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Typhoon Ondoy and the Need for New Politics

October 27, 2009 1 comment

Written by: Nicanor “Nick” Perlas

Ondoy and the Need for New PoliticsOn December 6, 2006, almost three years ago, I wrote this editorial in TruthForce!, www.truthforce. info.  I entitled it “Super-Typhoons and Philippine Democracy”. I will share it again in whole to emphasize two points. First, already back then, almost three years ago, the scientific evidence was clear that humanity has entered the age of drastic climate change and extreme weather events. Super typhoons will increasingly wreak havoc on the planet including the Philippines. Second, government had a chance to act and prepare for Ondoy, especially after the massive P18 billion-destruction brought about by Typhoon Frank in June 2008.

But, no, government chose to continue the path of traditional politics, focusing on retaining power and stealing the national budget at the tune of a minimum of P300 billion a year. It is clear. The time for a new and very different kind of politics has come, a new politics savvy enough to prepare for the upcoming disasters of super typhoons and other extreme weather events. Our future as a people will depend on it.

I have been wanting to reissue this piece for sometime. But there was no time amidst all the rescue operations, travels, events, and other related work. So here’s the December 2006 editorial which correctly predicted the coming of more super typhoons and why only true democracy can prepare us for the massive challenges that awaits the Philippines and the world in the age of drastic climate change. Read more…

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