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gilbert teodoro airs an epic fail tv ad, a push against surveys and himself. Teodoro has ADS? Sindrome!

April 3, 2010 Leave a comment

this is supposed to be part of the arsenal to what an analyst calls to be teodoro’s “Battle Of  The Bulge”, a last ditch, huge effort to turn the tide of failure that seem to be the campaign’s destiny.

that is a good objective. but what we do not find good is this tv ad which seem to be not going for anyone or any principle in particular, it is going against surveys.

contrary to pronouncements by teodoro himself that he does not care about surveys, this ad confirms he does care for surveys. he cares for it so much that he feels compelled to put up an ad that goes against it. the way this execution was laid out, you would think teodoro is going against an opponent named “survey”.

well, he is not. he is however suffering in the surveys. his best rating is 7% and his latest ratings at the SWS is 6%. he has been perennially stuck at 4th. that is definitely not a good thing as it shows he in unable to convince and convert voters to his side.

i thought teodoro will climb to a respectable double digit rating by now, but that seems to be expecting too much considering it is just a few weeks till election time.

this ad is a high risk ad for teodoro. this ad actually calls attention to his poor showing in the surveys. ads, specially political ads, are supposed to highlight the good things a candidate has. this one begins the ad with calling attention to a failure of the teodoro campaign – his very poor showings in the surveys.

we do not know exactly how much of the voters are familiar with the survey results but for those who are not, this ad will push them to find what the surveys are saying about teodoro. and when they do, they will see that teodoro is a loser in the surveys. the net effect then of this ad is that more people will now pay attention to survey results and every time the voters see the results, they will see teodoro doing very poorly at them.

i don’t think there is a single tv ad for any mass consumer product where it begins it’s tv commercial telling it’s target market the brand has a very small market share  or that research shows the brand is not being proffered by many consumers or only a few consumers prefer the brand.

the equivalent message of political surveys to mass consumer brands is that a poor showing in political surveys mean the candidate is not preferred by many voters. that kind of message is hardly any positive motivation to convert non-users or non-preferers to your side.

in fact that kind of message may even demoralize or turn off his current supporters. there are not many people who will want to continue to support a loser.

we understand the intent of including surveys at the beginning of the ad. this ad is meant to show that teodoro is gaining support from a growing number of voters. they want a bandwagon effect.

that is a valid advertising idea. but did they have to use teodoro’s poor showing in surveys to set up the message of growing support for teodoro? did they have to use a negative message at the start of the ad to communicate a positive message?

no, they did not have to. there are many other ways of setting up the commercial.  in fact there a lot more positive ways of doing so.  the negative start of the ad with the message of teodoro’s poor showing in the surveys has the effect of teodoro shooting himself in the foot.

the ad also suffers from other fatal errors, to us the most major of which is the obsession of people saying his name over and over again. teodoro’s problem goes beyond name recognition. getting the people to say his name many times over in the ad is not doing anything to help him get elected.

they should have asked the on-cam talent to tell the audience why they are voting for teodoro rather than just saying his name. they had a few of those but we don’t understand why of all attributes they want people to remember about teodoro, it needs to be “batang-bata” or “maka-Diyos”.

while those are positive attributes, they do not give any meaningful  addition or address problems of the teodoro campaign. rather than give these worthless attributes, they could have chosen attributes that are consistent with his platform or those that debunk negative attribute people have of him. in other words, they should have used attributes or messages that will help him get elected.

this is a definite WAWAM! and yes, teodoro has ADS? Sindrome.

gilbert teodoro’s “battle of the bulge” tv ad – “sulong”

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

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gilbert teodoro set to do last minute push for a win, here is why it will fail

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

gilbert teodoro, the standard bearer of the admin/(supposed) dominant political party LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD know that he is losing this election campaign. he has not moved up in any significant way in the polls, being stuck at a very far fourth in the rankings and getting at best 7% while the front runners are at a staggering 36% for aquino and 34% for villar. it is bad enough that the two front runners are way ahead of everybody, on top of teodoro is estrada who is in the range of 15% , showing strength at that level and even gaining slightly.

the question that teodoro’s campaign needs to answer is this – for him to win, where will he get the votes from? the weakest of the three front runners, erap estrada is not exactly weak. among the presidentiables, estrada is the candidate that has the most experience and time as an elected government official not to mention he was actually elected president once before. teodoro compared to erap looks puny.  if teodoro can’t get pat estrada, how does he expect to get past villar and aquino, the two most popular presidentiables in this campaign?

it is interesting that an article appeared at the PDI yesterday where the teodoro campaign seem to be preparing for what the writer calls a “battle of the bulge” – a last minute, well last few weeks campaign to get teodoro elected. in marketing, it is called a marketing blitz. in a political campaign it’s most likely called a “failed election bid”.

we will be using that article as a pick up point for this post.

The ruling coalition, which enjoys a headlock on 70 percent of local government positions, is pinning its hopes on superior resources and widespread party machinery to swing the tide of battle.

Banking on these advantages, it plans to assert its superiority with carefully synchronized offensives timed at the start of the campaign for local positions on March 26.

this is what party officials call the “political machinery”. it’s supposed to be potent that only the admin/ruling party has a monopoly on. all the party officials, including teodoro are saying that is what will make him win this election. they conveniently forget that in the last senatorial elections, they said the same thing about the potency of THE machinery. the results – almost all the admin/ruling party senatorial best lost in that election while almost all the opposition senatorial bets won the election.

the results of that election was so bad for the admin/ruling party that pichay who spent the most in advertising during that time did not get elected while trillanes who was in jail, unable to campaign and practically had zero advertising money won the election.

the opposition won that election mainly on the basis of the people exercising a protest vote where they elected the opponents of arroyo’s candidates. arroyo at that time was very unpopular and the people have had enough of her so much so that they even said they do not want her candidates to win.

after the election, LAKAS party officials admitted the machinery did not deliver. apparently the local candidates and officials of LAKAS abandoned the admin senatorial candidates when they felt the people were going against them.

the situation then compared to now is about the same – arroyo is unpopular and in fact probably even more unpopular than before. everyone knows teodoro is arroyo’s candidate and based on surveys, voters said they will not elect the candidate that arroyo is endorsing.

we think it’s foolish to rely on the “machinery” to get teodoro elected. the machinery is a myth.

The opening salvo of this make-or-break offensive will be new TV commercials targeting the youth on Monday.

Teodoro’s spokesperson, former Press Secretary Mike Toledo, said the commercials would be aired with frequencies rivaling those of the front-runners, Senators Benigno S. Aquino III of the Liberal Party and Manuel Villar of the Nacionalista Party. Between them, they have spent close to P2 billion, dominating the airwaves, according to the media firm AGB Nielsen.

Teodoro’s ads will zero in on the target segment that the coalition hopes will swing the tide of battle to his side, the youth ranging in age from 18 to 39, who constitute 52 percent of the 50 million voters registered, according to Toledo.

Teodoro has been doing well in mock elections in schools recently. Campaign strategists have selected this key segment to focus on, Toledo says.

political campaigns seem to have a love affair with the youth vote. all of them seem to think that is the key to their success. villar, aquino and villanueva aired tv  ads targeting them. but if you look at the movements of villar’s ratings, it is not the ad that targeted the youth that earned him a lot of points, it’s the other ads that he aired.

aquino with his rap tv ad meant for the youth got mixed  reviews with people liking it and others throwing up hearing aquino do a rap in the tv ad. they abruptly pulled off that ad. villanueva aired one too but that did not help him either.

teodoro did not seem to learn the lessons the other presidentiables learned – they will air an ad targeting the “youth” on monday.  we now think this obsession with youth ad is probably the fault of the admen hired by the campaigns for their ad needs. all of them seem to be saying the same mantra.

maybe teodoro will find the secret weapon in ads for the youth and can get him to win the election. it is good in theory, forgetting for the moment the failures of the other presidentiables, but we think teodoro’s thinking is fatally  flawed.

the critical failure in the ad that will be aired on monday for the youth is the demographics definition – “age from 18 to 39“. the age range is too wide and probably covers at least two distinct groups or even three. the psyche, needs and  attitudes of the 18 year old, a first time voter is very different from a 25 year old who probably has a young family already to someone who is 30 years old who has a not so young family. for sure a 37 to 39 year old is extremely different from an 18 year old, to a 23 year old and a 30 year old.

it is hard for us to understand and we think it is not possible to have an ad meant for the “youth” that will be effective in convincing this wide and un-alike age grouping of 18 to 35 years old.

the admen who sold the idea to the teodoro campaign spoke badly in thinking that an age range as wide as that is a proper segmentation of the target audience. we do not think you will find any adman who will agree to that kind of segmentation.

target audience definition is the very first critical step in developing an effective tv ad. get the definition wrong, or even weak and the ad fails. it will confuse the creative team as it gives them too wide a range with very dissimilar traits and characteristics.

we await this new ad of teodoro. it is supposed to be a miracle tv ad for him. given the potential flaw of the thinking, it will either be a miracle ad or a miracle dud.  we will probably see a WAWAM! on monday.

read PDI article here:

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gilbert teodoro’s cheesy moment in his negative tv ad

February 23, 2010 7 comments

teodoro's cheesy moment #1

teodoro's cheesy moment # 2

teodoro's cheesy moment # 3

teodoro's cheesy moment # 4

teodoro's cheesy moment # 5, this time with a smirk

i found this end sequence in that ad really funny. first time i have seen somehting like that done in  a political ad. in fact it is the first time i have seen something like that in any tv ad.

what was the director thinking? hahaha. his way of having a dramatic ending? this kind of ending is okay for a movie or some drama queen but for a presidential candidate? it’s so un-presidential.


gilbert teodoro’s “posible” tv ad – a change of strategy to save his campaign

January 12, 2010 3 comments

this gilbert teodoro tv ad is the ad that has been getting some controversial air time in the news on rico blanco’s complaint that teodoro used his song in this ad without asking his permission. click here to read our point on view on it:  rico blanco vs. gilbert teodoro on copyright infringement – teodoro should pay up and revise his tv ad.

this is a major change in strategy from his previous tv advertising. (click here to read: gilbert teodoro’s “galing at talino” tv ads – anti-noynoy, anti-humility, generic promises). this ad is all positive and focusses on teodoro’s messages versus the first ad where it had an anti-noynoy aquino reference in saying “dapat hindi lang lider na puso ang alay kung hindi galing at talino“. we did not like those ads before and we had many problems with it.

with this ad, perhaps they saw their error and removed the reference to noynoy aquino. it makes sense as teodoro’s ratings in the ratings hardly moved up while aquino;s has retained his dominant leader position and manny villar continue to move up.

this ad talks about his promises in this election – food security. education and free medicine for the poor. the other half of the ad is the song by rico blanco which is involved in a controversy of  copyright violation by the teodoro campaign.

the “yabang” factor of the previous ad is now gone. teodoro comes out here as more amiable than the first two ads he aired.

the secret weapon of this ad is in truth the song of rico blanco which occupies at least half of the tv ad. it is a familiar song to many and blanco is a very popular singer/composer. to us, there is an obvious effort to appeal to the young voters with the use of the blanco song.

they used a singer in this tv ad who sounded and sang like rico blanco. this is an obvious attempt to give the impression that a superstar composer like rico blanco is endorsing teodoro.

blanco has of course denied he is endorsing teodoto. he also said he was not the singer in the ad but he recognized that the singer sounds very much like him.

that is the part that we cannot understand with the ad agency who did this ad – what is the point of making the singer sound like rico blanco? it is a very risky move as of course the artist might complain and will deny it,

more importantly, what if blanco agrees to endorse another presidentiable? then the whole ad and teodoro’s campaign suffers a big embarrassment.

we go back to the point that we have raised here – we do not think the controversy this tv ad is giving the teodoro campaign is worth it. it is like   getting a large rock and hitting yourself  in the head.

blanco’s song in that ad is easily replaceable.  get another song and replace it and re0air the ad.

with the amount of headache this ad is giving the teodoro campaign, this is a WAWAM!

“Mura at masaganang pagkain para tuluyang mapawi ang gustom..
College graduate sa bawat pamilya…
Libreng gamot para sa mahihirap…

Sulong Gibo
Wag uurong
Pakinggan sa yong puso
Ang sigaw na dati’y bulong...

Narrator: Ang mabilis na pag-ahon, posible lang kay Gilbert Teodoro

rico blanco vs. gilbert teodoro on copyright infringement – teodoro should pay up and revise his tv ad

January 9, 2010 5 comments

the internet, twitter and facebook is abuzz on this issue – intellectual property rights infringement of rico blanco by gilbert teodoro on the use of the song “posible” that rico blanco composed and sang when he was with river maya in teodoro’s new tv ad that has been getting heavy air play.

this started when rico blanco on his twitter account said his permission was not asked by the teodoro to use the song in his tv ad.

i’d like to understand how can a presidentiable can overlook a simple matter such as intellectual property. command responsibility. about 18 hours ago from TweetDeck

i’d like to understand how can a presidentiable can overlook a simpe matter such as intellectual property. command responsibility.
about 18 hours ago from TweetDeck

and they dont even have to.
about 18 hours ago from TweetDeck

even HS students ask permission from me if they want to use my songs for their school projects. about 18 hours ago from TweetDeck

but perhaps i should just let the lawyers handle it.
about 21 hours ago from TweetDeck

i’m itching to tweet about this VERY STRANGE intellectual property issue that came to my attention just last night. about 21 hours ago from TweetDeck

dennis garcia, a known composer and part of the Hotdog band in the 70s is the probably the musical director of the teodoro tv ad posted in his facebook account where he said everything was above board, that he has paid up the fees with lizza nakpil/circe communications who owns the rights to the song.
yesterday however, warner music philippines artist management rico’s label sent out a press release through  the law offices of Siguion Reyna, Montecillo and Ongsiako:

The use of the song “Posible” in a presidential candidate’s television advertisement is unauthorized.

This is according to singer-songwriter Rico Blanco, who is represented by his label, Warner Music Philippines Artist Management, which sent a press statement through the law offices of Siguion Reyna, Montecillo and Ongsiako less than 24 hours after music scorer Dennis Garcia posted on Jan. 7 a note on his Facebook account to purportedly end what he called “a million speculations and conspiracy theories” that his use of the aforementioned song has generated.

Warner Music’s press statement contradicted Garcia’s main points.

“Rico Blanco is the composer and reserved all intellectual property rights to it. He has not licensed the use of the composition to any political ad campaign, nor has he assigned any of his rights to another party or to a music publisher,” it read.

“Rico at this time has not endorsed any political candidate, whether for President or any other elective position, and is not affiliated with any political party. Nor have his services as a composer or performer been retained by any national political campaign.

“Rico Blanco and Warner Music Philippines Artist Management have requested that the campaign cease and desist from any further broadcast of ‘Posible’ and are hopeful that the concerned parties will act appropriately to avoid legal action.”

this whole business is making us crazy and definitely a marketing nightmare for the teodoro campaign. the teodoro campaign should ask themselves this important question – “Do we really need this kind of trouble at the middle of the campaign period?”

there must be a million and one things that need to be done for  the campaign.  add to that a million and one issues to fix, is this one legal issue really necessary?

teodoro is coming out here as a man who does not care about the laws and the intellectual property rights of others. he is coming out here as an ineffective leader and manager who gets into a lot of problems, including legal ones. this episode for sure is something that he does not need added to the negative reviews he has gotten from his performance during the ondoy and pepeng floods and the maguindanao massacre.

here is what we thin teodoro need to do:

  • get this out of the public discourse as soon as possible
  • pay rico blanco what is due him
  • issue an apology for the error, a press release with a picture of him and rico blanco shaking hands will be great
  • find a fall guy. it can be dennis garcia or lizza nakpil

at the same time that is being done, i would suggest they revise the tv ad and remove rico blanco’s song from it. i don’t think the people needs to be reminded of it.

no campaign needs this kind of hassle at any point of the campaign. it is a needless distraction.

gilbert teodoro’s tv ad – promises made, promises broken

October 31, 2009 2 comments

we like to contribute our bit to this blog on political tv ads. we are no ad expert, but we will react to the ad as viewer of ads on tv. this ad got us interested as there is a lot of talk on noynoy aquino’s new tv ad “hindi ka nag-iisa”,  so we thought getting into gilbert teodoro’s tv ad is an  appropriate time to do so now.

teodoro’s tv ad was written about in this blog by wawam last may 11 (read it here, click: gilbert who? introduces himself in tv ad). it is interesting that in his post then, he said this:

we are of course t-h-a-n-k-f-u-l that teodoro told us what we need to do for emergencies. while the ad told us these things, we will probably remember the correct spelling of his name. the only problem of course is that emergencies do not happen that often. but since we see the ad very often on tv, he is hoping we will remember his name very often.

wawam was correct in saying emergencies do not happen often. he said that in may, four months after at the end september, ondoy and pepeng happened and we like to look at this ad from that perspective.

gilbert teodoro is the chair of NDCC, the National Disaster Coordinating Committee. the NDCC is the main government agency tasked to prepare the country in case of emergencies just like the ondoy/pepeng floods.

NDCC mandate, NDCC website is source:  
It is through the NDCC member-agencies that disaster preparedness, prevention, mitigation and response carry out its corresponding tasks and responsibilities under the NDCC system.

the tv ad opens with the basic premise of the ad – 

farmer: “Sir, may parating na bagyo. Pano na ang pananim namin?”
teodoro: “Huwag kayong mag-alala. Tutulungan ko kayo.”
toedoro to CAM: “Bahagi ng buhay ay ang mga kalamidad. Hindi natin ito mapipigilan kaya dapt maghanda.”

 after that sequence, the tv ad spells out his last name with each letter representing what the people will do to prepare for emergencies.

we think this ad is full of irony and yes to a certain degree prophetic. four months after he aired these ads, the premise of the ad, a “bagyo”, in fact two of them happened.

but that is where this ad stops in succeeding to be real  – while the premise of the ads were perfect for what happened during ondoy/pepeng, the government action and certainly the NDCC led by teodoro did not at all deliver in what was spelled in  T-E-O-D-O-R-O.

local governments were unprepared, did not know what to do and the national government was not there and didn’t seem to know what it was supposed to do, not even when they knew what the letters  T-E-O-D-O-R-O stood for. there is a unanimous conclusion by everyone the government was too late and gave too little during the typhoon disasters.

in other words teodoro in real life broke the promises he made in this tv ad. to a certain extent, the tv ad did fulfill the mandate set for NDCC as stated in their website but in practice, teodoro failed. makes us think that perhaps the ad was truly the creation of a very creative writer who plucked the words out of his imagination but forgot to tell teodoro he is supposed to do everything in those letters so that when an actual flood comes, we will all be saved.

we have heard of politicians breaking the promises they make during the campaign period, but this one is just all too real for all of us. wawam was correct – we learned to spell    T-E-O-D-O-R-O and now after ondoy/pepeng, we learned new meanings for those letters : L-E-A-D-E-R-S-H-I-P  F-A-I-L-U-R-E.

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