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philippine department of tourism’s #1forFun – what is it? it is not original, plagiarized from again?

January 6, 2012 Leave a comment

tonight, twitter was awash with “#1forFun”  tweets  that came from the country’s department of tourism (@DOTPhilippines) and re-tweeted by many pinoys. based on the tweets, the line seem to be the theme for  the country’s new tourism ad campaign. these twitter activities is a teaser campaign for the launch of the country’s tourism ad campaign today at 10 am.

we could not figure out what the line is – is it a theme? a tagline? some branding? or just a hash tag for twitter? we wanted to find out, so we googled it and this is what we saw (click to see what we saw:

we went further and clicked the link, and this is what is there  (click:

based on how we interpreted #1forFUN at amazon,  it calls it a  “storefront” or what we think means it is like a store within amazon that sell certain low priced “fun” items.

regardless of what it is in amazon, the line #1forFUN” is not an original.  will the DOT run into trouble again with coming out a “copied” advertising component from another source?  this already happened before, is it happening again?

let’s wait and see what the launch will be tomorrow.


plagiarism has been an issue with the DOT before, this one on the logo  :

“Pilipinas Kay Ganda” logo plagiarized from Poland?

click here : 


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