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ping lacson withdraws candidacy for president

June 5, 2009 Leave a comment

ping lacson: anti-arroyo
ping lacson

senator ping lacson in tonight’s tv news program announced he is withdrawing his candidacy for presidency. he said he is withdrawing as he unable to raise the funds for the campaign.

in the newscast, he was asked if his withrawal from the presidential race has anything to do with mancao being in the country. he said it has nothing to do with it. mancao is being touted as the star witness that might pin lacson as having to do with the death of dacer.
we will probably get more news on this one in the coming days.

ping lacson’s tv ad: 1 smart + 1 smart = huh?

April 18, 2009 3 comments

ping lacson surprised us with his ad campaign – it’s a thinking ad campaign. our image of ping lacson does not match what we see in the ads, we didn’t think ping lacson is the type who likes to think a lot.

the ad has two smart components in it. while the ad shows he thinks a lot, we think the ad has a problem on mathematics. the ad failed in addition, pretty basic really as 1 smart + 1 smart did not add up to anything.

first,  the tag line of “patas na laban para sa lahat”. one of the key problems of the country is that opportunities for growth are not available to all, only the rich and the powerful has better access to it. it’s not only is that the availability of


empowering components but also the dispensation of punishment. the strong and the rich gets the slap on the hand while the weak and the poor gets the whole book exploding on their faces. inequality of rewards and punishment are all over.

that is one part that makes lacson’s ad campaign smart. the message is a very real and relevant one.

it’s just that it’s something that most of the audience may not easily understand and know.

the ad at the end tries to simplify it by getting lacson to do the hand motions that mimic the logo of the concept. he puts one hand up then moves the other hand to level with the other.

 it is real but we do not think people readily identify it as an issue and we think it is a very complicated concept for people to understand.

the ad is supposed to explain it. taglines of ads are supposed to capture the proposition or main message of the whole ad, but in this case we do not think it did nor did it even try to attempt to capture it. 

the ad is clearly disjointed – the tagline at the end and the rest of the commercial. the rest of the commercial talks about corruption in government, specifically those the arroyo government and arroyo family members are alleged to be involved in.

that is a smart move. corruption in the arroyo government has populated most of the newspaper headlines in the country for many months, from one corruption allegation to the next. this is so prevalent that corruption is government can very well be arroyo’s legacy.

putting this message across is smart as it is recent, real and it resonates. but that message does not automatically and easily match with his tagline of equal opportunities. well actually it does, but it takes a lot more explanation and run on logic to get to the story that corruption in government affects the people in way where not everyone is given the same opportunity for growth and progress. 

there are logic gaps in there and the ad did not bother to explain them or explain they connect. first the ad talks about corruption, jumps to foreign investment then to  OFW jobs.  we wonder why having two smart things in one ad did not result to a great ad.   

senator ping lacson’s “patas na laban para sa lahat” campaign

March 24, 2009 Leave a comment

this is next in 2010 presidentiables.

gasp! february 2009 pulse asia presidentiable survey results

March 15, 2009 Leave a comment

looking at the numbers:

  • de castro on top is not surprising
  • escudero at 2nd is surprising. no advertising for senator escudero, just plain media exposure on his reactions to the political scandals the senate has been handling.  same fear he might run out of air with his monotone delivery but elegant and understandable tagalog.
  • estrada at 3rd is surprising. what is this man doing? it’s hard to believe all this is still the hang-over from post edsa dos. but he is there.
  • villar at 4th is comfortable. advertising works! that is what you say on villar.
  • why is roxas that low? he has advertising but it is not doing anything for him unlike what it is doing for villar. we will be sending a memo to roxas in the next post.

release #1, as of january 2009: presidentiables brand positioning

January 18, 2009 Leave a comment

we will be starting to post here what we view as the brand positioning of the presidentiables. this is not based on any formal electorate or consumer research, but an informal analysis of what the audience sees from media. these could be based on actual commercials or just how media (tv, print and radio) cover them. in other words, these are mostly based on the messages the presidentiables are communicating.

these brand positioning do change over time and we will post the updated ones when there are developments among the presidentiables.


for now, we will not give value judgements or make an assessment as to  which brand positioning is strongest.

looking at the brand positioning as of january 2009, these are the types of brand positioning that are listed, above:  one-dimensional, issue-orientated, shallow, deep, relevant, national, local and demographics orientated.

to read more about brand positioning and its application, click here:

ping lacson, presidentiable to defer to CJ Puno if Puno runs for president

January 15, 2009 3 comments

Lacson to ‘defer’ to Puno


By Maila Ager
First Posted 15:04:00 01/15/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson has thrown his full support behind Chief Justice Reynato Puno if and when he would decide to run for president in 2010.

In a statement on Thursday, Lacson said he was willing to “defer” to Puno and convince his supporters to shift their “bedrock support” to the Chief Justice, whom he described as the “beacon that moral forces are looking for as a leader of the nation.”

Asked if this meant that he was willing to give up his bid for the presidency, Lacson said, “Yes, only to him I’m willing to defer if and when he decides to go for it anytime and under any circumstances.”

“Because I care for my country and I am wiling to step aside in favor of what honestly believe will be good for our people,” he added.

Lacson issued the statement in response to Puno’s call for a “moral force” in the country, which he said has been suffering from “moral decadence.”


we did not even know that ping lacson is a presidentiable. but now we know and he says he will not run for president if chief justice puno runs for president in 2010.

now, that’s a thought – chief justice puno for president!

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