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ateneo psychology department on fabricated psychiatric evaluation of noynoy aquino – stop using us

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment


Statement of the Ateneo Psychology Department about the second fabricated psychiatric evaluation of Sen. Benigno C. Aquino III
date posted: 2010-04-27 20:51:05

On 9 April 2010, the Ateneo Psychology Department issued a statement regarding the psychiatric evaluation which was allegedly signed by Fr. Carmelo (Tito) Caluag who was claimed to be a faculty of our Department in 1996. In our response, we said that the document is false; that Fr. Caluag is not a psychologist or a psychiatrist and has never been affiliated with the Ateneo Psychology Department.

Today, 27 April 2010, another fabricated psychiatric evaluation has circulated in the news, allegedly written and signed in 1979 by our founder and current professor, Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, SJ. Fr. Bulatao has earlier released his response, categorically denying that he has written and signed that report. The Ateneo Psychology Department once again categorically states that this “psychiatric evaluation” is a fabricated document.

We strongly condemn these repeated attempts to use the Ateneo Psychology Department for black propaganda. When the first fabrication did not work because of the mistake of choosing a signatory ( i.e., Fr. Tito Caluag) who has never been affiliated with our Psychology Department, the same scheme was thought of, this time using our most esteemed Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, SJ. These acts of malicious falsifications should be stopped once and for all!

We hope that this is the last time that the name of the Ateneo Psychology Department will be dragged into the malicious misinformation campaign about the alleged mental condition of Senator Benigno C. Aquino III.

Department of Psychology
School of Social Sciences
Ateneo de Manila University
27 April 2010

another psyche report released by NP on noynoy aquino denied by ateneo professor

April 27, 2010 4 comments

what is with psyche reports on noynoy aquino? why are aquino’s rivals obsessed on aquino’s mental health?

this one once again is being denied by fr. bulatao, the ateneo professor who reportedly made the report.

and like the first one, the psyche report is being released by guido delgado, former president of the national power corporation and also  a supporter of manny villar.

ateneo website link:

Professor denies ‘mental evaluation’ on Aquino

by Tarra Quismundo

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 17:44:00 04/27/2010

ANILA, Philippines—The psychology professor who purportedly conducted a psychiatric evaluation of Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III in 1979 denied the report made public on Tuesday by the camp of rival presidential aspirant Manuel “Manny” Villar Jr.

In a statement sent to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Jaime Bulatao of the Ateneo de Manila psychology department said he did not make such an evaluation nor sign any report.

“It has come to my attention that an unverified ‘psychiatric evaluation’ allegedly signed by me in 1979 about the mental condition of Senator Benigno C. Aquino III is currently circulating in the news. I categorically deny having written and signed that report,” said Bulatao in a one-paragraph statement.

ateneo de manila department of psychology’s report on noynoy aquino’s mental health

April 8, 2010 58 comments


this post has been getting a lot of views from Facebook. please note that this psychology report is a fake. the ateneo de manila university and fr. caluag have denied they issued this report.

read the comments section on this. 

~wawam (january 31, 2015) 


this is shocking. we now have in the internet  a psychiatric evaluation document on a presidentiable – noynoy aquino. this is the first time this has happened in this country. we thought medical and psychiatric records are private to the patient and the doctor?

that is assuming of course this document is not false and not fabricated. on tv tonight,  noynoy aquino said the document is a fake. he said many of the details are incorrect and mentioned one which is his employment when he returned to the philippines.

the document says he worked for his family when he returned to the country while noynoy said he worked for mondragon. the document also mentions aquino drinks and he noynoy says that is not true. people who know him know that he has a very low tolerance for alcohol.

the tv newscast also mentioned that the ateneo and fr. carmelo caluag, the signatory in the document has denied the document. fr. caluag said he has not signed such a document.

i suppose we will get to know more details on this one in the coming days.

we like to raise a few things.

to us there is really no big deal on the psychiatric evaluation, aquino had a depression. what is the big deal about that? is there an adult who never got depressed in his/her life?  depression is very common to adults. it happens on a daily basis to many people. it is as common as the common cold.

if this document is legitimate, a much bigger concern for us is this – how did the person get a hold of the document? was it done through illegal means?  or that ateneo cannot be trusted?

that tells me ateneo de manila university and it’s department of psychology cannot be trusted with information like these. how many more patients have they treated or evaluated whose assessment is in danger of getting published in the internet?

if the document is false, an even bigger question occurs — this i think is the lowest of the low in political dirty tricks.  and the  lengths that that they will go through to hurt aquino – harm ateneo,, the school’s department of psychology and fr. caluag.

the whole thing is mind boggling either way.


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