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catholic church bullies noynoy aquino on birth control

October 4, 2010 5 comments

the catholic church through the CBCP has started to bully president noynoy aquino on the use of birth control. aquino has announced he supports free and open choice of contraceptive method by couples with the government providing information on both modern or artificial method of contraception and traditional or natural method of contraception. the catholic church favors only the use of natural methods and prohibits the use of modern methods.

the catholic church first started to bully aquino with it’s threat to excommunicate aquino if he continues on his stand on also promoting modern methods of contraception as stated by bishop odchimar, president of the CBCP.

a day after he announced the threat to excommunicate aquino, the same bishop took back his words saying no threat of excommunication was made and that  media has made a mistake about it. it did not help the bishop at all that the Philippine Daily Inquirer published the transcript of the interview where the bishop said aquino might be excommunicated.  radio veritas, a catholic radio station had distributed the transcript of an interview of bishop odchimar to media outlets which was the basis for the excommunication threat on aquino.

the bully tactic of an excommunication threat has been used before by bishops, priests and catholic lay leaders on a local level against local leaders when the leaders declare support on the reproductive health bill which is still pending in congress. this is not the first time it has been used. and just like in the case of aquino, it is usually withdrawn within a few days it is said.

the next and latest  bully tactic the catholic church is using is the threat of  civil disobedience which was announced yesterday. this is a not so subtle attempt to remind people the last time civil disobedience was used on issues which was the successful people power revolution that removed ferdinand marcos from power.

it will be hard for the catholic church to pull through its threat of civil disobedience as a high 71% of catholics themselves support the RH Bill. any civil disobedience effort to tek effect need to be in high numbers. at the moment the catholic church does not have the numbers.

with bully tactic #1 taken back and bully tactic #2 potentially weak, we await bully tactic #3.

Millions Of Pinoy Catholics (71%) Face MASS EXCOMMUNICATION by CBCP

October 1, 2010 23 comments

a certain Bishop Nereo Odchimar, president of CBCP, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines said president noynoy faces the threat of excommunication if the president promotes the distribution of modern methods of contraception like the pill, IUD and condoms.

let’s assume the bishop knows what he is talking about and that he is not just bullying noynoy aquino, applying the same logic, based on an SWS survey. a high 71% of pinoy catholics will need to  be excommunicated as well as that represents the number of catholics who support RH Bill 5043.

(click here to read:

a key component of RH Bill 5043 is  the government will provide support, information and promotion of all types of contraceptive methods, which includes traditional or natural methods that the catholic church exclusively supports and modern or artificial methods of contraception. this is exactly the same position of president noynoy – that pinoy couples will be given free choice on  the kind of contraception they will use.

if supporting the use of modern or artificial methods of contraception will get president noynoy excommunicated, then the rest of the 71% of catholics who support RH Bill 5043 will need to be excommunicated as well.

don’t know if  the bishop realizes this, but the bishop’s bully threat if carried out will deplete the catholic church in the philippines. there will be no catholic church to speak of.

aside from this huge number of catholics who support the RH Bill, the CBCP will need to excommunicate doctors, nurses, health workers and DOH employees and officers who also support and prescribe modern methods of contraception.

Bishop Nereo Odchimar’s action of mass excommunication of pinoy catholics will in a snap of a finger turn this country to something very different from what we used to know it to be. one of the things the philippines is known for is for being a catholic country.

let us hope Bishop Nereo Odchimar thinks about this a little bit more.

some questions we have on this mass excommunication of pinoy catholics – (a) how will the excommunication be done? a letter or memo? mass de-baptism? ; (b) what will happen to the catholic churches that are on every town?

Aquino faces threat of excommunication

Protester shouts at bishops: ‘Damaso!’

By Philip Tubeza
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:01:00 10/01/2010

MANILA, Philippines — Raising the ante in their conflict over birth control, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president Thursday said President Benigno Aquino III could be “excommunicated” if he actively promoted the distribution of artificial contraceptives to Filipino couples.

Mr. Aquino, a practising Catholic, recently signified support for couples who would want to limit the number of their children by using contraceptives. His statement has been taken to mean he would favor government distribution of contraceptives to them.

“Being the President of all, you must consider the position of the Catholic Church because we are approaching this issue from the moral aspect,” the CBCP president, Bishop Nereo Odchimar, said on Church-run Radio Veritas.

“Abortion is a grave crime. Excommunication is attached to those. That is an issue of gravity, that is a violation of God’s commandment,” he stressed.

Asked if Mr. Aquino could be excommunicated if he promoted the distribution of contraceptives, the CBCP president said: “That is a possibility.”

But Odchimar added: “Right now, it is not a proximate possibility.” He said, however, that “we will look into that.”

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