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whistle blower heidi mendoza appointed COA commissioner – excellent move!

we think giving whistle blower mendoza the post of COA commissioner is a very good move. we applaud aquino’s wisdom in  doing so. we see this as proof of aquino’s election promise of fighting corruption. ‘

mendoza has shown she is not only a smart and committed auditor who is completely dedicated to her calling as an auditor, she is a firm believer of sto9pping corruption wherever she sees it.

we have seen her never say die attitude – she filed her report on the garcia corruption with the ombudsman when her own bosses at the COA has told her to go “easy”  on the AFP, that people from malacanang wants her to lay low and that COA is not the government agency where she can file her report. facing a blank wall erected by her own bosses at the COA, she decided to file her report with the ombudsman instead to make sure her hard work is not thrown out in the garbage bin and that the corruption she saw will be exposed and stopped.

that is the kind of attitude and people the country needs if it wants to stop corruption in government. people in government need to know and be afrad of mendoza so that they will stop thinking of trying to steal frrom the government.

with mendoza as auditor, would be corrupt government officials are being given notice that the paper trail that they will need to leave behind will be discovered by mendoza and the corruption exposed.

we expect many great things from mendoza in her new job. we wish her well.

Aquino names Heidi Mendoza CoA commissioner; ex-Finance exec named CoA chair

b y Christine O. Avendaño

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 16:02:00 04/05/2011

MANILA, Philippines—Whistleblower Heidi Mendoza will be back with her old colleagues at theCommission on Audit.

President Benigno Aquino III has appointed Mendoza as commissioner to the CoA, as well as former Finance Undersecretary Grace Tan as CoA chair, Malacañang announced on Tuesday.

Tan will replace Reynaldo Villar, whose term as head of the CoA, expired last February 2, according to Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang.

Mendoza will assume the post left by Commissioner Evelyn San Buenaventura.

Mr. Aquino had earlier said he will offer Mendoza the job of CoA commissioner.

Mendoza had been instrumental in helping prosecuteformer military comptroller, retired Major General Carlos Garcia in his plunder case before the Sandiganbayan. She blew the whistle on how Garcia stashed away millions in his personal accounts.

It was initially a lonely fight for her when she testified her audit findings before the Sandigan. But this all changed when it was learned that Garcia’s plunder case had been reduced to bribery and money laundering as a result of a plea bargain deal he entered into with the Office of the Ombudsman last year.

Mendoza resurfaced in the ensuing Congressional hearings that investigated the plea bargain deal where she again testified against Garcia.

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