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2010 presidential campaign – are negative campaign tv ads next?

February 23, 2010 3 comments

we are approaching the final stretch of the election campaign. that may sound strange to read considering the official campaign period started just weeks ago but that is the official start which none of the presidentiables actually followed. the unofficial campaign period started many months ago, last year. ask manny villar about it and he will certainly confirm it.

being in the last stretch, the election less than four months from now, voters are firming up their choices. the point of no return for candidates is when voters finally make their choices.

to uncork that decision, candidates need to ramp up their efforts – advertising rallies and media exposure or launch negative ads against their opponents.

we have seen negative campaigning already, we hear the candidates comment on their opponent’s skills, qualifications, record or scandals they have been or are involved in. many of them are still on hush-hush tones, the names of the particular presidentiable they are attacking not mentioned in their speeches, although we know who they are. some a little more blatant which we witness during presidential “debates” or forum where presidentiables address other presidentiables on issues or scandals.

richard gordon’s version of negative campaigning, no names mentioned:

The standard-bearer of the Bagumbayan-Volunteers party said, referring to the other presidential aspirants: “There is someone who is very intelligent but who has no experience. There is a very rich man who will just recoup his campaign expenses if he wins. And there is someone who just inherited a good name.”

read in full here:

that is still the mild form. in the US, negative ads is a regular staple during the election. based on the US experience, negative ads do work although in degrees. negative ads serve to stop the momentum the candidate being attacked is enjoying, it is like a pause button on your opponents.

however, negative ads do not work for the long term and one cannot do just negative ads. doing it exclusively and for a long time tends to backfire on the candidate releasing the negative ads.

looking at the poll results, we see voters firming up on two presidentiables – aquino and gordon with estrada as a distant dark horse. everyone else in the group based on the current results do not seem to have a chance at winning the election. next to the top three presidentiables is administration candidate gilbert teodoro but his rating of 4% to 5% has not moved across all the surveys conducted so far. his ratings not showing any life of upward movement says he is stalled at that level. teodoro is unable to get any more supporters.

on the other hand, the poll results of the top three presidentiables seem to be getting very fluid. we now see aquino, the erstwhile dominant front runner moving down and the 2nd placer, manny villar moving up to a level where in one poll villar has reached a statistical tie with aquino.

estrada’s rating used to be constant at 15%, no matter what happened to the candidates at the top or the bottom. but this is no longer true in the latest polls. while it is not correct to read trends using two different polls, estrada’s 11% showing in the TNS poll seem to indicate estrada supporters are starting to abandon him.

the presidentiables should take this fluid movement in a good light. that means the voters are vulnerable to switching to some degree. to increase the speed of that movement, the presidentiables can go into negative ads. the positive ads they have been running, ads that extol their positive side, has resulted only to marginal movements. perhaps negative ads, those that speak of the weaknesses of other presidentiables might speed up the movements.

except for marcos, negative political ads have not been done in the philippines before in the manner and form that it has been done in the US.  with so much at stake and with the top two presidentiables positions firming up, perhaps negative ads is the only way left to go for some of the presidentiables who are trailing in the polls.

are we ready for negative ads?

negative campaign tv ads : gilbert teodoro did it first & what ferdinand marcos & john mccain have in common with gilbert teodoro

February 22, 2010 22 comments

the last time negative advertising was aired in the philippines by politicians was when cory aquino ran against ferdinand marcos in the 80’s, the pre-event to the The People Power EDSA Revolution.

marcos aired ads that depicted cory  as just a “housewife”, saying she does not know anything about running a country. cory of course in truth was just a housewife when she ran against marcos in the election. she did not hold any elective position or any government position before that time. what marcos forgot and the people never did was that cory was the widow of ninoy aquino who was assassinated at the tarmac when he returned home from exile in the US.

a most powerful man in marcos cheating just a housewife in cory in the elections was just too much for the people to take. the people kicked the dictator out of the country and installed the housewife in malacanang.

that negative ad, a first in philippine politics back-fired.

this 2010 election has a kind of negative advertising. this ad was aired by gilbert teodoro.

(read full write up here: gilbert teodoro’s “galing at talino” tv ads – anti-noynoy, anti-humility, generic promises)

in these ads, the announcer voice-over says “dapat lider na hindi lang puso ang alay kung hindi galing at talino“, an obvious reference to noynoy aquino., the expected front runner during the time the ad was first aired.

it is mild and indirect but we do not think anyone missed the reference to aquino. the ad points out aquino’s inadequacy to be president and attempts to discredit the strength of aquino in this campaign.  having  just “puso” was positioned here as not enough or inferior and compared to teodoro’s strength which were enumerated in this ad. the whole ad except for that single line talked about the  credentials of teodoro. it positions teodoro as superior to aquino.

this ad of teodoro is the only political ad in this whole presidential campaign that makes a reference to an opposing candidate and a negative tv ad.

we can’t say for sure that this negative ad of teodoro backfired for him but we do know his ratings at the polls have put him at best 5% while aquino remained the front runner in this election.

we disagree with the way this ad has been done. the attempt at discrediting aquino was too mild and of no consequence in this ad. it’s an ad that is neither here nor there. we think if they really wanted to draw the attention to teodoro’s superiority over noynoy or noynoy’s inferiority to teodoro, they should have gone all the way. doing it in this piecemeal almost forgotten way will not do anything for teodoro but only eat precious seconds. they could have removed that line and the ad would have worked as well. they could have used the freed seconds to add more good qualities of teodoro like having a hot wife or that he drives a BMW 7-series.

in the US negative TV ads are more direct and biting and has no qualms in mentioning the other candidate by name. in fact these ads talk about the opposing candidate and at the end puts to question the other candidate’s credentials or capabilities.

these ads are against barack obama aired by john mccain meant to stop the momentum that obama was enjoying at that time.  negative tv ads are usually aired when an opposing candidate is very much leading in the polls and needs to be stopped. it’s very much like a hail mary pass where close to the election, the candidate airs negative tv ads hoping it will spark a rally  among his supporters and recruit new ones.

results of negative ads are mixed in the US. some worked and brought down candidates and some didn’t. political strategists have always said it is very risky but for a candidate who is not doing well, it is surely very tempting to do. this mccain negative ad against obama obviously did not work.

interestingly enough, these anti-obama negative ads aired by mccain are very much applicable here in the philippines against noynoy aquino or at least that is the negative campaign the presidentiables are saying during debates and press interviews.

are we going to see negative ads soon?

The celebrity backers of Barack Obama say
they are not like Paris and Britney.
[ Los Angeles Times – July 31, 2008 ] :

TO HOLLYWOOD it smacked of desperation.

That’s why the reaction to a new John McCain ad attempting to portray Barack Obama as a kind of mindless celebrity — likening him to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears — drew collective yawns and shrugs of irritation from politically active members of the entertainment industry.

Just for a start, industry types say the ad is wrong: In the Hollywood lexicon, Obama is not a celebrity. He’s a rock star. (Note to McCain strategists: That’s the difference between Jessica Simpson and Bono.)

Then there’s the small inconvenience that Paris’ parents, Rick and Kathleen Hilton, are supporters of McCain’s Republican presidential bid. According to federal campaign records, they gave the maximum $4,600.

No word on their plans for the general election, but this much is certain: Their daughter has never paid to attend an Obama campaign fundraiser. (It’s unclear whether she’s even met the senator, or whether she’s even registered to vote. The same goes for Spears.)

McCain’s latest attempt at discrediting his handsome, photogenic young rival particularly galls stars and executives with a memory, because only eight years ago, McCain was a fixture in Hollywood fundraising circles when he tried to raise money from the very people his ad now ridicules.

to win, gordon should target teodoro and estrada supporters

February 22, 2010 12 comments

we like gordon. he is a smart guy and we enjoy watching him talk straight and talk smart. but he is suffering in the polls, grouped with the laggards.

for gordon to win, we think he should apply a step-up, stage by stage strategy. he needs to purposively target first teodoro supporters and then next estrada supporters. we think teodoro and estrada supporters are the most vulnerable to piracy in this election.

we think teodoro supporters are the most vulnerable followed by estrada supporters.

teodoro supporters must know the weakness of their candidate – the close association of teodoro with gloria macapagal arroyo. most voters also know what arroyo stands for. and that we think is what makes tedodoro’s supporters most vulnerable, specially to gordon.

gordon has a  relatively clean image and more importantly has no baggage. gordon in this sense is like aquino. it is just that aquino has the huge advantage of being the son of cory and ninoy.

teodoro on the other hand has a huge baggage in carrying arroyo around on his shoulders. that is the strength in gordon going for the weakness in teodoro.

estrada like teodoro also has a huge baggage. estrada’s is much larger, he is a convicted plunderer. the issues in this election is shaping up to be  poverty, corruption and character. estrsada loses in two out of three on those.

while estrada supporters are vulnerable, we do not think all of them can be pirated. we think there is a core of estrada supporters who will not move, no matter what. this is very much like ferdinand and imelda marcos who until this day has core supporters.

teodoro has 5% in the polls while estrada now has 11% for a total of 16%. that is a big number that gordon can claim who is now at only 1.7%. gordon will not be able to get all of them but for sure if he succeeds, he can push his rating to double digit numbers. and once he hits the double digit number at the polls, he can start a mini tsunami to the presidency. gordon needs momentum. going after teodoro and estrada supporters will give him momentum.

aquino not only lost momentum, he lost the agenda – now set to lose the election

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

we have seen the poll numbers change and the changes are not good for noynoy aquino. his ratings are falling and villar whose ratings in previous polls were either holding or slightly rising has finally caught up with aquino and now in a statistical tie.

we attribute aquino’s fall on bad advertising decisions and fatal advertising blunders. (click here to read articles on the topic: why aquino will lose the election). we think what happened is that aquino has lost his momentum due to the fatal blunder of not doing anything in advertising after they aired the first ad . he used to be at the top fo the polls, clearly dominant with the 2nd placer, villar very far down the ladder but not anymore. not doing anything new and allowing a gap in the ads allowed villar to build his base and grab the agenda.

villar has grabbed the momentum away from aquino. in marketing and in elections, that is a very dangerous thing to happen, most specially at this time when we are just less than 3 months away. in these things, momentum sometimes matter more than actual numbers.

the aquino campaign has responded with more pointed and focused efforts on the message of corruption. this is a good effort but we do not think this is enough. we also think this latest effort sorely lacks the strategic thinking that was sorely missed in the fatal blunders they have made in advertising.

meanwhile, villar as of today released new ads, at least we heard this on the radio where villar talks about something personal – his brother died because they had money to buy medicines. this is a brilliant ad. 

it has drama, it is personal and it talks very eloquently of a national issue – poverty, high cost of medicines and bad health care system.   what the villar campaign is doing is that they are defining the agenda for this campaign. aquino used to do this at the start but from doing nothing, it has conceded this initiative and allowed villar to take the lead in defining the agenda and the messages.

once again, aquino’s advertising team was caught flat footed. and once again, they were too slow to react and did not have enough strategic thinking skills in doing something about it.

we think the aquino campaign is in trouble.

~~  a mindscape landmark – carlo arvisu ~~

bad advertising decisions will cause noynoy aquino to lose this election

February 13, 2010 3 comments

if noynoy aquino loses this election, it will be because of the bad advertising decisions the aquino campaign has made. if  aquino loses, villar will win who on the other hand would be winning the election because of excellent advertising decisions.

first, we have been a fan of aquino’s tv ads. (read here: we think the first ad, hindi ka nag-iisa as the first aquino ad was perfect in setting the tone and direction of the aquino campaign. there was a lull after that first ad, then they released a new ad “Hindi ako magnanakaw” which on its own as well we thought was a very good ad. this ad defined aquino in a more specific manner, something very appropriate coming from the first ad.

as individual ads, they were very good ads. but from a campaign stand point and most specially from a political campaign point of view, what they did may have been big failures. it is this sentence in the paragraph, above that spells the failure in the aquino campaign – “there was a lull after that first ad”.

noynoy aquino will not lose this election due to the ads he has released, he will lose it due to the ads the campaign did not release at those times when it mattered. we think the failure of the ad campaign of aquino was on the error of “not doing anything” or abstention.

aquino at the polls from the very start was very impressive. in the first SWS poll where respondents were asked the top three people who will be good enough to be replace arroyo, aquino got a very impressive 60%, september 2009.

other polls that followed from SWS and pulse asia that asked specifically for presidential preferences (as opposed to 3 who can best replace arroyo) placed aquino as the dominant front runner at 44% to 47% with villar a  very far  2nd spot in some cases not even half of aquino’s ratings.  recent polls from SWS and Pulse Asia, however puts villar now at a statistical tie with aquino. villar’s kept going up while aquino softened and finally broke down in the latest poll.

what happened during that period from the start to that time that villar caught up with aquino? villar sustained his high spending in media and in fact at some point even increased spending  and he kept changing his ads to talk about various issues and messages. aquino on the other stayed put and did not move an inch. aquino continued to air nothing but  his initial “hindi ka nag-iisa” ad through those weeks when villar kept changing his messages. all that aquino did was he edited down the 2 minute ad into 30 second spots. he did not change his message on the air.

and that is what we think had hurt aquino – his ad campaign’s decision not to evolve and not to do anything versus an aggressive opponent in villar who not only outspent aquino by a mile, villar kept changing his messages or brand positioning.

a good description – nakatulog sa pansitan ang ad agency ni aquino.

while the ad agencies may apply mass consumer marketing principles in their advertising of the candidates, one principle that does not work in political ads is not changing messages. most mass consumer products will not change their ads and strategies for a time. that does not apply to political ads.

what the aquino campaign did not understand is that politics is a very different kind to that mass consumer products advertising.  in the arena of politics, issues and therefor thinking change rapidly and they can change often. consumer habits and attitudes may not change for mass consumer products for quite sometime (you shampoo your hair the same way for years), but not in politics.

national and political issues pop up very often, possible even in just a few days time. timely response to that change is of utmost importance to candidates who want to win an election, specially those running for president, a national position.

also, ad campaigns have a build up effect in politics. political ads more than mass consumer advertising shape the political minds of voters. with many national issues being put into the table, new ones introduced, old ones die out, the whole is always a composite of what has been put there.

that is what villar was able to achieve and something aquino failed at. villar with his changing messages was successful at implanting various messages on many issues in the minds of the voters that eventually formed into a strong composite whole. aquino with his sparse media weights (compared to villar) and few messages was unable to form any meaningful mass in the minds of the voters.  

the net effect of that is that villar was slowly converting aquino supporters. without a meaningful fight from aquino, they were easy target for villar’s messages, thus the conversion.

we think it is very clear – if aquino loses the election, it will be the fault of his advertising campaign that never was. aquino will lose this election by default in advertising.

~~  a mindscape landmark – carlo arvisu ~~

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please read the latest: noynoy aquino to lose the election due to advertising blunders

Memo To: Noynoy Aquino – fire your communication team and ad agency or lose the election

February 4, 2010 3 comments

we think noynoy aquino’s recent performance in the pulse asia january poll where he lost precious points and now is statistically tied with villar says this – aquino needs to fire his communication team and ad agency.

 villar able to finally catch up with aquino is mostly because ot the marketing  and advertising efforts he has launched so far. it is a very professional campaign.

~~  a mindscape landmark – carlo arvisu ~~

this is next at The 2010 Presidentiables Blog.

noynoy aquino’s “hindi ako magnanakaw” tv ad – the power of credibility in a powerful tv ad

January 15, 2010 25 comments

let’s get state the negative in this ad right at the start – this is a rush job, they forgot to put the end-supers in this ad which in ALL tv ads contain the name of the brand or in this case the name of the candidate and the tag-line or motto as most people refer to it. it’s very weird to see an ad that does not have those. they could have at least put “Noynoy Aquino, Hindi Ako Magnanakaw”. we think this ad was produced in such a rush and a desire to have it on the air as soon possible that they forgot to add the brand name and tag-line. adding those will mean a delay of one or two days in post production work.

that is the only negative of the ad and a very minor point. everything else in this ad is 5 stars.

we do not think there is a person who saw this ad and did not listen to what noynoy was saying in this ad. in this ad, noynoy had an aura we have not seen on noynoy  before. it is like this ad was shot after he had a one month vacation somewhere where he had daily trips to the spa. he came out screen very relaxed, believable and sounded very sincere. these we think are the qualities of noynoy that has led voters to put aquino as the dominant trend-setter in the surveys. getting what we love noynoy for in this ad is excellent work.

this ad cleverly uses things we associate and love noynoy for – one is the word “laban”. it is a word ninoy and cory have asked us to use and to mean. noynoy is smartly using this word to remind us of the fight that has not been accomplished and what he intends to finish. more importantly, it is also a word we all feel we need to do given the present state of the country.

the other which we think is what makes this ad to be aquino’s most powerful tv ad and what sets him apart versus all other presidentiables is the last line he said in this ad – “Hindi Ako Magnanakaw”.

that line we think is the  most powerful single sentence not only in that tv ad but also  the most powerful single sentence among all the other tv ads aired by all presidentiables in this election.

that line grabs you. and now it is one that we all remember noynoy for.

we think the use of that line is a triumph in political advertising in this campaign. it is brilliant advertising from the point of view of strategy and execution.

it is a brilliant strategy because it states in a very categorical and specific way why we have put noynoy on top of the surveys – a presidentiable who is clean, honest and has integrity. and more importantly, the opposite  is probably the biggest problem we see with the present administration, the one that aquino intends to replace and to change this year. corruption or it’s almost sure suspicion is the legacy of the arroyo administration that we all want to change. through that line, aquino is telling us he is the man for the job.

that line is the aquino campaign’s superior point of difference. of all the presidentiables, ONLY aquino can claim that line and something we believe him for it. no other presidentiable can say that line with any semblance of believability. think about it – estrada is a convicted plunderer, villar has the C-5 suspicion, gordon has subic and teodoro has gloria macapagal arroyo.

there are three components,  cosmic in the way they converged that made this ad powerful and strong – aquino’s superb performance in this ad, the audience tired of corruption with the belief it is one of the greatest ills of this country and aquino’s competition not knowing what they are doing.

if there is anything that people will remember from this ad and now what they remember aquino for, it is this line – “Hindi Ako Magnanakaw”.

noynoy’s “hindi ako magnanakaw” we think is brilliant advertising. if the aquino campaign airs this with ad with heavy weights, we can expect aquino’s ratings in the surveys to increase further.

Minamahal kong kababayan.

Tadhana ang nagbuhol sa atin.
Dahil naghihingalo na ang ating bayan.
Nais kong pumasok sa isang kasunduan sa inyo:

Lalaban tayo para sa wastong edukasyon ng bawat batang pilipino.
Lalaban tayo para sa abot kayang serbisyong pangkalusugan.
Lalabanan natin ang kahirapan.
Lalabanan natin ang mga kawatan.
Lalabanan natin ang sino mang wawasak sa kalikasan.
Lalabanan natin ang sino mang manggugulo sa ating kapayapaan at katahimikan.

Ang laban natin ay laban ng bayan.

Sa ngalan ng aking mga magulang at sa gabay ng Diyos, gagawin ko ang lahat ng aking makakaya na pag-silbihan ang mahal nating inang bayan.

Bilang tunay na sagot sa kahirapan at tunay na daan sa kaunlaran, ang inyong linkod, Benigno Noynoy Aquino III, isang mamamayang pilipino, nangangako sa Diyos at sa Bayan:


Eddie Villanueva’s Victory Forum

January 8, 2010 24 comments

this forum is for the exclusive use of supporters of eddie villanueva. 

villanueva’s  supporters can post comments, information, thoughts, announcements and other matters specifically relating to the victory of eddie villanueva  in the 2010 elections. supporters may place  these as comments on this post.  

posts on other candidates will not be allowed and will be deleted.

Dick Gordon’s Victory Forum

January 8, 2010 8 comments

this forum is for the exclusive use of supporters of dick gordon. gordon’s supporters can post comments, information, thoughts, announcements and other matters specifically relating to the victory of dick gordon in the 2010 elections. supporters may place  these as comments on this post.  

posts on other candidates will not be allowed and will be deleted.

richard gordon's victory forum

manny villar’s “magtatapos ng kahirapan” tv ad – a bold shift in advertising strategy, 5 stars!

January 5, 2010 56 comments

we think manny villar’s latest tv ad represents a bold shift in advertising strategy for the villar campaign. the villar campaign now claims “si manny villar ang magtatapos ng ating kahirapan” (manny villar will end our poverty) at the end of the tv ad.

this is the first time the villar campaign  has positioned the candidate on a anti-poverty platform. more importantly, this is the first time that villar ads are making such a very direct and brave claim as eradicating poverty.

villar’s previous ads were not directly on poverty. he was on the ofw campaign when he started airing ads. the ofw positioning only indirectly touches on poverty and in these ads, the positioning was on his generosity at helping ofws. it was really more on establishing the character of being helpful and generous and much less on solving anything.

from the ofw campaign, it shifted to introducing the villar persona and his personal history. these were the ads where he told viewers his roots in tondo, that he himself was poor before. the idea is to paint a personality profile of villar to the voters, sort of like distributing his resume to the voters. in advertising terms, this was to establish villar’s brand image in more concrete terms.

during this time he also ran ads that talked to the youth.  while the target in those ads clearly shifted to young voters, it continued to be on the idea of building the villar brand image. in these ads he was saying that villar is someone different from what people may have originally thought of him. he was a down to earth man to whom people, specially young voters can relate to.

we are guessing that they ran these ads as they may have seen that there was a gap in villar’s political base – young voters. young voters account for a big share of the total number of voters.

this current ad is notable not just because of the direct anti-poverty positioning but also uses a clever device of children in the ads. this is not a continuation from the previ0us teens ad, but the reason why they featured children in these ads is to indirectly state that villar is a presidentiable who will work for the future generations of filipinos. it is an indirect and we think a very clever way to connect with the adult voters whose primary concern is the future of their children. in advertising, the usual tact is that you get the talents to appear in the ads who are in the same age bracket as the target market. in the villar ad, they had children as talents who are not obviously voters but are targeting adults who are the voters. this ad is unique in that sense.

the anti-poverty positioning to us was surprising. they have turned the villar campaign to be be one of solving problems of the country versus the previous campaigns that focus on establishing the persona or brand image of villar. it is a shift from the persona ads to a solve the problems ad campaign.

this ad promises everything  – free education, jobs and homes for the country’s future generations and at the end, the gang bang promise of removing poverty in the country. these are of course popular issued with most  pinoy voters as they are in truth the biggest problems in the country.

while the ad made these bold promises, it did not say exactly how villar will fulfill those promises except that he was once poor and by implication says he knows how to lift the country’s poor to being wealthy.

on the whole, we think it is a great tv ad with a strong mass appeal from both the positioning standpoint but also and equally important the use of the jingle and kids to deliver its messages. the jingle in particular is very good – easy to remember and to sing and an attractive melody. we won’t be surprised if many kids are now singing this jingle.

villar’s message in this – this is one for the parents. who think mostly of their children’s future, that villar can give their children what they all want for them – education, jobs and homes.

excellent work from the villar campaign.

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manny villar’s “all out war on poverty” platform

December 27, 2009 21 comments

We in the Nacionalista Party will fight for the poor. No single person or political party has waged a full and all-out war against poverty and sincerely fought for genuine social reform in our country. We rise up to that challenge now,” NP spokesman and senatorial candidate Gilbert Remulla said in a statement issued Sunday.

read in full here:

we don’t know if this is a real change or evolution in platform for many villar, but this announcement takes the villar presidential campaign on an “all out war on poverty”.  we will assume this is a real change in platform but the reason why another thing crossed our mind is that this “announcement” was paired with a spill on manny pacquaio joining the Nacionalista Party and how both manny and manny were once poor and through their own efforts became well off.

The latest member of the NP family, People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao, also came from the poor and, like Villar, has experienced what it feels like to be impoverished in this country, said Remulla.

“Senator Villar and Manny Pacquiao represent the ideals of the Nacionalista Party. We believe that all of us can rise from poverty through hard work, perseverance and a sense of pride in ourselves.”

(read in same article, above.)

the pro–poor platform in philippine politics is not new. almost all politicians promise to solve the country’s poverty problem. and rightly so,  it is the country’s number 1 problem. while many politicians make the promise of solving poverty, almost an equal number have failed at delivering their promise.

it is a populist political platform with erap estrada winning the presidency based on that promise. estrada seem to have dropped that platform, he is now on the idea of sentimentalist platform of the return of an ex-presidency to presidency.

a big difference in villar’s battle poverty problem is that he has laid down what we think are very strong foundation or in advertising terms strong “reason why” on how he intends to solve it. based on villar’s ads, he will be able to solve the country’s poverty problem on the basis of his own experience where he (and pacquaio) was once poor and now he is rich. he intends to fix the country’s poverty  based on his own experience.

“But the government has a role to play, like making available livelihood opportunities for all those who need a helping hand and making sure that the funds intended for the welfare of the people do not end up in someone else’s pockets,” the spokesman said..

A self-made businessman, a respected statesman and an experienced executive officer, Villar remains the “single, most competent” presidential aspirant among the list of hopefuls in next year’s elections, Remulla said.

same news article:

we are expecting new tv ads for villar, this time including manny pacquaio touting this new platform. will villar’s anti-poverty platform work for him?

view villar’s new ad here, click: manny villar’s “magtatapos ng kahirapan” tv ad – a bold shift in advertising strategy, 5 stars!


read about villar’s new tv ad, click here :  manny villar’s “magtatapos ng kahirapan” tv ad – a bold shift in advertising strategy, 5 stars!

november SWS presidentiables survey: aquino is dominant front runner, villar is a contender while teodoro suffers as candidate of no consequence

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

this is the 5th nationally conducted presidentiables poll conducted by several research agencies that confirm the following:

  • noynoy aquino is the dominant front runner in this election
  • villar at 2nd is the only viable contender in this election
  • teodoro continue to suffer and is a presidentiable of no consequence in this election
  • estrada is a contender but a long shot

this is painful for teodoro as the survey was conducted after the following:

  • the ondoy/pepeng floods when teodoro was in the headlines doing his job as NDCC chair
  • the LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD party proclaimed teodoro as its standard bearer 
  • teodoro has already aired his “Galing At Talino” tv ads

the above says teodoro by the time of the survey was already known to the voters. getting a low 3% says the people were consciously not selecting teodoro in this survey. it also meant his performance as NDCC chair during the ondoy/pepeng floods meant it was unremarkable. the ondoy/pepeng floods would have been THE event where teodoro could have won over the voters with his performance as the government’s point person in disasters. this very low rating seem to say he was not seen by the people as making a difference during that time.

from a marketing standpoint, it may also indicate that teodoro’s ad campaign is not working or has no impact on his candidacy. the “Galing At Talino” ad was a first for teodoro as a candidate and it positioned him directly opposite noynoy aquino. the low ratings in this survey may indicate his ads are ineffective.

A special national survey sponsored by Puerto Princesa City Mayor Edward Hagedorn was conducted by SWS on November 4-8, 2009.

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