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manny villar’s “itik” ad changed to show villar indeed has a dirty hand and a dirty shirt! 2010 Presidentiables claim victory for continuity?

February 5, 2009 7 comments

a few days ago, a friend of 2010 Presidentiables sent us text messages that asked me if i have seen the manny villar ad on tv. i said no, i have not. we were told the ending has been changed to show villar’s shirt at the end is now dirty, unlike the ad posted here in 2010 presidentiables.

we posted a youtube link here of the itik ad on january 26, 2009 with the comment that the ad had a continuity error – the ad made a big deal of villar at the middle of the ad holding an itik, then wiping his dirty hand on his shirt only to show the same shirt at the end of the ad miraculously clean. the director of the ad and editor committed a grave continuity error, something very basic in film production/editing and a mortal sin.

go to the 2010 presidentiables post (title: “manny villar’s “itik” tv spot: dirty hand or clean hand?” click here: to read the post and view the ad. the ad we refer to in that post has now been removed. click the youtube play button and you will get an error message: “This video has been removed by the user”. we suppose villar’s staff had removed the ad from youtube.

today, we saw the villar ad on tv and yes, this is a different ad from what we had posted here last january 26. this new ad now show villar’s shirt at the end of the ad now dirty!

look closely at the end-shot and you will see that the dirt on the shirt was applied optically, in other words the dirt on the shirt is computer graphics. that means they indeed shot that end-shot with villar wearing a clean shirt and instead of re-shooting the scene (costly and a pain in the you know what), they had a computer graphics artist apply dirt on the shirt. you can tell the dirt is computer graphics as the dirt “jumped” and changed shape at the middle of the shot when villar moved. not a very good computer graphics rendition of the dirt. 

we did searches on youtube to look for the two versions of the tv spot. and here is what we got:

we think this version is the same “itik” ad without the dirty shirt at the end that we posted here. the leader in the ad shows a title and a date : “ITIK 30s 01.14.09”. that must be the date they finished production of the ad and we remember the same date. this was posted in youtube by roicee on january 25, 2009. this is not exactly the same link we posted here in 2010 presidentiables but we are certain it is the same ad.

view the ad and look at the clean shirt at the end of the ad:

this is the “new” version and the one we now see on tv with a revised shirt shot at the end showing it is now dirty. this version was posted at youtube on february 4, 2009. we think this was posted by someone from villar’s staff as this is a clean copy and includes the leader in the ad.

we also now know who committed the continuity error – henry frejas who directed the ad and claude garde, editor of the ad.

it’s good to know that the ad people working for villar are good professionals for correcting the continuity error. next time, please lang  mga kids – attention to details! and please lang mga kids – next time, do a comprehensive and exhaustive pre-production meeting.

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