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Villarroyo – the most powerful word of the 2010 election

May 4, 2010 1 comment

the 2010 election will be remembered for many things some good and some bad. there will also be losers and a winner. but one word will stand out, it can be the word for the 2010 election – Villarroyo.

it is a very creative term, two names moulded into one, giving it a precise meaning to a complex concept – that villar is arroyo’s secret candidate in the 2010 election.

it did not matter that the declared candidate of arroyo is gilbert teodoro, the idea was putting a seed of doubt in the minds of voters about who the candidate is of the evil one.

arroyo has been seen as the exclusive owner of  the kiss of death for those seeking public office. she showed she had that during the last senatorial elections where almost all of  the administration candidates lost in that election while  almost all of the opposition senatorial candidates won senatorial seats.

the administration during that time was boasting of its good economic record. the malacanang press bureau was releasing a lot of economic data boasting it was under the arroyo administration that had good economic results.

the numbers were  good but real life was not for most of the people – jobs were scarce, unemployment high and hunger were also high. since that was just a senatorial election, the people took its anger towards the administration candidates by voting those who were going against them who were mostly opposition senatorial candidates. that election was a protest vote against arroyo, a referndum on her perfromance as president.

arroyo’s kiss of death is as potent then as it is now with gilbert teodoro, the newest recipient of arroyo’s kis of death. his ratings continue to suffer in the polls with just 7% in the latest reading, getting only as high 9% on previous tallies. his ratings hardly moved from the time he entered the competition.

teodoro was largely an unknown candidate to voters having no previous elected national position and just two years of a cabinet post in the arroyo administration, the defense portfolio which by its very nature is a low key cabinet position.

he came into the election as an unknown and unmarked. arroyo’s kiss of death was the only mark that was on him and that did not help at all. the teodoro campaign was obsessed with playing it down, the two of them never photographed together and the traditional raising of hands to proclaim a candidacy not done when teodoro was proclaimed standard bearer of arroyo’s political party, lakas-kampi-cmd.

the villarroyo name may not have have the same kind of power asarroyo’s kiss of death on teodoro had, but we think it certainly played a crucial role in this election. we think it had the power of concretizing the idea of the negative in just ten letters.

developments in the campaign also helped give the term villarroyo some potent life. at the time this was coined and released into the public’s mind, the headlines talked about the disintegration of the administration party, lakas-kampi-cmd, with many of its members and even its key officers abandoning the party to join the LP and the NP.

there were also reports that mike arroyo, gloria’s beloved partner was in talks with manny villar and had dropped support on teodoro. teodoro’s own party helped to put very dry wood into the smouldering  fire with it’s members, some key officers and even those working for the teodoro and manzano campaigns complaining about lack of funds to no support coming from lakas-kampi-cmd to their campaign efforts.

they did not have to tell us that as we witnessed that by ourselves. during that time, we hardly saw any tv ads for teodoro and manzano. (in fact todate, manzano has had no tv ad for himself or with him with his presidential candidate).

taking all of it together, it forms into a composite of many different things that actually fit and made sense. we saw that villar was continuing to put on air heavy advertising at that time and that true to critics, he really never went against arroyo as much for example mar roxas or even noynoy aquino.

our simple minds, picking up simple things did form a great, sensible and powerful word – villarroyo.

if you think about it – the whole story seems like a complex plot from a political drama movie. it looked like a script was written for it and got unfolded right in front of our eyes.

or is it destiny speaking here? there is no way any human could have conspired to make the last two letters of villar as the first two letters of arroyo’s last name.

villarroyo –  a perfect fit of two names, the most powerful word in the 2010 election. it will be the one word that was able to bring down billions of pesos in advertising and marketing expense and a presidential candidate who almost made it.

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tv ad endorsers & celebs – who has the kiss of death and kiss of victory?

April 16, 2010 Leave a comment

this is a country where most tv ads  use celebrities in their ads. the advertising industry has used celebrities as the winning formula in their ads. if that is true for mass consumer products like sanitary napkins to vitamins, why not for presidentiables? after all presidentiables are really not very different from mass consumer  products.

who among the celebrities have the kiss of death on presidentiables and how has the kiss of victory among them?

gloria macapagal arroyo is gilbert teodoro’s deadliest opponent

April 12, 2010 2 comments

gloria macapagal arroyo's performance rating reaches a new historic low

dramatic drops across all areas and across all demographics

these are very distressing numbers not only for president arroyo but also for gilbert teodoro, the standard bearer of arroyo’s political party lakas-kampi-cmd.

in the past weeks, the talk of arroyo abandoning teodoro in favor of  manny villar or villarroyo is material for headlines and the front pages of newspapers and tv newscasts.  the other headline and front page content is the disintegration of lakas-kampi-cmd with key officers abandoning the party, candidates complaining and members moving out of the party to join the NP or the LP.

to fix the first one, arroyo sent out to the press her word ordering her  troops, her party mates to support teodoro, not only to vote for him but to campaign for him.  this was the first time after a very long time that arroyo ever spoke of  teodoro in this manner.  arroyo has never come out actually stating her support for teodoro.  even during the proclamation of teodoro as the standard bearer of  lakas-kampi, arroyo did not raise the hands of teodoro as is the tradition in philippine politics. she did not even give a speech during the event.

that was the last time we saw arroyo and teodoro in the same room. she even resigned as party chair and gave it to teodoro. all these were meant to distance herself from teodoro acting on the realization that arroyo’s endorsement is a kiss of death on teodoro’s chances of winning the election.

for some reason, arroyo and lakas-kampi broke away from that strategy when arroyo gave marching orders for her party mates to campaign for teodoro. that had the effect of reminding people that arroyo supports teodoro in this campaign.

with these performance ratings of arroyo hitting a new historical low, this outing of arroyo in support of teodoro is a very grave and fatal tactical error. teodoro was just whole heatedly endorsed by the most unpopular national leader of the country. her words, because of her unpopularity will not be good for teodoro, it will harm him even more.

teodoro is already being pushed down in the polls because of the association of teodoro with arroyo. arroyo coming out more directly about it id like pouring alcohol over a open wound.

with arroyo as party mate, teodoro does not need opponents in this election. in fact we think had arroyo endorsed or expressed her support for tedoro’s rivals, she would have a better chance of helping teodoro get elected as president in may 2010.

why gilbert teodoro is losing this election, and it’s not just bad advertising

February 26, 2010 1 comment

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is arroyo’s “kiss of death” killing gilbert teodoro’s campaign to death?

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

not that we did not know it, the latest SWS survey shows arroyo has the “kiss of death” with a large 79% of the voters saying they will not vote for the candidate that arroyo will endorse.

we knew of arroyo’s “kiss of death” during the last senatorial election where almost all  admin candidates  lost the election while almost all the opposition candidates won the senate seats. money and advertising did not matter – pichay, an admin candidate who spent the most money in ads lost the election while trillanes, an opposition candidate who led a coup against arroyo, was in jail during the election, had no money to spend won.

this is the first time we have research data that confirms arroyo’s “kiss of death”. the survey results is a monumental slap in the face of president arroyo and one hell of a worry for the teodoro campaign.

arroyo to the teodoro campaign is like a poison pill that is already halfway into the throat of the campaign – it’s too deep inside to remove it naturally. the teodoro campaign is too much into arroyo that parts of teodoro’s persona has morphed into arroyo.

they tried to separate it but they were all too tactical and really no more than a vain cosmetic attempt to separate arroyo from tedoro – arroyo transferred the chair to teodoro for the party, no photos appear in the papers with both of them together and arroyo did not raise teodoro’s hand during his proclamation which is tradition in philippine politics as must as a ham is during noche buena.

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voter’s sentiments are so strong on not voting the candidate that arroyo will endorse that the it has the highest rating of  43% on “surely not vote on” among all the celebrities included in the survey.

the catholic church and kris aquino are the top endorsers. we wonder why the voters have changed their views on the catholic church as we had seen in previous years similar research where it showed people generally do not fillow what the church says on political candidates.

we are surprised at kris aquino’s endorsement prowess, besting pacquaio and revillame. pacquiao’s endorsement not having much weight is also surprising. he is a living national sports hero and we thought he had more sway than what the survey is showing. people love him for his boxing but not for his preferences for politicians?

on the high rating of the catholic church  – we wonder if the results of this survey has something to do with teodoro’s recent 180 degree turn on removing his support for RH Bill 5043? teodoro at the start of the campaign has said he supports the RH BIll. just recently, all of a sudden he says he no longer supports it. this about turn is obviously meant to get the favor of the catholic bishops who vehemently are against the RH Bill.

the news article mentioned that teodoro was removing his support for the RH Bill just days before the church will release its guidelines for the 2010 election. we wonder if teodoro got advance information on this survey and thus quickly did his about face?

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Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Endorsement Of A Presidentiable -A Kiss Of Death

March 9, 2009 Leave a comment

history repeats itself. that is true for history and in many cases that is also true in marketing. history repeating itself is the main reason why marketing companies write marketing plans every year.

the marketing does not just set budgets for the new year, it also looks back at past performance and draw up what they call “Lessons Learned”. actually it means “How I Screwed Up Last Year”. the point is learn from your mistakes – identify them, don’t make them again and do new things.

that’s essentially what the admin presidentiables need to face now. nobody missed what happened in the last senatorial elections – almost all the candidates of the admin lost in the elections. not only that, the admin candidates lost to a nobody like senator trillanes. and it did not help that most of the admin senatorial candidates outspent most of the opposition candidates. even the much talked about fielding of handsome and popular actors for the administration did not make any magic.

the lesson learned in the last election – an arroyo endorsement, even just a strong association with arroyo is a kiss of death.

but what are the admin candidates supposed to do? arroyo has the money and the machinery. a really, really tough decision to make for them.

we have a suggestion though – make arroyo endorse the opposition candidate! that way the opposition candidate will suffer the kiss of death.



Assuming that the 2010 Philippine presidential election will push through, any candidate from a unified opposition will likely get an overwhelming victory, Global Source predicted in a March 5 report titled “Down to the Wire.”

“The endorsement of President Macapagal-Arroyo may prove to be the kiss of death for any aspirant, as it had been for most administration candidates in the 2007 senatorial elections,” the report said.

read in full here:

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