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Pro- RH TV Ads “I support the RH Bill” & “Pro-Chance”

  1. ilding parin
    April 5, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Only the fittest shall inherit this overpopulated and slowly cooking planet.

    If a few noisy, clueless ang bullying men infancy robes succeeds in preventing the passage of RH Bill 5043 into law?

    Our population will double in a 25 years.

    Our energy demand will double.

    Our demand for oil will double.

    Then when the oil wells run dry and the Muslims use oil as a political weapon, Electricity will be disrupted.

    Without electricity, virtually everything we depend upon for survival—food, water, sanitation, transportation and communication—would be threatened on a massive scale.

    • No power, no lights, no electric fans, no aircons.

    • No power, no water, no sanitation.

    • No telephone, no communication.

    • No Internet. No emails. no FaceBook

    • No radio, no television.

    • ATM machines would not work.

    • Loss of bank records.

    • No cars. No tricycles. Inability to move physically other than by foot.

    • Police functions would be paralyzed and helpless.

    • Supermarkets and grocery stores would soon be looted.


    Collapse of medical systems and slow death for those who are under medication.

    Don’t ever think of stockpiling food for your family.

    Your hungry neighbors will kill for it.

    Only the fittest who will kill to survive shall inherit the earth.

    Please pass this until it reaches the noisy, clueless and bullying men in fancy robes.

    They might reconsider that we are a SECULAR NATION and allow the

    legislators to do their thing.

    “The land will be completely laid waste and totally plundered.”

    The LORD has spoken these words.

    (isaiah 9:18-36)

    Help save our slowly cooking planet.

    > Support RH BiLL 5043

    Control population now…! NA ! ! !

    • reina alegria
      April 6, 2011 at 9:00 am

      no to population control but yes to rights of individuals and couples to decide for themselves the number and spacing of their children.. family planning is a human right…government and church should respect that… if parents wanted three children because they want to secure their children’s future… that’s not population control… that’s responsible parenthood.

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