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Memo To: Bro. Eddie Villanueva – get rid of your Communication Team, they failed you

August 25, 2009 26 comments

Memo To: Bro. Eddie Villanueva,

we like to call your attention to the performance of your communication team specific to the august 21 announcement of your candidacy for the president.

that day is probably the most important day of your candidacy for the presidency. it is the most important as it is the day that you will most probably get a lot of good media coverage plus it is the first time that you will be harnessing the strength of your followers. you want to use that day to fire up your supporters and with the help of media create momentum for your candidacy.

it is actually of communicating important messages to the public and your supporters. communication is the most important component of that day. unfortunately, your communication team failed you.

based on the PDI article that reported your announcement day, you were running on the platform based on  7Es, but it listed only 6Es, we wrote about  it here and we quite what we wrote:  (read more here:

he announced he is running on a platform of 7Es:

1. empowering
2. emancipating
3. educating the people
4. elevating living standards
5. eradicating bad governance
6. establishing peace in the land

oops, wait a minute – that was only 6 points! we wonder if the PDI reporter was an error here or was it bro. eddie who may have forgotten another word that starts with the letter “e”? now, we’re even more worried.

a reader of this blog made a comment, giving us the complete 7Es (same link, a reader with username “honey”

* Empower the Filipinos
* Emancipate the Filipinos
* Educate the Filipinos
* Elevate the standard of living
* Energize the economy
* Eradicate corruption
* Establish peace in the land

we had asked ” honey ” to give us the link where she got the 7Es, no reply yet. 

the  list given to us by honey did not  match with what was published at PDI. these were not in the PDI article:

  •  “energize the economy”
  •  “eradicate corruption”

in the PDI article, it says “eradicating bad governance”, we wonder if this is supposed to be  “eradicate corruption” instead?

this is not just semantics, but bad governance is not the same as corruption. one is broader and includes the other. 

publishing one missing E at the PDI it may have been an error by the writer of PDI, but given the other error, the different wordings, it looks like you communication  team is not doing its job properly.

the biggest incompetence of your communicati0n team is it did not prepare a press kit for distribution to the media. or if it did, it was badly done.

for such a big event, it is Communication 101 to prepare and distribute press kits to all media to make sure they get the message correctly and consistently. a PDI writer getting it wrong means the communication team did not prepare a press kit. writers ALWAYS  refer to the press kit for accuracy when they write their articles, they do not solely rely on what they hear during the event.

i did not listen to tour speech, so  it is possible you  forgot to mention the 7th E and said the wrong term on the other. the press kit would have given the reporter the correct words and number even if  you made an error in your speech. that is the value of the press kit and a competent communication team.

having the PDI article call it as “eradicate bad governance” to mean “eradicate corruption” is also another major Communication 101 incompetence. there are significant differences in the meanings of those terms. given the difference meanings, action steps or program actions are also different. 

communicating the wrong message or being inconsistent in the messages is a most serious incompetence in communication. we appreciate your effort at articulating your philosophies or platform, we think that is what all candidates should do, but your communication team has done you harm.

bro. eddie, we think these are major infractions that should lead you to fire your communication team. get rid of them now when you are at the very start of your campaign, they might make more major errors in the future, the time when you need them the most.

yours truly,


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