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noynoy aquino’s “hindi ka nag-iisa” tv spot – historic ad for a historic presidentiable?

October 30, 2009 57 comments

this ad has made philippine advertising history – it has the most number of tv celebrity endorsers  featured in one single tv ad. that says a lot about this ad. celebrity endorsers in tv ads is one of the most potent in the country and widely used by mass consumer products from fast food chains, detergents to sanitary napkins and just about anything else you see on tv. if mass consumer products use celebrity endorsers in their ads, why shouldn’t politicians? and in fact they did in the last elections so much so that a number of them got elected only because of the endorsers featured in their ads.   

the list of celebrities in noynoy’s tv ad is very extensive and we have to admit  very impressive. the set of celebrities in the ads appeal to very much the full spectrum of voters, across all demographics and psychographics with special focus on the masses and the young adult.

the ad is actually a song with a familiar message for at least among the older set. “hindi ka nag-iisa” is a line used in the 80’s first by ninoy aquino during his presidential run, then by cory aquino.

a recurring theme in the ad is the message of people coming out to support noynoy’s candidacy which is  one of the more relevant messages in the ad as it is probably one of the more real feelings of many voters.

the music is well done with great production values and sang with passion and excellent voicing by regine velasquez. some of the images however are too staged and bordering on the boring and contrive. on the over-all though the ad is well produced.

with noynoy already the run-away dominant leader in the most recent polls (60%), will this strengthen his position more and expand his voter base?

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hindi ka nag-iisa

this ad works because it captures what a lot of people, ordinary folks have found themselves in – an other uninvolved voter who is now actively supporting a political candidate, noynoy aquino. 

that is basically what happened during the wake and burial of cory aquino – young and old came out to the streets to pay their respects for cory, even those who previously were not at all in mass actions like those.

the lyrics of the song says it all:

Nang bawa’t mamamayan
pagmamahal natin sa bayan
‘wag na nating itago, ‘di tayo susuko

the ad shows a long list of celebrities who have not been  previously seen coming together for any cause. more importantly, these are celebrities who we did not expect and certainly did not even imagine would come out to appear for a tv ad for the election of a president.

seeing them and all of them in one ad struck a chord in our hearts as many of us felt the same way – for the first time we are coming out of our shell to support a presidential candidate.



The stars (in order of appearance) are: Regine Velasquez, James Yap, Kerby Raymundo, Willie Miller, KG Canaleta (PBA player), Cyrus Baguio, Sharon Cuneta, Boy Abunda, Anne Curtis, Bianca Gonzales, Mariel Rodriguez, Erik Santos, Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Ogie Alcasid, Marian Rivera, Kris Aquino and Noynoy himself, together with Enrico Villanueva, LA Tenorio, and Larry Fonacier and Paulo Bugia (Ateneo players now with PBA) for the last shot.

Composed by: Ogie Alcasid
Sung by: Regine Velasquez

Sasamahan ka namin
Kahit paligid ay madilim
Iilawan ang daan tungo sa magandang kinabukasan.
Ika’y mamuno,kami ay susunod
pagkakaisa’y ating itaguyod
ang Pilipinas ay naghihintay
handa kaming kumilos,handang umalalay.
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arroyo cabinet secretary bello says he supports aquino – snow ball effect started?

September 23, 2009 2 comments

 another defection from the aroyo administration, this time cabinet secretary bello. yesterday when secretary romulo made known his suppot for noynoy aquino, we wondered if that was the start of a snow ball effect where other arroyo officials will

WHOS NEXT? Days after Foreign Affairs Sec. Alberto Romulo (seen here with Mrs. Arroyo in a summit in Egypt) threw his support to Sen. Noynoy Aquino presidential bid, Cabinet Sec. Sylvestro Bello III (inset) admits Wednesday his sentiments also go with Noynoy. PCPO, DOJAfter Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo, another member of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Cabinet indicated Wednesday his sentiments are for Liberal Party standard bearer Sen. Benigno Simeon “Noynoy Aquino III.

WHO'S NEXT? Days after Foreign Affairs Sec. Alberto Romulo (seen here with Mrs. Arroyo in a summit in Egypt) threw his support to Sen. Noynoy Aquino presidential bid, Cabinet Sec. Sylvestro Bello III (inset) admits Wednesday his sentiments also go with Noynoy. PCPO, DOJAfter Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo, another member of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Cabinet indicated Wednesday his sentiments are for Liberal Party standard bearer Sen. Benigno Simeon “Noynoy" Aquino III.

announce their support for noynoy aquino.

we wonder once again if that was the start of a long list of arroyo officials supporting aquino.


Arroyo man Bello admits pro-Noynoy Aquino sentiments

After Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo, another member of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Cabinet indicated Wednesday his sentiments are for Liberal Party

 standard bearer Sen. Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III.

But Cabinet Secretary Silvestre Bello III stopped short of saying he would support Aquino’s presidential bid this early, saying he would quit his post should he finally decide to do so.

“Eh, siyempre medyo ang sentiment ko para kay Noynoy. Pero kung mag-iisip ako na susuporta sa kanya, bago pa man ako gagalaw, magbibitiw muna ako (My sentiments are for Noynoy. But if I would think of supporting his presidential bid I would resign from my post first),” Bello said in an interview on dzXL radio.

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sec. alberto romulo supports aquino – a major blow to LAKAS-KAMPI and teodoro

September 22, 2009 1 comment

Romulo favors Aquino
But Malacañang tells execs: ‘Toe the line’

By Christian V. Esguerra, Leila Salaverria, Inquirer Southern Luzon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:48:00 09/22/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Malacañang Monday served notice to its troops to “toe the line” after Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo—one of its most senior Cabinet officials—broadly indicated his support for Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the Liberal Party’s standard-bearer in the 2010 presidential election.

News that Romulo was favoring the senator came the same day that another administration official—Commissioner Jaime Jacob of the Presidential Anti-Graft Commission (PAGC)—announced he was resigning his post in order to support the presidential bid of the late former President Corazon Aquino’s only son.

Jacob’s resignation was the latest sign of cracks in the facade of administration unity and came just two months before the official start of the campaign for the May 2010 national elections.

Romulo was in London accompanying no less than President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo herself in her three-nation foreign trip when he indicated in an interview with an ABS-CBN correspondent where his heart lay.

“In 2007, I voted for Noynoy Aquino [for senator], so my ties with the Aquino family have been deep and lasting,” Romulo said in the interview. “I’ve always been with Tita Cory and voted for the Aquinos.”

Asked if he would support Noynoy, Romulo answered: “I have voted for the Aquinos all the time.”

read in full here:


romulo declaring he is supporting noynoy aquino and not gilbert teodoro, LAKAS-KAMPI and admin presidential candidate is a major blow and embarrassment to the administration and teodoro’s candidacy.

it is not as much as number of votes as romulo is not a politician nor do we think he has a political base but it is a huge psychological and morale disaster for the administration party. romulo is a senior official of the arroyo administration.

PDI SEPT 22 wawam _ romulowhat makes this more telling is that he is not the only one who is moving away from the administration and ruling party.

vice president noli de castro was the first major political figure who did that. de castro though he ran as an independent during the election is still part of the arroyo administration.

he was courted ardently by arroyo herself to be the standard bearer of the party, so much as saying he is the anointed one, but de castro declined to be part of it.

add to that the fact that de castro has been consistently one of the leaders in the presidentiable polls making him the most viable candidate among admin/ruling party affiliated presidentiables. that underscores the magnitude of de castro’s refusal to join the ruling party.

another arroyo administration official, Commissioner Jaime Jacob of the Presidential Anti-Graft Commission (PAGC) has announced his resignation from his post to campaign for aquino.

for these defections, if you can call it that, to the aquino camp is happening too soon. the campaign period has not even began yet with many blanks still open among the political parties. these things usually occur towards the end of the campaign period.

for it to occur this early is definitely bad news for the ruling/admin party. it is starting too early and can create a snow-ball effect. more admin officials and ruling party members might follow romulo and jacob’s lead and that will mean the admin/ruling party’s campaign for the presidency might collapse even before it starts or right after it starts.

philippine politicians are known to shift their alliances to the team that has the most likelihood of winning regardless of stand or principles. the shift might be seen by them as a major crack and a significant weakness giving the ruling/admin party as the losing political party.

if this happens, the ruling and admin party is again another inch moved towards the margins of philippine political life.

megastar sharon cuneta to campaign for aquino-roxas

September 21, 2009 5 comments

this is a major development and pledge. it’s strong enough that kris aquino and korina sanchez are there to campaign for the aquino-roxas tandem, adding megastar sharon cuneta to the list is, well pretty mega.

the aquino-roxas tandem has the potential to bring in a very wide crowd to their cause. they will not only attract people from across the board, they will more importantly attract the young.

Sharon Cuneta to campaign for Aquino, Roxas 
 By Edson C. Tandoc Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 17:11:00 09/21/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Count the Megastar in.

Declaring full support for the presidential bid of Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and his running mate Senator Mar Roxas, Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan on Monday said he and his wife, popular actress Sharon Cuneta, would actively campaign for the Liberal Party’s tandem.

“We have discussed about it and she will be helping in the campaign,” Pangilinan said when he attended Roxas’ announcement in San Juan City where Roxas formally accepted Aquino’s offer to be his running mate.

Cuneta is a fresh addition to the growing number of celebrities expected to join the Aquino-Roxas campaign.

Campaign manager Florencio “Butch” Abad said Aquino’s sister Kris would be bringing in many of her friends from the entertainment industry while Roxas’ girlfriend Korina Sanchez “is also actively campaigning.”

read in full here:

it is noynoy-mar in 2010 – the timing of the announcement is impecable. excellent marketing 101!

September 20, 2009 Leave a comment

they will announce it tomorrow – it will be noynoy aquino for president and mar roxas for vice president. we have known about that of course for a sometime already. we were just waiting for the formal announcement.

the timing of the announcement is impeccable. gilbert teodoro, the ruling party standard bearer of LAKAS-KAMPI was declared this week. tomorrow’s announcement of the aquino-roxas will take the thunder out from the teodoro announcement. teodoro has been in the headlines in the past days. tomorrow’s aquino-roxas announcement will remove teodoro out of the headlines and bring noynoy back.

roxas can become a great partner to aquino. roxas’ announcement of withdrawing his bid for the presidency in favor of noynoy was a stroke of genius that revived roxas. he became the darling among the presidentiables when he did that. it was a sacrifice appreciated and admired by many.

roxas has been one of the most vocal among the presidentiables. he was sure he was running for it from the very beginning. his withdrawal citing sacrifice as the reason reversed  roxas’ “senator putang ina” image that we think killed him.

this development will only enliven and heighten the interest in the coming election.

read PDI story here:

Noynoy Aquino makes his first major tactical blunder

September 16, 2009 13 comments

we think making a big deal of the most recent SWS presidentiables poll conducted in Luzon (sponsored by former senator osmena) is a major tactical blunder on the part of noynoy aquino. the smart thing to do would have been to be humble and aggressively downplay it.

going in we have problems with that survey. we think it’s garbage data. (click here to read about the Luzon Osmena-sponsored SWS Luzon survey:

over and above the question on the design and therefore the value of that survey, the tactical blunder will be made obvious on what comes next.

SWS and Pulse Asia conducts on a regular basis their own and separate presidentiables survey. they have been doing these polls for a long time already. we think results from these surveys are very reliable.

the major tactical blunder is that with noynoy making a big deal of the very high results (rating of 50%) within the  limited Luzon survey (sponsored by former senator osmena), he has  set himself  up for failure when the regular quarterly presidential polls conducted by SWS and Pulse Asia are conducted and released.

we do not think noynoy will get the same 50% rating in these polls. it will be a miracle if he does, or even come close to it. we think noynoy might get a 2 digit rating but we do not think it will be more than 13%.

in the last Pulse Asia poll conducted in August,  (read here: there were 5 presidentiables  who got double digit ratings – villar(25%), estrada (19%), de castro (12%), escudero  and roxas (11%) in that order.

the ratings are flatter for the simple reason that the presidentiable choices are too many. we do not think noynoy will be able to even match villar’s 25%. roxas who was fifth and got a double digit rating who has now withdrawn his candidacy will still get preferences. it will not be as high as 11% but it will not be zero. it is also improbable that those who voted for roxas will automatically vote for aquino.

for noynoy to get a 50% rating or even a 25% rating, he will need to get a huge number, in fact massive number of switchers from these presidentiables which  is just impossible at this point in time. massive shifts only occur if a major almost cataclysmic change occur among the presidentiables. announcing you are a presidentiable is not cataclysmic in magnitude.

aside from the mind dynamics of  choices that voters go through, the survey design of the Luzon Osmena-sponsored Survey is very different from that of the regular quarterly surveys that Pulse Asia and SWS conducts. in fact i have pointed out that the design of the Luzon Osmena-sponsored survey is a faulty one that renders it as garbage data.

one of its fault is that the design is biased to producing very high scores compared to the regular quarterly surveys. the Luzon Osmena-sponsored survey asks respondents to choose among a specified list of presidentiables while the SWS and Pulse Asia surveys does not. it is open-ended, you name whoever you want.

you can mention any name, thus making distribution of the data highly scattered in effect making the ratings much lower for each candidate. it does not for example exclude respondents from naming roxas or panlilio both of whom have withdrawn. 

the tactical blunder is that with noynoy making a big deal about the very high 50% rating that he got in the Luzon Osmena-sponsored luzon SWS survey and the expected much lower rating he will get during the regular SWS survey Pulse Asia and SWS does, it will make it look like noynoy’s popularity has suffered a major set-back.

from 50% to at most 13% looks like it is a massive drop in popularity. playing the numbers game with these things is always a very dangerous thing to do. in fact regardless of the numbers, if aquino does not hit the top 2 in the regular quarterly ratings, it may be played up as some kind of a weakness if not a failure.

the tactical blunder is that aquino has inadvertently set up his audience and supporters for disappointment. he may have set the bar of expectations way too high.

political campaigns is very much about image building. building an image of being a winner is certainly one of the things you want to have. you want to nurture an image of momentum if not greatness or at least always being on the right thing.

the safest and smartest approach is always to downplay achievements, or hit the lower side so that there is an automatic claim of success. raising the bar too high is a very dangerous thing as it does not leave room for failure which is what aquino has done.

Memo To: presidential spokespersons – shut the fuck up! you just admitted arroyo is evil and a failure

September 15, 2009 4 comments

Dear Presidential Spokesperson,

We have one sentence for you – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

We are absolutely shocked to read the September 11 news article by PDI when it had the sub-headline “GMA men: 2010 not a battle of  good vs evil

My first reaction to that was – what the hell are you freaking doing? That statement alone means Malacanang through the presidential spokesperson Gary Olivar sees that in the 2010 election, there is a faction who is “good” and there is a faction who is “evil”.

Rewind to just a few months ago and we remember the famous words of Secretary Romulo Neri – “GMA is evil.”  Ding! Ding! Ding! Was Olivar referring to the president he serves as the “evil one”?

If Olivar thought that, why did you have to  say it? Would it not have been best to just leave that tiny detail out? Must you say it?

Well, okay, Olivar may not actually have said those words but the implication was very clear and what may may have been inadvertently said without meaning to.

This is what Olivar said:

“Don’t run (at the expense) of this little lady who’s done her best for this country in the last eight years. Magpakalalaki naman kayo (Be a man),” Gary Olivar, deputy presidential spokesperson, said at a briefing.

In announcing his candidacy, Aquino on Wednesday criticized Ms Arroyo, his former economics professor at Ateneo de Manila University, for “forgetting what she had taught me.” He promised a more efficient use of government resources should he win in 2010.

Olivar blasted Aquino and other presidential hopefuls from the opposition for supposedly turning the presidential race into a battle of “good versus evil.”

“Nobody has the monopoly of right and wrong on either side right?” he said in Filipino.

By inference, that says Olivar is bewailing the perception that his boss’ “best” is not enough for the people.

The words “good versus evil” in that article is a direct quote, followed by an explanation that nobody has a a monopoly of “right and wrong”. Those by implication admits Olivar is thinking the “evil” one and the one who has a monopoly of doing  “wrong” is  his boss, President Arroyo.

Ding! Ding! Ding!  Did you really have to say that?

 Again, we think it is absolute incompetence to admit even through a very strong inference that your boss, the president is evil, has not done good things and does the wrong things. Keep those things to yourself and say only good things about your boss.

Once again, the staff of President Arroyo screwed up. Why must you say things about other presidentiables? Arroyo is not running for president. No need to say anything. Let Aquino and all the other presidentiables be.

One sentence : SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Sincerely yours,


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