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is representative manny pacquaio helping or hurting the cause of anti-RH Bill proponents?

manny pacquaio almost still fresh from the boxing ring he fought in to win over mosley in las vegas jumped into the fire called the RH Bill national debate after three steps on the NAIA.

manny pacquiao in prayer after a bout

he declared he is against the passage of the RH Bill on grounds of his religious beliefs. pacquaio is a catholic and according to him, he understood God’s words telling him to “go forth to the world and multiply, not only have two or three children”.

first off, i am glad pacquaio has time to listen to God, that is very good for him.  it is difficult for us to imagine he has the time to listen to God considering he has so many fights to attend to, many training sessions, he has his singing career, he is a congressman and has lots of money to count, more than a billion by last count (and counting). ( plus to send occassional text to his friend krista who now lives in the US. see krista in a bikini here: http://bit.ly/jGaZIx)

manny pacquaio is of course one of the most popular pinoys in the country. the whole country stops to watch his fights. and that is the attraction of pacquaio to the bishops who oppose the RH Bill. this is after all a celebrity endorser crazy country. practically all the tv ads we see in the philippines has a celebrity as endorser, including pacquiao himself who appear in a countless number of tv ads for many philippine brands.

pacquaio even had an audience with the bishops to talk about we can only guess the RH Bill.  we can only guess that the topic they had was on what pacquaio will do for the bishops in their fight to stop the passage of the RH  Bill.

we are sure the bishops were very happy about pacquaio meeting with them. until, someone in media noticed pacquaio was wearing a purple necktie. purple is the designated color chosen by the pro-RH Bill movement. the color choice for the necktie was a paux pas. we are betting pacquaio did not realize the color of his necktie will be questioned by mediamen.

faux pas appear to be the norm by which pacquaio has defined his first day into the tough world of debate on national issues. just minutes after the internet was a buzz with pacquiao’s declaration of opposition to the RH Bill, netizens posted a Philippine Star article  of some months ago where jinkee, manny’s wife admitted she is taking the pill.

“After Queenie, sabi ko kay Manny, tama na ang apat,” Jinkee volunteers. “Hindi pa ako nagpa-tali, pero nagpi-pills ako (ngayon). Nagpa-make-over ako (sa Belo) not for Manny or the people na nag-sympathize sa akin nung nangyari ‘yung intriga. I did it for myself. You should love yourself.”

read : http://www.philstar.com/article.aspx?articleid=652532

ooops, another paux pas and this one we think is a major one. his wife admitting to be taking the pill runs directly against pacquaio’s anti-RH Bill position. he loses his credibility as someone who object to the RH BIll on the basis of his religious belief.

in some way the pacquaio couple’s situation is the situation among many married couples in the philippines. for many married couples – the man and woman would have opposing views on the need for contraception. for most men it is unnecessary while most women feel it is the one thing she needs very much in her relationship with her husband.

conttraception is something that very few pinoy men understand. the pinoy male does not understand it for a few reasons : he is ignorant of what it is, he feels macho enough that he feels it is unnecessary, in the case of condoms, it reduces the sexual pleasure or what the hell does he care, he is not the one who gets pregnant.

the last part is what every pinay understand very well. in many pinoy families, concerns about the family and children is the sole responsibility of the wife.  the pinoy feels all he needs to do is earn a living and give his salary to his wife and the wife is suppose to take of everything. and “everything” includes getting pregnant.

with the pinay wife understanding very well what is involved in being pregnant, in many cases, the pinay decides to take contraceptives without the knowledge of the husband. the pinay wife thinks it is just too complicated and difficult to let the husband know about her contraceptive plans. we wonder if this the same case in the pacquaio marriage.

from this paux pas number three with his wife jinkee, he stepped into a third one. this time it is on the floor of the House Of Representatives where in his pristine suit, he interpolated the main author of the RH Bill, Representative Edcel Lagman.

pacquaio the whole time read his interpolation of  lagman. the whole thing was scripted. nothing is wrong with reading from a script but it does show pacquaio’s weakness. he may have  powerful hands to knock out men twice his size, but he did not appear to have the knowledge and the intellectual skills to even touch the face of lagman.

his questions were often times clumsy and unimpressive. he sounded lost and did not present his case against the bill in any clear manner. although these were mainly questions he posted to lagman, the point of the interpolation is not just to expose the weakness of the bill but also to state his position on the matter. he was unable to that in any measure. in fact, at one point he even gave a lengthy example of a  case of the Amish in the US that was totally unrelated to the issued of reproductive health, lagman was very kind to pacquaio that he simply stated it is unrelated and said nothing more on it.

with all these things that pacquaio has done on the RH Bill issue – pacquaio badly needs a Florence Nightingale to take care of him. he only does not need direction, he needs content and very badly.

  1. citadel
    June 1, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    bakit ba napaka big deal sa mga religious group ang rh bill? family planning is a choice of the parents. what the law wanted is to teach these parents to make the right choice and not to commit crime. When all of us face our creator on judgement day he will not ask us whether we are using a contraceptive or not. rather, he will ask how did we took care of the gift he betowed on us as parents. kung ang isang magulang anak lang nang anak at hindi nag-iisip kung kaya nyang maibigay ang magandang kinabukasan, anong future meron ang kanilang maraming anak? they will just become a weed of our society because they were not given a good future by their parents. lucky for manny pacquiao he is now a billionaire. he can even have 30 children from jinky. that is, if jinky is capable of bearing that 30 children without making her health ang figure suffer. It is in the bible that god commanded us to multiply but is 2 x 2 not a multiplication? come on… do we need 2 x 50 to say that we have multiplied and accomplished god’s command

  2. June 11, 2011 at 8:56 am

    i support RH BILL and DIVORCE BILL in th philippines.

  3. jhonie Reno
    August 3, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    Kapag may mga batang nagugutom, hindi makapagaral dahil sa kakulangan ng pera ng iresponsableng magulang nang 12 anak—-huwag magalala, tawagin si Manny Paquiao at bahala siyang akuin lahat nang gastusin o kaya tawagin ang mga katholikong pari at ipaampon sa kanila ang mga anak ninyong hindi nyo kayang tustusan. o humingi ng tulong sa lahat ng laban sa RH bill.

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