noynoy aquino needs to learn to shut the fuck up

president noynoy aquino intends to tap the services of senator mar roxas and will probably give him the title of Secretary Of  Troubles whose primary role according to aquino is to be the “chief troubleshooter”.

we have nothing against mar roxas but we have something against president noynoy aquino on this latest development.

bottom line for us is that noynoy aquino needs to learn to shut up. not for good but for some time until everything is sorted out first, packaged properly and words chosen carefully.

this is our main beef –  in this statement of aquino, the president admits there is “trouble” in his cabinet. aquino’s words, not mine. not only that, there seem to be perpetual trouble in his cabinet that he needs to appoint someone to be   “chief troubleshooter” on a going basis.

of course no cabinet, no presidency or even any group is perfect. there will always be differences and yes, troubles.  troubles are  part of the psychology of groups but did aquino have to blurt it out to the public and did he have to say it in this way.

frankly, reading the article, we are having trouble understanding what aquino means.  it could just be an unfortunate choice of words, the word “trouble” in particular, not “chief”.  aquino gave the title “chief troubleshooter”  but in the explanation, aquino said “if something needs more intense attention,  I might task him to do that“.

while “something that needs intense attention” is not necessarily the same as “trouble”  or something troublesome, a “trouble” is always something  that needs “intense attention”. when trouble occurs in a group, intense specially, it needs immediate attention. a group or a cabinet that is troublesome  is never a good thing.

on the other hand, there can be things that need “intense attention” that are not necessarily troublesome. these things could just be of  high importance, not always high trouble.

so, what we are left here is that aquino just might have had trouble accessing a thesaurus and he made an unfortunate troublesome choice of words, the word “troubleshooter” and all he meant was “intense” or “important” projects. or it was a freudian slip unconsciously telegraphing to us that there is intense trouble in his administration?

the solution here is noynoy needs to learn to shut the fuck up.  not only does aquino talk too much, he talks too soon and he has trouble choosing the right words. aquino needs to understand the world of  country presidency is not the world of show business that his sister is involved in. in the presidency, bad press is not necessarily good press.  bad press means bad presidency.

in show business,  bad press or troublesome events in the life of the celebrity gets the celebrity press time and space. and in their world, that is a good thing.  you can dip your foot on mud but you can still remove it and clean it up over time.  your fans forget, and life goes on.

in the presidency, not only does something bad gets etched into your record of accomplishments  or record of troubles, it affects 94 million people and the next 2 million of filipinos added every year.

the other thing that bothers us is this – doesn’t aqiono have enough cabinet members  to perform the function of “troubleshooter of troubles” and “chief trouble shooter of intense sttention”?

a more telling thing – if it is trouble that needs to be fixed, shouldn’t he as president and  biggest dude in the country supposed to be the one to fix them? fixing troubles among cabinet members is one of the key components of  leadership, specially in this thing called president of a country.

if it is not him as president, isn’t that the job of his chief of staff or the executive secretary?

bottom line for us is this – there seem to be no good news on this one  no matter how you look at it. it’s all trouble from all angles. and it is intense.

mr. president. shut the fuck up!

  1. juan cruz
    June 29, 2012 at 9:12 am

    noynoy has committed treason and betrayal of public trust against the filipino people. he must be impeached!
    his sins are the following;
    gave 5 million to MILF in tokyo secret meeting
    gave 35 Million to Alex Boncayao Brigade
    slow response to Cagayan de Oro calamity
    slow response to Negros earthquake
    did not fire Robredo and handled incompetently the luneta hostage taking

    did not fire Naguiat for PAGCOR scandal
    did not fire Llamas when he was arrested for illegal carriage of firearms

    attacked the independence of the Supreme Court
    withheld the budget of the SC, disrupting fiscal autonomy,
    did not fire delima of DOJ when she usurped dictatorial powers challenging SC TRO on GMA right to travel, as this is also a RIGHT of EVERY FILIPINO

    shamed an incumbent CHIEF JUSTICE and degraded the dignity of the highest court of the land
    used every speaking opportunity in slandering and maligning the supreme court to the point of insulting a sitting CHIEF JUSTICE

    confiscated, removed and withdrew monetary allowances of government workwrs from teachers, health workers, LGU’S, MMDA employees, MIAA allowances, and various other privileges including hazard pay and clothing allowances. it has been reported regularly that secretary Abad is holding all allowances in abeyance, arrogating upon himself to ” limit” what allowances should be released to employees of the government. lately, Abad has been the subject of a protest in DAVAO city for having not released the hazard pay of health workers since February of this year in a government hospital in davao. the hazard pay amounted to 9 thousand per employee.
    a few days ago, MMDA employees protested about the backwages not being released by Abad.

    the controversial loan to IMF without.conditions imposed ny this government
    BSP has autonomy. the president cannot just dictate an order for it to release funds to other countries for the situation could actually malign a Constitutional Charter.

    Pnoy did not even bother to consult economists on theintended loan for the IMF

    PNOY also allowed for the increase in toll hikes compounding what is an existing inflationary problem in this country

    pNOY also reduced by.more than 50% the IRA of local government units
    kaya maraming.mayor at governor galit kao pnoy.
    he was very assuming and they didi not consult with local leadera. bara bara sila. they are very Self Righteous. akala mo ang linis ng angkan nila at ang linis nila lahat sa cabinet.

    Deles, Abad, Delima, Llamas amd Hontiveros a re leftista and Communists.

    Danny LIM at Trillanes naman mga Coup Plotter at rightists. bakit pinakawalan at binigyan ng puwesto.

    bakit mga general ang pinag aapoint ni PnOY like general honrado sa MIAA, general DAVID sa immigration etc. puro mayayabang at mga bobo. walang alam sa governance ng civiliam ng government at NAPAKA ANTIPATIKO sa TAO

    PNOY IS VERY MUCH VINDICTIVE. wala pa nga siyang nagagawa sa livelihood, economy, peace and order sa bayan, ang dami dami na niyang kinakaaway. as if he did something great for this country. he must have forgotten that it was the people that.put them in power and not on theor own accord.

    he opens his mouth too much and puro lason ang lumalabas sa bibig niya.
    puro ganti kaliwat kanan. puro paratang na corrupt si corona at gma. bakit noy, di ba kayo morally corrupt din sa mga magsasaka niyo sa HACIENDA LUISITA? palibhasa, milyon milyon na kino corrupt niyo sa hacienda kaya ang lakas ng loob mo na magsabi na bawal magnakaw sa kaban ng bayan. you know what noy, BIG TIME kasi ang pagnanakaw at alipustang pagtatrato niyo sa mga nagtatrabaho sa inyo sa hacienda kaya di ka na kailangan magnakaw sa kaban ng bayan!mas malala kayo, kaluluwa ng tao sinusunog niyo habang buhay pa. imagine, what should have been turned over to tje farmers in 1968, di neprive pa ninyo. what a monkey? ang takaw pala ninyo? yan ba ang shining example ng pamilya aquino at cojuangco? mata pobre pala kayo. ninoy and cory , both of them have proven NOTHING YET!

    they were only accomplished speakers but they have NOT done anything sa bansang ito that they should be treated as heroes. KAMI ang mga HEROES Noynoy! we work hard everyday to pay our bills, respect the laws, and give care to our families. kami ang mga tunay na hero HINDI Kayo. we put your family in power. kung hindi sa amin, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A LIFELESS SPECK AMONGST THE OCEAN of weeds.

    ANG YABANG MO at ang yayabang ng mga taong itinalaga mo sa posisyon. mabuti pa ang mga OLD Politicians, marunong kumilala sa mga empleyado at hindi antipatikong katulad mo. remember, It takes TWO to TANGO. it takes workers and People who work to make this GOVERNMENT functional. BUT what did you do? you took away their privileges and allowances. just look at the people in GSIS, some of the honest ones are already contemplating on rwsigning or transferring because according to them, MASYADO raw COnTEMPTOUS amd self righteous si VERGARA sa mga tao. ganyan ang mga tao mo NOY. katulad mo! gago at Antipatiko.

    furthermore, PNOY should be impeached. TREASON na ang hinagawa niya. he does not inform the people, he does not consult with leaders and people, he is selling us now to the American Military again, he has communists as friends like llamas, dwles and hontiveros and he has non performing, arrogant and weak pulsed people like Robredo, Roxas, delima and Henares. lightweights and unknowns. mahina at mayabang na katulad niya.

    come to think of it, they never even persecuted Lacson. di ba treason and betrayal of public trust na yan?

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