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gary olivar, malacanang spokesperson 5 thumbs down on kris aquino’s tears, will hurt teodoro

March 16, 2010 2 comments

malacanang: “don’t get carried away by candidates crying siblings”.  that is an obvious reference to kris aquino’s tears of drama over the weekend at The Buzz.

did malacanang have to comment on it? and did they have to say what they did? we do not understand why this kind of statement needs to be said by malacanang when nobody who stays in malacanang is running for president. the one running for president is gilbert teodoro, a party mate of the one sitting in malacanang, gloria macapagal arroyo but that is not one and the same.

however, with malacanang feeling the urge to make a comment like this, it is obvious it thinks it is one and the same.

malacanang is the office of the president, it serves all filipinos  and because of that it should concern itself on matters that affect all filipinos and national good governance. making a comment on  the sister of a particular presidentiable declares malacanang is not national in scope but personal.

it should not concern itself on whether the voters will choose a presidentiable based on the tears of a sibling. not all the siblings of all presidentiables have done it, only the sibling of noynoy aquino. calling this out and making this unkind and callous statement obviously means they are asking the voters not to vote for aquino.

this is one more instance where the presidency has used the resources, including personnel of government agencies like they exist for their personal use, not having to do with anything that is on governance or of national import.  malacanang has used the DOJ as its personal attorney, the DoH as its personal physician to promote traditional contraceptive methods, and taxpayers money to treat themselves in posh restaurants in  new york.

aside from this usual lapse of bad governance, malacanang with this comment may actually hurt gilbert teodoro as attacking kris in this manner will definitely anger and hurt the millions of fans of kris aquino.

kris is one of the most popular showbiz hosts in the country not only for her skills and charisma on tv but also for being human. we seem to have  windows open to  witness the personal life of kris aquino, witnessing  the most human of failings of this showbiz superstar. that is the appeal and a large part the basis for kris’ popularity. kris is a showbiz superstar but she is human prone to the same hurts ordinary mortals experience.

instead of moving voters away from noynoy aquino, this statement of malacanang will only add to the anger and disgust people have on malacanang’s superstar occupant and her candidate, gilbert teodoro.

Memo To: presidential spokespersons – shut the fuck up! you just admitted arroyo is evil and a failure

September 15, 2009 4 comments

Dear Presidential Spokesperson,

We have one sentence for you – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

We are absolutely shocked to read the September 11 news article by PDI when it had the sub-headline “GMA men: 2010 not a battle of  good vs evil

My first reaction to that was – what the hell are you freaking doing? That statement alone means Malacanang through the presidential spokesperson Gary Olivar sees that in the 2010 election, there is a faction who is “good” and there is a faction who is “evil”.

Rewind to just a few months ago and we remember the famous words of Secretary Romulo Neri – “GMA is evil.”  Ding! Ding! Ding! Was Olivar referring to the president he serves as the “evil one”?

If Olivar thought that, why did you have to  say it? Would it not have been best to just leave that tiny detail out? Must you say it?

Well, okay, Olivar may not actually have said those words but the implication was very clear and what may may have been inadvertently said without meaning to.

This is what Olivar said:

“Don’t run (at the expense) of this little lady who’s done her best for this country in the last eight years. Magpakalalaki naman kayo (Be a man),” Gary Olivar, deputy presidential spokesperson, said at a briefing.

In announcing his candidacy, Aquino on Wednesday criticized Ms Arroyo, his former economics professor at Ateneo de Manila University, for “forgetting what she had taught me.” He promised a more efficient use of government resources should he win in 2010.

Olivar blasted Aquino and other presidential hopefuls from the opposition for supposedly turning the presidential race into a battle of “good versus evil.”

“Nobody has the monopoly of right and wrong on either side right?” he said in Filipino.

By inference, that says Olivar is bewailing the perception that his boss’ “best” is not enough for the people.

The words “good versus evil” in that article is a direct quote, followed by an explanation that nobody has a a monopoly of “right and wrong”. Those by implication admits Olivar is thinking the “evil” one and the one who has a monopoly of doing  “wrong” is  his boss, President Arroyo.

Ding! Ding! Ding!  Did you really have to say that?

 Again, we think it is absolute incompetence to admit even through a very strong inference that your boss, the president is evil, has not done good things and does the wrong things. Keep those things to yourself and say only good things about your boss.

Once again, the staff of President Arroyo screwed up. Why must you say things about other presidentiables? Arroyo is not running for president. No need to say anything. Let Aquino and all the other presidentiables be.

One sentence : SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Sincerely yours,


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