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The 2010 Presidentiables Blog Poll For Senatoriables closed – miriam defensor santiago is #1

May 8, 2010 25 comments

january 2, 2010; 11am
results of poll as of this time and date – all are known personalities or ex-senators.

  1. miriam defensor santiago – 8%
  2. pia cayetano – 7%
  3. kata inocencio – 6%
  4. franklin drilon – 6%
  5. bongbong marcos – 6%
  6. juan ponce enrile – 6%
  7. sergio osmenia III – 5%
  8. ralph recto – 5%
  9.  sonia roco – 4%
  10.   bong revilla – 4%
  11.   gilbert remulla – 4%
  12.   satur ocampo – 3%
  13.   vic sotto – 3%
  14.   jinggoy estrada – 3#


december 19, 2009; 11am  

 we are now opening a new poll for the senatoriables. we have cut into a short list of senatoriables who we think have at least name recall.

official list of senatorial candidates, below. click to view:

Read more…

pulse asia december 2009 senatoriables poll – to win, the challenge is differentiation

December 22, 2009 2 comments

with so many candidates, the key challenge for the senatoriables is differentiation. there is a good number of candidates who already have a national persona and a politicial base, the key for newbies is to get at least one head higher than the rest.

Gen. Danny Lim, coup leader against arroyo for senator

February 24, 2009 6 comments

this blog is about the presidentiables, but we think there are certain senatoriables worth mentioning here. one is general danny lim. we wonder if we have the next senator trillanes in the making.


‘Danny Lim’ ad 1st salvo for Senate run


By Jocelyn Uy
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:26:00 02/24/2009
MANILA, Philippines—It isn’t a call to arms, but a signal to the people that they want a “moral leader” in the halls of power, installed not by extralegal means but through the 2010 elections.

That was how a reformist bloc composed of civilian professionals and active and retired military officers Monday explained the full-page advertisement that appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Monday declaring they were united “under the leadership” of detained Army Brig. Gen. Danilo “Danny” Lim.

“We are telling the people that they should consider Danny Lim as an emerging new leader, which will not be attained through extralegal means,” Ernesto Macahiya, president of one of the groups, the Guardians Nationalist of the Philippines (Ganap), said on the phone.

“We intend to nominate him for senator either with the opposition or to run as an independent,” said Macahiya, who described himself as a “retired banker.”

Lim, detained since 2006 for alleged involvement in plots to unseat President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, is “entertaining that suggestion,” according to his lawyer, Vicente Verdadero.

In a statement sent through Verdadero, Lim said: “Not one to shirk away from challenges and responsibilities, I accept the mantle of leadership bestowed upon me.”

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