the whole of northern luzon, aquino will not be able to control everyone who lives there.  in fact looking at the kind of strong winds it had, staying indoors does not mean people are totally safe. roofs have been blown away and homes toppled.

aquino in saying “zero casualty” is going over his head there. it is not based on any logical thought process nor a product of any semblance of analysis. it is pure whim, just a collection of words that are nice to say and hear.

aquino set a goal that was destined for failure in meeting it.

aquino has a large communication group in the palace, we wonder what they were doing when aquino delivered these lines.

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