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senator miriam santiago loves cerge remonde – loves for him to resign

December 12, 2009 Leave a comment

we take with keen interest senator miriam santiago’s point of view that cerge remonde should be “eliminated”. errr, we think senator santiago means remonde has to resign his day job of press secretary of the arroyo administration.

we have written about cerge remonde in this blog before, one was in reference to the OBOBS parade on the million peso dinner arroyo had in new york (read here: and the other on cerge remonde’s boob job booboo. not his boobs but president arroyo’s breast augmentation scandal. on the last one, one of the lesson learned is that cerge remonde makes it a point a point to look at the boobs of president arroyo. he has done it so often and might be on a regular basis because he was able to compare the size of president arroyo’s breasts to those of sexy showbiz stars.  (read ans click here:  the lessons arroyo’s breast implants taught us – cerge remonde looks at arroyo’s breasts)

we love  to see where this love that santiago has on remonde will go. senator santiago is one of our favorites in the senate. we think she is one senator the country should never do without. but we can’t say the same thing on cerge remonde.

read in full here: Santiago calls Remonde ‘illiterate and ridiculous’

on arroyo’s boob job booboo – the heads of the bobo must roll

July 14, 2009 1 comment

first of all, we agree on the action of asian hospital to ask the NBI to find out who squeezed squealed on arroyo’s boob job to the boob tube media. this medical staff of asian hospital who leaked the info on arroyo’s leaking breast implants must be penalized. if the maximum penalty is removal of the license to practice, it must be done.

the fact is this medical staff violated doctor-patient confidentiality. yes arroyo is the president of the country and its citizens need to know the state of the president’s health, but that should come from the president, the patient, not from the doctors. the doctors can only talk about the patient’s health  to media IF the the patient has agreed to it.

that out of the way — why did arroyo’s boob job become such a big issue? it is a very personal and private  matter. it became public only because of that asian hospital medical staff but  it became a controversy only because the malacanang press secretary, cerge remondo screwed it all up.

remonde handled the press briefing where he was asked about arroyo’s boob job in a most unprofessional and most incompetent manner. he should be fired for being so amateurish about it and for getting the president into this tornado of controversy about of all things her boobs.

before going to remonde, there is another person who also needs to be fired.

we think the first person to be fired should be the person who thought of the idea of using the swine flu self-quarantine as the cover to hide arroyo’s check up of the lumps and the leak of her breast implant.

we think the lumps were real. but since arroyo knew she had breast implants, it must have made her wonder if they leaked or if they were causing the lumps.

the lumps were not an issue. lumps on breasts of women are common and should be checked by doctors as soon as possible. but what got them worried was the possibility of the leaking breast implants. they probably thought the public knowing arroyo has breast implants will be scandalous.

the breast implants were the ones  pair they wanted to hide. they saw that as embarrassing to the president. so someone must have devised the plan to tell a lie about the boob-related-breast-implant-too  medical check-up by using the swine flu self quarantine as cover-up.

this person need to be fired from his/her job as that was where it all started. that lie that was devised got them into a string of errors.

press secretary cerge remonde and his boob job booboo

cerge remonde  must have been told only about the lumps on arroyo’s breast and the swine flu cover but he was not told about the breast implants. perhaps, it was judged to be too embarrassing to tell remonde.

not knowing about it explains why remonde reacted the way he did to the direct questions from media on arroyo’s breast implants. he did not know arroyo had breast implants, nobody told him. so when he was asked about them, he defended the honor of his boss by saying the things he did.

he defended his boss by saying in effect he has looked at arroyo’s boobs and they were not at all like the huge boobs of sexy stars. sexy stars have huge boobs because they have breast implants. arroyo’s were not as  big as those of the sexy stars thus as his logic went, arroyo did not have breast implants. he even added arroyo was not that kind of a woman.

defending arroyo and her honor was not his error. his incompetence and unprofessionalism were the errors that came from answering a question from the press  with an answer that he did not know for sure if it was the right answer.

the right answer to that kind of  a question is one that can only come from a medical report or a direct statement from the owner of the boobs in question. he had neither of those. the only thing he had were the times he looked at the boobs of arroyo.

one of the most important principles in Press Conference  101 is – give an answer to the question only if you are sure you have the right answer to it. if you are not sure your answer is correct or that you do not have direct knowledge of it – do not give an answer to the question. tell the press you do not have the facts and that you will get back to them on it. every PR practitioner should know that. it is even taught in schools.

it is a shock that the press secretary of the president of this country forgot that very important principle in Press Conference  101. if you are the press secretary of a president of a country,  being a pro is must. this is incompetence and remonde deserves to be fired from his job.

the other element that has been made obvious is the lack of communication and coordination among the various groups in the presidential staff.

the decision to hide the breast implants was  not relayed to cerge remonde, the press secretary. keeping remonde in the dark, not giving him all the facts yanked  him from the pan into the fire.

also, remonde was obviously not consulted on the decision to hide the breast implants fact. being a press secretary, remonde would have told malacanang to hide something like that is too risky. it is too juicy a news to hide,  that something very controversial like that will eventually find its way out to media.  and that there will be a much bigger damage of malacanang is caught hiding it and lying about it.

a bigger issue for the country is the fact that someone in malacanang who is obviously high up in the ranks think telling a lie is the right thing to do. and that this person thinks they can maintain the lie and hide the truth forever, a thinking that they are above everyone else. how many lies has this person perpetuated?

we think malacanang should have done it this way – call a press briefing and tell the press the truth.

say that arroyo felt lumps on her breasts and that she was worried about them. this worry on these lumps are magnified by the fact that she had breast implants decades ago. the president will check herself in to the hospital to get the lumps and her breast implants checked by doctors. then they should simply say arroyo had breast implants in the 80s due to medical reasons and that the president prefers not to give details on the matter.

they should also say the president encourages all pinays to check their breasts for lumps and to seek medical help if needed.

doing that way removes the spectacle and the controversy. it also makes arroyo very human. asking women to have their breasts checked by doctors also puts her in a very good light among women.

lesson number 1 here : DO NOT TELL A LIE.

Dibdibin natin ang usapan – does arroyo have breast implants or did she have breast augmentation?

July 7, 2009 2 comments

it is a serious question and the answer to which seem to have been lost – did arroyo have breast implants or did she have breast agumentation? in my mind there is a difference – having breast implants may be for medical reasons while breast augmentation is for kalandian vanity.

now, hold on – it might be hard for all of us to accept that a woman such as gloria macapagal arroyo may want bigger breasts or for vanity. i think i speak for most of us when we can’t imagine arroyo getting them so that she can proudly wear bigger bras and deeper necklines. in most of the pictures that we have seen her in, all we see is her face, the neck down is properly covered.

i don’t know about you, but these were my reactions when i read the news that president arroyo had breast implants:

  • breast implants  for gloria who?
  • what breast implants? where? are you sure?
  • hmm…. getting some horizontal extensions to compensate for vertical shortcomings
  • is mike arroyo happy?
  • is that why there is a bounce in her stride?
  • who was the lucky doctor who made them?
  • my eyes!!!!!!
  • i shall never look at a GMA picture the same way i used to
picture of gloria macapagal arroyo breast implant

AP photo. double click photo to view source

click the picture for source and read post

the lessons arroyo’s breast implants taught us – cerge remonde looks at arroyo’s breasts

July 7, 2009 4 comments

i don’t know if these can pass for life lessons, but these certainly pass for lessons that need to be learned specially by spokespersons of people in power.

lesson 1: when reporters ask you if your boss has breast implants, make sure you use the most politically correct language. 

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde:

“As I said, res ipsa loquitur (the matter speaks for itself). Just look if the President had a breast implant. That’s a private matter. It’s obvious if women have had breast implants. The sexy actresses with (unbelievable) boobs, they’re the ones who underwent breast implants. We can’t say the same thing of the President,” he said.

the use of legal terms in latin is not the politically incorrect statement made here by remonde. neither did it’s use help save the day for remonde.

in that statement, remonde admits looking at arroyo’s breasts.

we know he  has looked at them as he was able to compare arroyo’s boobs versus those of sexy actresses. in fact he finds arroyo’s boobs not as big as those of sexy actresses. the small size of arroyo’s breasts enabled him to conclude arroyo do not have breast implants.

remonde’s knowledge of whether arroyo has or do not have breast implants is NOT based on facts revealed by arroyo or any medical report that he has read.  according to him, it is based on his own personal VISUAL sightings.

while having breast implants may be a private matter as remonde said, arroyo’s breasts don’t seem to be something private since he looks at them. according to him,  to his eyes  it is not obvious that arroyo had breast implants. and they don’t look unbelievable.

the sexy actresses and all women should ask remonde what is his problem with women getting breast augmentation.

also, knowing that sexy actresses have breast implants betray that remonde has looked at the breasts of sexy actresses, too. that is obvious as he was able to have a point of comparison.

next question is how did he look at them? in person? tv? or does he subscribe to FHM and Maxim? does his wife now this?

the example above shows the importance of ALWAYS making politically correct statements. 

remonde  got himself into politically incorrect statement hell when he needed to take back his words later in the day. making all those raunchy references to sexy actresses’  boobs also did not sit well either.

was he even aware that in the process  of defending arroyo, he admitted he looks  at arroyo’s breasts? that is  not a good thing to do when the breasts you look at are your boss’ breasts and the boss is actually the president of the country.  now, the whole country knows where remonde’s eyes go to when he talks to arroyo. and we won’t be surprised his wife now also know. what has  mike arroyo got to say about remonde?

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