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red flag alert for manny villar – a C-5 controversy take down in the horizon

January 26, 2010 3 comments

we think the C-5 controversy has taken a very bad turn from something that looks bad to something that can be disastrous for manny villar. as of yesterday, just a few months away from election, the senate is painting villar as corrupt, having manipulated the C-5 road extension project for his company’s gain.

corruption is huge issue in this election. it is one of the legacies of president arroyo as she leaves office and one of the strengths of noynoy aquino that has brought him up to dominant leader in the surveys. aquino has taken a very strong anti-corruption stand. one of aquino’s ads very boldly declared – “Hindi ako magnanakaw.”

villar is doing very well in the polls. he has consistently come up as a strong second and more importantly a growing 2nd placer. it is our view that this election is for aquino to lose and for villar to win. we think at election time, this will be an election between aquino and villar.

with the stage set and the front runner boldly declaring his anti-corruption stance, this C-5 controversy is bound to hit villar down the stretch, the senate it appears will not let this pass. media has put this issues as its headline news. this will not go away easily and certainly not soon.

villar has not been attending the senate debates and hearings on the controversy. we thought it was a wise move. but now we are seeing it as a wise move then, but no longer as the senate is hell bent into giving a lot of time on it.

if  it has not done so, the villar campaign should put up a high powered crisis management team to make this go away.  we think villar’s options are very limited and whatever effort this crisis management team will do will not be able to remove all of the ill-effects. there will be ill-effects.

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