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caution: over-confidence and complacency might not get aquino elected

May 6, 2010 2 comments

there is an avalanche of good news for noynoy aquino – all the polls are showing he is still the front runner in this election. not only is he the front runner but his ratings are still increasing and his closest opponent’s ratings are decreasing.

he recently got the endorsement of iglesia ni cristo which can get him a command votes of at least 1M to 2M.

for sure, aquino supporters are ecstatic and energized with these developments. but aquino might not get elected president if his supporters become over-confident and complacent. they might turn lazy and not go out and vote on may 10, thinking that his win is a sure thing. if that  thinking gets into the big numbers, aquino just might end up much less votes than originally hoped for.

now is the time to be even more vigilant and determined, not relaxed and lazy, all supporters of aquino must go out and campaign for aquino and more importantly make sure to go out and vote on may 10. every vote counts!

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