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who is afraid of noynoy aquino? answer: malacanang!

September 4, 2009 2 comments

this is not the first time malacanang has made a comment on noynoy aquino, his candidacy and the process that he is taking in making a decision on his plans for 2010. this one is from a presidential spokesperson.

we don’t get it – whatever noynoy does is no business for malacanang to bother with or make a comment on. malacanang is the office of the president of the country, malacanang itself is not a political party and it is certainly not participating in the next election. 

the office of the president does not participate in elections, it only waits for the next occupant of that position. matters of individuals running for office should be of no concern to them. extending that,   Gary Olivar the deputy presidential spokesperson who made the comment on noynoy is not an employee of a political party, he is an employee of the office of the president which in turn is funded by the taxes people pay.

for olivar and most specially malacanang to make comments on political plans of individuals is out of bounds, uncalled for and highly inappropriate. the office of the president is supposed to be above all the politics that happen on the ground. it is an governmental and therefore public office, it is not a private office or group.

this behavior of olivar is one more symptom of that is wrong with the arroyo administration – it thinks, acts and uses government resources and personnel for the individual purpose of the occupant of the presidency, not the office of the president.

this is very similar to  secretary raul gonzales of the justice department being used and acting like he is the personal lawyer and defender of gloria macapagal arroyo the person instead of the secretary of justice acting to uphold the constitution and its laws as it applies to the whole country and all the citizens. this is one more case why president arroyo should fire many of her presidential staff.

what is being revealed here too is that malacanang, arroyo and her political party are afraid of noynoy aquino. they obviously consider him a real threat to their own political ambitions. why else would they find the need to comment or more accurately take a snipe at noynoy?

frankly, whatever noynoy does is none of their business. everything and anything that noynoy does on the issue of his candidacy and even all the other presidentiables have nothing to do with the office of the president – it does not affect them in any way and should not affect them. someone should bitch slap olivar to make him understand what his true role is.   

Palace brands Noynoy retreat as ‘gimmickry’
By Christian V. Esguerra
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:13:00 09/04/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang is sensing political “gimmickry” in Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s so-called spiritual retreat before he decides on whether to run for president next year.

Gary Olivar, deputy presidential spokesperson, Thursday said the senator should “not just ride on sentimental support” in heeding the supposed clamor for him to seek the highest office in the land.

“We respect whatever gimmickry, whatever ways on how he can arrive at a decision,” Anthony Golez, another spokesperson, said in a media briefing.

Golez was commenting on impressions that Aquino might only be playing hard-to-get before eventually announcing his presidential bid in the May elections.

read in full here:

noynoy aquino’s press conference today – is there another September Surprise?

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

today, noynoy aquino is scheduled to have a press conference apparently to announce his plans for the 2010 election. september 1, yesterday was a nice September  Surprise with presidentiable mar roxas announcing he is withdrawing his presidential run in 2010.

will there be another September Surprise today? here is a list of what these can be:

  • noynoy aquino actually announces he plans to run for vice-president and not president
  • one or several major presidentiables announce his/their plan to withdraw their candidacy to support noynoy’s presidential run. aside from roxas, noynoy was reported to have met with another presidentiable over the week-end, we just don’t know who it was.
  • we think anyone of these presidentiables announcing they will withdraw their candidacy to support noynoy is worthwhile and will give noynoy a good push: manny villar, chiz escudero or loren legarda.
  • we already know what erap estrada will do, so an announcement he will withdraw in favor of noynoy will be a stunner.
  • we think withdrawal by villar and/or estrada will be a tsunami. if this happens, noynoy will be elected  president.
  • kris aquino announces she will run for vice-president or senator.

we suppose the venue will still be club filipino and will most probably happen before lunch or right after lunch. we will post it here.

what is your preferred September Surprise?

Fr. Ed, The Unlikely takes the high ground – will withdraw his candidacy to support noynoy for president if noynoy runs

August 28, 2009 2 comments

we applaud Fr. Ed, The Unlikely for taking the high ground and announcing he will withdraw his candidacy for president to support noynoy if he runs for president.

fr. ed the unlikelywe think it is a very principled stand and we admire him even more for it. this kind of announcement has its costs but he does not seem to mind. announcing

 he might withdraw will give pause to his own supporters, their energy and interest will pipe down and those still undecided will remove panlilio from their radar. in other words, he can stand to lose supporters. but it appears that side of it  fr. ed, the unlikely does not mind.

he is taking a principled stand, behind the idea of the opposition unified under one candidate and supporting a candidate that he probably sees as someone who believes in the same principles he does. noynoy’s greatest strenght is his name and his being, having cory and ninoy as parents. that is the twin legacy that noynoy will uphold.

while the announcement might cost fr. ed, the unlikely some supporters and some momentum, it will also gain him supporters and admirers for taking such a principled stand.

we applaud fr. ed, the unlikely.

read more about fr. ed, the unlikely in this blog:


Panlilio to back Noynoy for president

By Tonette Orejas, Michael Lim Ubac, Central Luzon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:32:00 08/28/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Pampanga Gov. Eddie Panlilio Thursday raised the possibility he would drop his presidential plan and instead rally behind Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III should he run for president.

“I’m thinking of not running. That’s a big probability. I want to support Noynoy because with so many [candidates for president] from the reform movements, it would do our country more good if there is just one reform candidate. This would be Noynoy,” Panlilio told the Inquirer.

read in full here:

ninoy aquino – ituloy ang laban

August 21, 2009 5 comments

Demokrasya: Isang tula handog para kina Ninoy at Cory Aquino

August 18, 2009 16 comments

Prof. Dan Rivero

Ang bayang naging tulog, bibig naging kimi;
Ay namula’t, nagising at nagsalitang muli;
Sa paglisan ng isang taong minsa’y tumindig;
Laban sa rehimeng sa baya’y nagpatahimik;
Mga karapatang sagrado matagal na siniil.

Kanyang asawa pinatay na walang laban;
Bitbit lamang ang hangad para sa kalayaan;
Para sa sambayanang uhaw sa kapayapaan;
Tungo sa tunay na kaunlaran nitong ating bayan;
Sa ilalim ng katotohanan, pag-ibig at katarungan.

Subali’t hindi naduwag itong abang biyuda;
Sa halip ay tumayo at humarap sa masa;
Baya’y nagkaisa’t tumalima sa panawagan nya
Na labanan ang pagkamakasarili at pagpapasasa;
Ng isang diktador, pamilya nya’t oligarkiya.

Kalayaa’y natamo dalawang dekada ng lumipas;
Nang ang diktador at alipores niya’y umalpas;
Taumbaya’y nagsimula sa isang panibagong bukas
Sa gabay ng lider na namuno sa pag-aaklas;
Ang demokrasya’y nakamtan muli sa wakas.

Nguni’t sa paglipas ng taon, tila may nagbago;
Ang kalayaan at demokrasya na ating natamo—
Ay nabale-wala at ngayo’y inaabuso;
Ng mismong mamamayan lalo na sa liderato;
Masasayang na lang ba ang ipinaglaban dito?

Para bagang isang bulkan ang bayan kong sinilangan;
Madalas ang hidwaan, paminsa’y nagpuputukan;
Mga lider ng pamahalaan gayun din ang mamamayan;
Kailan ba matatapos yari itong kaguluhan;
At magigising ang bayan sa kawalang paki-alam?

Ganito ba ang mukha ng demokrasya sa ‘ting bansa?
Na ang mga lider ay walang malasaki’t sa kapwa?
Na sa tuwing halalan lang sila naalala?
Kaawa-awa naman ang mga maralita’t dukha;
Sa yaman at posisyon ang ilan ay nagpapasasa.

Tayo ng kumilos, baguhin ang pananaw;
Ating tahakin ang landas, gabay ng bagong araw;
May pag-asa pa ang bayan, liwanag ay tanaw;
Itaguyod, ipaglaban kalayaang ating sigaw;
Demokrasya ng bayan huwag muling pumanaw.

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the day after GMA’s SONA 2009

August 10, 2009 Leave a comment

what arroyo delivered was the State Of The Nation Address. this is supposed to basically have two main parts – where the country is in the past year and the second part where the country will be in the coming year.

we heard a lot of the first part, that is if you took pains to read the SONA on your own. i say that as we don’t really remember many of the things said for the first part. we remember the 4% of the words she said criticizing her presidentiable opponents, but we hardly remember the 96% of the words she actually devoted to boasting about her achievements.

i don’t remember hearing or reading anything on the second part. i don’t think arroyo mentioned what new programs or key strategies she will adapt for the next year.

i remember arroyo saying something that refers to the rest of her term but she said that in reference to something else and not in reference to her future plans for the country.

if we are going to judge SONA 2009 on that basis, her SONA failed miserably.

more importantly, from the perspective of what will happen in the coming year, she did not say what the filipino people was waiting for her to say – her plans after 2010. she did not say anything about it or at best she was unclear. either way, she gave us no clue as to what she will do after 2010.

the other very important part of a SONA and this every leader ought to know is that it should at least inspire if not excite the people about the future of the country.

a SONA is about the past but more importantly about the future. everyone looks for hope in these types of speeches. specially for our country which has been having tough times and more importantly for arroyo whose leadership is most unpopular among the people.

after the SONA, how are aw as country? are we inspired? do we see a brighter future? do we see hope?

tita cory aquino at ayala avenue : photo tribute #1

August 8, 2009 Leave a comment
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