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Le Circe

September 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Sa Wikang Pranses, ito ay “Ang Bilog”
Mamahaling restorant, pagkai’y nakakabusog;
Matatagpuan sa siyudad ng Nueba York;
Mga mayayaman at sosyal ito ay dinudumog.

Isang araw ang Pangulo ay dumayo;
Sa Estados Unidos, bayan ng mga Amerikano;
Kasama ang piling opisyal ng ating gubyerno;
Maging ang ilan sa pamilya, pati ang Unang Ginoo.

Isang milyong piso ang nagastos sa hain;
Mga pagkaing masasarap, pati mga inumin;
Libre ng isang Kongesman para daw gunitain;
Anibersaryo ng Unang mag-asawa, pag-ibig na taimtim.

Subali’t bakit naging isyu ang pagsasalu-salo?
Sinasabing ito’y maluho at napakagarbo;
Para sa mga lider, pulitiko’t pinuno;
Ng bayang naghihirap at nagsasakripisyo.

May nagsasabi na maliit lamang ang ginasta;
Dahil ito ay angkop sa Pangulong bumibisita;
Upang makausap at makita si Pangulong Obama
Na matagal rin nyang hinahabol sa bansang Amerika.

Wala namang masama kung kumain ng magarbo;
Kung ang salapi ay galing sa sariling kayod;
Ibang usapin na kung ang opisyal ng gobyerno;
Pinanggagastos sa luho galing sa buwis ng tao.

Huwag sanang masamain itong aking tulain;
Nilalahad ko lang tunay kong damdamin;
Hangga’t ang karamiha’y gutom at walang maihain;
Kahit sa payak, masustansya at disenteng pagkain.

Nawa’y huwag na sana tayong muling pauuto;
Na bilugin muli ang utak nating lito;
Sa kasinungalingan ng ilan sa mga namumuno;
Magising na nawa tayo at magpakatotoo.

Memo To: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo – the P1Million Dinner and the obobs parade goes on

August 12, 2009 8 comments

Dear Ms. Arroyo,

I went to the le cirque website to ogle at the restuarant that you and your party went to when you were in new york. I have to say I was very impressed. (

I would have enjoyed the website ogling if not these flashbacks keep popping in my head. These are the most idiot tic things your press office has been doing on this matter.

Is it a certain Cerge Remonde who heads this office? He is serial screw-up, forgive the French, and this one on the Le Cirque dinner is the latest on the string of screw ups of Remonde.

  • he has no control on information being released. he is at the mercy of the internet, journalists and the public. and all of these people seem to be way ahead of remonde every step of the way. any PR practitioner knows that in controversies like these, the best defense to apply is to be ahead of everyone. release the information ahead of everyone to control the direction of the messages.
  • saying there were 100 people in attendance during the dinner was dumb. that number was floated as a way to rationalize the huge tab, making the average cost per person lower  thus thinking more people will accept the expense.  a 100 person guest list makes it an average of US$200.00 only (?!).
  • there is a problem there – 100 people in attendance is ludicrous. that number is no longer “dinner” it is already a banquet. i do not think you can set up a banquet of that size in a restaurant like le cirque that fast. also, the le cirque website says they can seat only 93 pax.
  • and then mr. remonde steps on his own foot when days after he says it was a “simple dinner” and to support the adjective “simple”, says you only had 2 tables
  • ding! ding! ding! now the 100 guest list is shot to pieces. there is no way to fit 50 people in one table! i do not think le cirque or any restaurant can have a table big enough to fit 50 people in it.
  • based on the picture posted in this blog on the main dining area of le cirque, the most number of seating at le cirque is 8 pax per table. that means at most, your party was at 18 people. that also means with a tab of US$20T, on average a whopping US$1,250  per person was spent. at today’s exchange rate, that is equivalent to P60,000 an amount that is more than an average person’s annual salary.
  • at the very start, remonde justified the expense by saying no government money was spent and that a certain congressman romouldez took on the tab. the idea here was to shift blame to another person, a fall guy was nominated. having someone take up the bill “insulates” you.
  • ding! ding! ding! days after the office of congressman romouldez issues a denial. the office said it was not romouldez who took up the bill but a certain Daniel an architect who lives in NY and is the brother of congressman romouldez.
  • that just made you step on shit, mrs. president. (pardon the french) remonde had the right intention, but couldn’t he have planned the lie  better? one of the things taught in PR school is that if you need to lie, make sure the lie sticks. in other words – COORDINATE with the person you are elevating into a scapegoat idiot. obviously remonde did not clear with romouldez that he will be made the scapegoat in all of these.

mrs. president, i get this nasty feeling as the days progress, you will be led by mr. remonde to step on more shit. (forgive the french) so far, mr. remonde has failed in stopping the carnage and PR nightmare. what more, he has led you to bigger ones with more words he says.

you might also want to tell mr. remonde that telling the press, like a brat “this is the last time we will talk about this” won’t work. saying things like that to the press won’t scare them into not writing about it. he should know that the press actually does not need mr. remonde’s words to write about it. the press can get information elsewhere on their own. in fact on today’s papers, the topic is still there, on front page even. these words of mr. remonde don’t scare anyone nor does it stop anything.

although, mrs. president i hope you realize that while the press does not need mr. remonde’s words to write  about the scandal, it is mr. remonde’s words that got you into stepping into more shit.

this is NOT the first time mr. remonde has done this to you. (here is one more:

this is the same cerge remonde who looks at your boobs and compares them to those of sexy stars that got you into one hell of a mess on your breast implants. if you want your life and the rest of your presidency take a more sane and less embarrassing trek to the finish, get rid of remonde. get rid of the obobs.

yours truly,


The 1 Million Peso Dinner of gloria macapagal arroyo

August 10, 2009 21 comments

there are two sides to this — is spending P1 Million in a dinner appropriate or is it not approrpiate?

the appropriatness of the amount is truly relative. we have been told by our parents and this is also something we learn on our own as adults is this – do not spend money you cannot afford to spend. we all know it that if we start spending money over and above what we earn, we will eventually become bankrupt.

for someone like Donald Trump, spending US$800 on a dinner for himself at Le Cirque would be fine. he has the money, he can afford it. for the US or Japan  two of the richest countries in the world, spending US$20T for a dinner is fine. in fact we can argue that that seems too little because  japan and the US are the wealthiest nations in the world.

is it right for a government official of a country like the philippines spend $20T or P1Million for dinner?    

it really does not matter that a congressman paid for the bill and not arroyo. that does not remove the fact that the president of a poor nation, together with her entourage had dinner in one of new york’s most expensive restaurant.

in today’s PDI headline, malacanang says it’s “just a simple dinner”. well, dinner at le cirque is never simple  –  it is  is a 5 star restaurant, celebrated in new york and rated by experts as not only serving great food but also as “$$$$$ very expensive”, aside from the fact that it is extremely hard to get a table in that restaurant.

the administration blames Bayan, the activist group who first exposed the dinner at le cirque in the country. they also blame and the New York post and philippine media for it.

what is the fault of all of these groups and organization? all they did was report the dinner and post questions. they can be faulted if arroyo and entourage did not have dinner there. malacanang has not denied it, they admit arroyo had dinner there.

remonde says “The report was grossly exagerated, really exagerated.”  where is the exageration in the new york post report:

where is the exageration in that report? was the bill $200 and not $20,000? if that was the case, then i agree it is an exageration. but until they show us an actual bill (most likely a credit card was used) that has $200 on it, then nothing is being exagerated, only the truth was reported.

most recent SWS survey says a large 50% of the population rate themselves as poor. with a large portion of the population unable to earn money to buy enough food for their family, not even 3 times a day, arroyo dines with her entourage at le cirque.

gloria macapagal arroyo's dinner at le cirque new york

meal shared by many filipino families inside their home, not at all a le cirque ambience and dinner

dining area where arroyo enjoyed her meal at le cirque

dining area where arroyo enjoyed her meal at le cirque

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