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president aquino is a “bad catholic”, that makes 71% of pinoy catholics also “bad catholics”

things just got pretty nasty on this holy week of 2011 with the debate, actually bashing on the RH Bill.  not that the3re ever was baby talk among the anti and the pro,  but what is happening now has been leveled up quite a few notches higher.

president aquino has recently stated again in a speech at UP that he supports the passage of the RH Bill. aquino was pretty strong in his declaration of support for the bill. not that we did not know it, this is actually old news as far back as during the election campaign that gave aquino a landslide win over a long list of presidentiables.

the catholic church during the time of the arroyo administration has been attacking people, politicians and groups who support the RH Bill, this new attack on aquino is nothing new. in fact aquino was already threatened by a bishop of excommunication for his support of the RH Bill. the threat of excommunication is of course silly and stupid and the CBCP and bishops quickly withdrew the threat.

this is not excommunication but aquino is not being called a bad catholic. that puts aquino among 71% of all pinoy catholics in the philippines. an SWS survey puts 71% of pinoy catholics as supporting the RH Bill as well. how can the catholic church in the philippines have so many “bad catholics” among their flocks is perhaps something the vatican should look into. with such a high number of pinoy catholics as “bad catholics”, it can only mean the philippine catholic church has failed in its duty to have all its flock as “good catholics”

attacks of this sort is also not new for the catholic church. it has behaved in such a manner  before. in fact for a very long time, at least 9 years during the whole of the arroyo administration. often times, the church will go nuts on its attack on people and groups only to retract them a few days after perhaps when they realize they were acting unholy in their attacks.

aside from the attacks, the church has also used lies, distortions and silliness  in demonizing  modern methods of contraception.  they do that in forums like congress and by their speakers who go to schools where unsuspecting adolescents listen and do not have the guts or enough knowledge to question them.

with a catholic church like this one, who needs evil?

‘Bad Catholic’

In Laguna, Fr. Jerry Oblepias, diocesan director of Laguna’s Family Life Ministry, Tuesday said Mr. Aquino was a “bad Catholic” with a “conscience that is not well-formed,” in his support for the controversial RH bill.

“He is misled. What he is thinking as ways to solve poverty are the easy and lazy ways. He must face the real issue, that we are poor because of bad governance and bad economic policies,” he said.

In a speech at the University of the Philippines (Diliman) graduation rites last Sunday, the President said: “I am aware of those who are opposed to it (RH Bill) but it’s my obligation as a leader to reach out to all sectors and talk and explain this to them calmly—even if some are saying I should be excommunicated.”

Mr. Aquino said he was willing to take that risk because he believed that slowing population growth would reduce poverty in the Philippines.

The Church has made it a crusade to block the passage of the RH bill now pending in Congress, claiming that it endorses abortion.

It has for the past 10 years blocked the approval of the proposed legislation which it said advocates “abortifacients.”

Different from Cory

Oblepias noted that Mr. Aquino’s latest declaration for the RH bill was so far from his election campaign battle cry of “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” (where there is no corruption, there is no poverty).

“I am very sad that P-Noy apparently does not know the meaning of [excommunication]… He is really totally different from his mother (the late President Corazon Aquino),” he said in a phone interview.

Malacañang Tuesday decried as “unfair” Cruz’s calling Mr. Aquino anti-Christian.

“I think that’s an unfair judgment of the President. Just because the Palace favors couples to be given information and education (on family planning methods), it is called anti-Christian,” said deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte.

Valte reiterated that Mr. Aquino was against abortion as this was against the law.

What the President has been pushing for is that through a responsible parenthood law, couples will be given access to information about family planning methods so that they can make an informed choice, she explained.

read in full here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20110420-332158/Clerics-bash-President-as-anti-Christian-not-like-Cory

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