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the loren legarda saga that irritates and the pain of being ronnie puno

October 16, 2009 3 comments

there are two (2)  things that strike us in this news report on loren legarda:

  • the melodramatic saga of legarda’s political life goes on. gasp! this really reads like a badly written telenovela not even the koreans and taiwanese  can write.
  • legarda says it is “agonizing” – ah alas she knows the torture she has been making us go through on her indeciveness. at least she knows it.
  • she also knows the symptoms of her ADS? Sindrome – she says she will announce her plans withing 10 days, barring any severe weather disturbance. let us all pray no super typhoon comes our way and no new global financial crisis hits us, please! please! (good news is wall street just hit a new milestone and the US is officially out of the recession.)

here is the second thing that struck us, actually like a lightning bolt!

  • gilbert teodoro, yes GILBERT TEODORO, is pursuing her as VP??!! WTF?!
  • i thought LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD has chosen ronnie puno??? what has happened to that?

    gibo teodoro - loren legarda

    The Gilbert Teodoro-Loren Legarda Tandem

  • this is not the first time we have heard that some people in the ruling/admin party is trying to get puno replaced as VP. very early on, members and top officials of the party floated governor vilma santos, and now loren legarda.
  • what is wrong with puno? why is everyone trying to replace him?

come on now, let’s cut the BS on this melodrama. loren legarda will be VP partner of chiz escudero. that is pretty obvious to me. legarda is just milking this whole thing trying to get as much mileage from it.

what she does not realize is that, this drama makes her look very indecisive and wishy-washy, unfit for higher office. it is not endearing at all, it is irritating. she is not gaining any goodwill or political brownie points, all she is doing is playing up to the stereo type of women not being able to make up their minds.

Loren: Suitors down to Chiz, Manny, Gibo
By Michael Lim Ubac
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:07:00 10/16/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Two down, three still on her list.

Sen. Loren Legarda Thursday admitted that the list of presidential aspirants who were wooing her to be their No. 2 in the May 2010 polls had been shortened.

Legarda reiterated to reporters that “at least five” presidential hopefuls had asked her to be their running mate. “But entertaining them is another issue,” she said without naming names.

Later, however, Legarda told the Inquirer that the hopefuls still on her list were Senators Francis Escudero and Manuel Villar and Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro Jr.

Read more…

chiz escudero suffers from ADS? Sindrome

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

it looks like presidentiables from the NPC suffer from the same thing – ADS? Sindrome. just like loren legarda, chiz escudero plays coy and does not announce his 2010 plans after months of saying he will let the country know of his intentions when he reaches 40 years old, the cut off age for presidentiables.

it looks like chiz just like loren legarda who also belongs to the political party as escudero does, suffers from the same thing – they buckle down and postpone their announcements when something big happens to the country. (read:

i suppose at some point they felt there is some goodwill that can be obtained when they postpone things when big things happen to the country.

Escudero has decided but defers announcement

Delay in deference to ‘Pepeng’ victims

By Maila Ager
First Posted 08:31:00 10/12/2009

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero has come to a decision about the 2010 presidential elections but deferred his announcement this Monday in deference to the victims of typhoon “Pepeng.”

Escudero, who turned 40 last Saturday, was supposed to announce his intention at noon at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan.

As early as Saturday night, however, Escudero’s office issued an advisory that he would hold a press conference at the Senate at 1:00 p.m. Monday to clarify the matter.

Escudero said he would not make any political announcement because this was not the right time to talk politics while many were suffering from the disaster brought about by tropical storm “Ondoy” and typhoon “Pepeng.”.

“No, because this isn’t the right time to talk about politics, politick, and talk about personal ambition or dreams for the country,” he said in an interview over ABS-CBN’s morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda.”

chiz escudero’s double standard, hypocrisy or self-serving politics?

September 9, 2009 3 comments

we have admired escudero for two things  – he seemed to be a very principled man and he has a way with the Filipino language. we at times fall asleep before he finishes his elegant filipino, but we still enjoy hearing him, at least on the parts we manage to hear when we manage to be awake.

this one we read at PDI. so this one we got the whole picture and we understand it well. well okay, we are still confused.

senator francis escudero

senator francis escudero

here is where we are confused — escudero says he will not partner with manny villar because of the C-5 road corruption charge on villar. that tells us he does not like to associate with the corrupt and the criminal.

in the same news article, he says he does not mind partnering with erap estrada. and that is what confuses us. estrada is a convicted criminal. estrada was judged a plunderer of government money by the courts. he is only free because president gloria macapagal arroyo gave him a presidential pardon for his crimes. the pardon does not change the fact that the philippine courts did convict erap of a crime.

why then is escudero telling us he is principled and will not partner with  the corrupt that he will not join with villar while he says he will partner with erap who is in fact a convicted of a crime, that of corruption?

villar’s case is still being debated in the senate and has had no court judgement to it while it has gone to trial for erap and in fact convicted for the crime – what is it, then? double standard, hypocrisy or self-serving politics?

Escudero: Yes to team-up with Estrada 
By Orlando Dinoy
Inquirer Mindanao
First Posted 15:07:00 09/09/2009

DIGOS CITY, Davao Del Sur — Senator Francis Escudero on Tuesday said he would be open to teaming up with former President Joseph Estrada for the 2010 elections but not to a tandem with Senator Manny Villar in 2010.

Escudero, who was guest of honor during the city’s 9th founding anniversary, however, clarified that he was not making any formal announcement about his intentions for higher office before his 40th birthday.

“When I reach 40, my decision will be made known,” he told reporters here in Filipino.

But if ever he made up his mind, Escudero said there was zero probability of him teaming up with Villar due to the C-5 double funding controversy the former Senate president was embroiled in.

Escudero declared his commitment to good governance and added he would not tarnish such a pledge by associating with Villar whose involvement in the anomaly has become clear.

“Based on the evidence I saw, based on the (pieces of) evidence presented to the Senate in connection with the C-5 controversy, the case against him is strong,” he said.

Escudero said his conscience would not allow him to team up with Villar.

He said he would rather run with former president Joseph Estrada, who supported his candidacy for the Senate in 2007.

Estrada was convicted of plunder in September 2007 and he accepted a grant of pardon from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo a month later that freed him from a 20-year prison term.

But for Escudero, “Anuman ang hugis, anuman ang hitsura, ano man ang porma ang importante magkasama sana kami (Whatever the shape, look, and form of the team-up, what would be important is we are together),” Escudero said.

read in full here:

noynoy aquino’s press conference today – is there another September Surprise?

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

today, noynoy aquino is scheduled to have a press conference apparently to announce his plans for the 2010 election. september 1, yesterday was a nice September  Surprise with presidentiable mar roxas announcing he is withdrawing his presidential run in 2010.

will there be another September Surprise today? here is a list of what these can be:

  • noynoy aquino actually announces he plans to run for vice-president and not president
  • one or several major presidentiables announce his/their plan to withdraw their candidacy to support noynoy’s presidential run. aside from roxas, noynoy was reported to have met with another presidentiable over the week-end, we just don’t know who it was.
  • we think anyone of these presidentiables announcing they will withdraw their candidacy to support noynoy is worthwhile and will give noynoy a good push: manny villar, chiz escudero or loren legarda.
  • we already know what erap estrada will do, so an announcement he will withdraw in favor of noynoy will be a stunner.
  • we think withdrawal by villar and/or estrada will be a tsunami. if this happens, noynoy will be elected  president.
  • kris aquino announces she will run for vice-president or senator.

we suppose the venue will still be club filipino and will most probably happen before lunch or right after lunch. we will post it here.

what is your preferred September Surprise?

opposition presidentiables vow no cheating, admin presidentiables fail to vow anything

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

pdi august 31 page 1

this is rare in philippine politics, even among the opposition. its a good photo op.  interestingly, key admin presidentiables teodoro, de castro and vice presidentiable puno were not in the group. the only admin presidentiable who was present was bayani fernando while mike velarde from the opposition was also not there.

does that mean those who did not attend plan to cheat in the 2010 elections? hello, garci you there? again?

No cheating in 2010, poll aspirants vow 
By Philip Tubeza
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:06:00 08/31/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Burying their political rivalries for a moment, 13 prospective candidates for president and vice president Sunday walked arm in arm in Taguig City for clean and honest elections next year.

The aspirants—who included survey front-runners Sen. Manuel Villar, former President Joseph Estrada, and Senators Francis “Chiz” Escudero, Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, and Loren Legarda—also signed sworn statements, duly notarized, declaring that they would not cheat in the elections and would observe the rule of law if elected.

The event was also attended by Senators Francis Pangilinan, Richard Gordon, Jamby Madrigal, Metro Manila Development Authority Chair Bayani Fernando, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, evangelist Eduardo “Bro. Eddie” Villanueva, environmentalist Nicanor “Nikki” Perlas, and Olongapo Councilor Carlos “JC” delos Reyes of the lay Catholic political group Ang Kapatiran.

Other aspirants who were supposed to attend but did not make it to the event were Defense Secretary Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro and Interior Secretary Ronnie Puno. They were reportedly sick. Vice President Noli de Castro was not around, either.

read in full here:

Pulse Asia august 2009 presidentiables survey – villar’s lead jump aggressively, overtakes de castro

August 25, 2009 2 comments

some points on this new poll results:

the major candidates:

  • villar catapults to top place, overtaking de castro with an impressive  gain this polling period versus  previous. he showed greatmanny-villar-jp1 strength with a significant increase of +11 pts from previous period. he  continues to  be very strong in leading across the board, in all geographic  areas and among socio-eco classes. villar is way ahead versus other presidentiables except in mindanao and the E socio-eco class where he ties estrada on the lead.
  • estrada moves up from 3rd to as he continue to show strength and is surprising to be now at second. his strengths are in mindanao and the E socio-eco class.
  • de castro from lead drops to 3rd place but is within range from estrada who is in 2nd. 
  • escudero is a strong 4th. his strongholds are NCR and the ABC socio-eco class. this can be a problem as he also needs to reach and build appeal in areas outside NCR and the poor. he needs advertising.

the “other” candidates: 

  • the other candidates need to look at this data seriously and must start some very serious  marketing and advertising efforts as soon as possible if they intend to be a contender in next year’s election.
  • or decide to bow out of the presidential race  in the coming weeks.
  • binay is just an NCR candidate as he gets a double digit rating only in NCR while in the other areas weak single digit ratings.
  • it is shocking that fernando is not making any dent at all even at NCR, his theoretical stronghold. for binay to rate better than fernando at the NCR shows just how weak fernando’s candidacy is.
  • teodoro not even getting a vote in almost all areas and socio-eco classes inspite of heavy advertising says he is totally not a factor in this election. he needs to rethink strategy or bow out of the race.
  • we are getting very close to that time when the “other” candidates will need a miracle to even have a fighting chance to win.  


The survey fieldwork was conducted from July 28 to August 10, 2009 using face-to-face interviews. Among the major developments immediately prior to and during the conduct of the interviews for this survey were the prolonged hospitalization due to terminal illness and subsequent death of President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino; the last State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her latest visit to the United States (US); the unexplained growth in the President’s wealth since assuming the presidency in 2001; the increasing number of probable presidential candidates for the May 2010 elections; the controversies surrounding the selection of two new members of the Supreme Court and this year’s National Artist awardees; and the loss of lives and destruction of infrastructure caused by two powerful typhoons. On the economic front, inflation in July fell to a twenty-two year low.


big time surge for bro. eddie villanueva in 2010 Presidentiables Blog Poll

August 25, 2009 22 comments

August 25, 2009

the top rankings have not changed – escudero continue to lead at 23%, villar at 2nd with 16%, binay at 3rd with 14% and fernando at 4th with 13%. while the rankings may have not changed, the gaps have tightened and that is because of the increase in votes for the tail enders.

noteworthy is the big time surge for bro. eddie villanueva who  after just 4 days of

bro. eddie villanueva

bro. eddie villanueva

being included in the poll now has 6% of the votes putting him at 6th place behind 5th placer roxas who has 7%.

this is the first time we have seen such a magnificent surge in the 2010 Presidentiables Poll. we did not see this kind of surge for newcomers like perlas, teodoro, panlilio nor madrigal.

the surge is obviously being fueled by villanueva supporters who are in the internet. they were probably just been waiting for us to include him in the poll. in fact, there have been complaints before questioning our decision not  to include him in the poll. we said that he was not included because he has not declared his intention to run. in fact, we included villanueva in the polls on the day he announced he is a presidentiable.

there are just a few candidates who have a strong presence in the internet – these are villar, escudero, binay, fernando and now villanueva. we have seen the votes of these candidates surge at certain times when they start to ask their supporters who are also in the internet to go to this blog to vote.

we are particularly impressed with villanueva as this is the fastest, most massive surge we have seen in the 2010 Presidentiables Poll, congratulations to bro. eddie’s supporters.

vote in the polls and see the results here:

erap estrada tops June 2009 SWS presidentiables survey

August 13, 2009 2 comments

this is next at 2010 Presidentiables.

In a nationwide survey that Social Weather Stations (SWS) conducted in June, Estrada got 21 percent, followed by Sen. Manuel Villar, who received 19 percent.

The survey covered 1,500 respondents and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points, according to a report Wednesday of The Daily Tribune on the survey results.

Estrada and Villar are in a statistical tie because of the margin of error.

Within striking distance is Sen. Francisco “Chiz” Escudero, who received 18 percent.

Vice President Noli de Castro, the erstwhile leading presidential hopeful in past surveys, slipped to No. 4, getting 15 percent.

Sen. Manuel “Mar” Roxas II was fifth, with 9 percent, and Sen. Loren Legarda sixth, with 7 percent.

SWS asked each respondent to name just one person as his or her presidential choice, according to The Tribune.

Estrada has been threatening to run if the opposition fails to field a common candidate in the May 2010 elections.

“What can I do if the opposition cannot unite behind a common candidate?” he said.

He said he would announce his decision whether he would run for president in mid-September or late next month.

presidentiable chiz escudero delivers his own version of SONA 2009. watch escudero’s SANA vs arroyo’s SONA 2009

July 25, 2009 6 comments

this is a winner! chiz escudero’s SANA vs arroyo’s SONA. SAna Natupad ni Arroyo

escudero gives a scathing review on the truth on arroyo’s performance with facts and figures and great logic.

we congratulate presidentiable chiz escudero.



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June 2009 SWS Presidentiables Survey- Villar jumps ahead, Estrada doubles ratings now 2nd, Escudero big gain

July 23, 2009 Leave a comment

this is june 2009 SWS survey gives us for the first time very significant movements for the first time. we are seeing here the impact of the advertising efforts of the presidentiables and the heightened media attention on the presidentiables and the presidential elections. 

villar solidifies his lead in this survey jumping to 33% from 29%.

but the bigger news is erap estrada nearly doubles his rating to 25% from 13% pulling estrada’s ranking from 5th place to now 2nd. it is an astonishing jump and we are mystified by it.

estrada has been going around the provinces in the past weeks, he has appeared in the presidentiable debates but he has not gotten a lot or press. we wonder if these provincial sorties of his are enough to push his ratings to such massive gains.

is that estrada’s efforts that is causing it or is it a sampling error?

estrada’s campaign efforts were a significant increase versus what he had done previously, but they are not significant from the absolute and most specially compared to the other presidentiables. with efforts that does not seem warrant a huge increase in ratings and a significant jump like that, almost doubling his rating, makes you think that perhaps there was a sampling error and will make you look back at the raw data.



Manila Times: NPC majority for “Chiz”, not Loren, in 2010

July 20, 2009 2 comments


According to The Manila Times Senior Reporter Efren L. Danao,

majority of the leaders of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) prefer Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero over Sen. Loren Legarda to be the party standard-bearer in 2010, the party chairman told The Manila Times on Sunday.

Former Isabela Gov. Faustino Dy Jr. was quoted “Loren has charisma but she is new to the NPC. Furthermore, her ratings in surveys have been going down,”“The people would not like another woman to become president after Gloria,”

A common friend, Melo Santiago, called her and told her that she committed a mistake in announcing her candidacy in the Maldives, Dy said.

For full information :

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