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david letterman’s point of view on the shoe throwing incident of bush

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

nobody can’t do it better than david letterman. a couple of  gems from letterman!

the monologue, the first here is just brilliant!

iraqi man throws shoes at george bush – bush presidency’s defining moment?

December 15, 2008 Leave a comment

this image could very well be what will define george w bush’s presidency – an iraqi man throwing his shows at bush.

for the iraqi culture, using the sole of your shoes is the ultimate condemnation and insult one can give another person. we saw similar images when the US forces tore down sadam’s statue in baghdad during the invasion. iraqi men rushed to  sadam’s huge statue face and kept hitting it with their shoes.


americans themselves no longer favor the iraq war that the US started. many americans now think the US went into war in iraq without any legitimate reason.

the US’ iraq war for many arab countries and other countries in many other continents have used it as the  key reason for their dislike on america and americans. it is possible that history will conclude it was the start of the loss for the  US as a glabal power.

an iraqi man in iraq throwing his shoes at bush may be the eloquent statement on what this iraqi war means for george bush and for the iraqi people.

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