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american military base to return to subic? read and join the poll here

this is an interesting development or is it speculation or rumor? even in politics boy abunda reigns supreme, so we should give this chismis space in this blog. it is an intriguing possibility.

we don’t see any reason why we should not allow the american military to sit at subic once again.  the philippines and the united states of america have a very long history of friendship and cooperation and that includes economic, cultural, social and even military. the philippines’ location in asia is also very convenient and strategic for american forces with their role of global cop and guardian of freedom and the oppressed.

should we allow the american military to sit at subic once again, we should make sure that:

  1.  the terms should be  favorable to the country and should be defined within the framework of being co-equal
  2. the americans should pay rent and it should be a substantial amount  that is  significantly in favor of the philippines
  3. in no uncertain term should the country give up jurisdiction on crimes committed by US servicemen in the country.  if a US serviceman commits a crime in philippine soil, this serviceman will be under and subject to philippine laws, judicial system and punishment
  4. there should be a review of the bases agreement for a certain period with clear measures and terms of adjustment for the future
  5. as the philippines allow the US to serve it’s objectives and goals through the base, the US should also be duty bound to protect the interests of the philippines should conflicts arise with other countries
  6. the bases in the country is not a license for the US to involve itself in philippine politics or governance. they should stay out of philippine politics.

Return of US forces to Subic possible

US military build-up in Guam delayed

By Robert Gonzaga
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:18:00 04/28/2011

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT — High-level visits here by American officials have raised the prospect of a return of the United States’ military presence in this former naval base in the wake of disasters that hit Japan, which have delayed the planned US military build-up in Guam.

US Senators Daniel Inouye and Thad Cochran visited this free port on Tuesday and met with Subic Bay Metropolitan Au

thority (SBMA) and Olongapo City officials.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer learned of the visit but was told that it was “not open to press coverage.”

In March, US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas Jr. also met with local officials and briefed them about the impact of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on the transfer of US military bases in Okinawa to Guam. The visit was not announced to reporters here.

Inouye and Cochran, chair and ranking member, respectively, of the US Senate committee on appropriations, appeared to be interested in the possibility of an increased presence of the US military in the country, a source present at the luncheon meeting for the visiting senators hosted by Subic and local officials told the Inquirer.

The source, who asked not to be named for lack of authority to speak on the matter, said: “Their official reason for being here was to obtain a situationer of developments in the area and to consult with local officials about these. They even brought their technical staff. During the discussion, they were curious about the reception in the country of an [increased presence of the US military] here.”

read in full here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20110428-333354/Return-of-US-forces-to-Subic-possible

  1. agila ng davao
    April 28, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    After the cold war,overseas military bases becomes irrelevant ,too expensive to maintain and operate.But today,china replaces russia as a bad guy next door.U.S. wants to maintain its presence and influence and strategic advantage here in southeast asia.Guam doesn’t have the strategic depth and width and local resources to sustain that position.Our country is the key for that requirement.
    Now ,U.S. needs us more than we need them.our economy is less dependent on theirs. our military is less dependent on them.
    Using these factors,we can negotiate better terms from americans and address most problems we encountered before and hopefully we will get a better deal.

    For me,why not,let the americans rent subic but in better terms.

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